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Takami no Kago 52

Today is Frey’s second day of intensive training, there is also the appointment with the half-demon Latia.
Though there was the plainly suspicious fellow named Evin, but right now she was the only one that was caught on the detector.
I should ascertain carefully without relaxing my guard.
I’m waiting for Latia in the Adventure Guild. Ayla and the others are observing nearby.
To Zir, I asked her to monitor Evin, who was apparently still at the lord’s castle (nearby).

“There seem to be nothing at all.”
“Is there anything?”

I was sitting on a bench and murmuring to myself when Latia finally arrived.
She hurriedly greeted me and her eyes twinkled when she saw Ruby at my feet.

“No, it’s nothing. Recently, it seems to be dangerous because a huge bear monster appeared.”

I put out some feelers about the Silver Grizzly. Though Evin subjugated it, there might be some kind of reaction.

“Is that so? Sounds scary. You should not go outside of town alone.”

There doesn’t seem to be any reaction for the Silver Grizzly. Rather, on the other hand, she seemed to be deeply interested in Ruby.
No, this must be acting, I should not relax my guard.

“It’s fine. An excellent adventurer has already defeated it.”
“That’s a relief, I actually wanted to go and pick medical herbs in the forest.”

Latia seems to be really relieved. *It’s an important source of income!!* She grasped her fist emphasizing it.
And then, she finally touched Ruby. *Fuwawaa~* she was touching Ruby while making a strange voice.

[Excellent you say, though I’m happy you said that, unfortunately, I’m not an adventurer.] (Evin)

The person who subjugated the Silver Grizzly, Evin, had appeared before my eyes. This was not that surprising since Zir contacted me with a whisper ghost some time ago.

“Is that so? Then, I’m sorry. So, if you aren’t an adventurer what business do you have with the [Adventurer Guild]?”

“To receive the reward for the subjugation of the Silver Grizzly. I said it a little while ago, but because I’m not registered as a guild member, it takes time.”

We had a look-out ghost with Evin from the beginning as he walked into this place, so I don’t know whether what he said was true.
Evin, who appeared suddenly, looked blankly at Latia.
Are the two people irrelevant? While thinking so, I turn to Evin who was still fixedly looking at Latia.

“Um, are you acquainted?”
“No, it’s our first time meeting.”

That’s really good, although Evin doesn’t takes his eyes off of Latia. Finally, Latia, unable to withstand his gaze, hides herself with Ruby behind me.

“You are scaring my friend, will you stop looking at her?”
“…Excuse me.”

He finally remove his glance from Latia. However, he isn’t leaving this place.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you come here to receive the reward?”
“I thought of making some small talk before I go.”
“I’m sorry we are busy at the moment. Latia, shall we go?”

We left the guild quickly, but he doesn’t seem to have chased us.

“That person, was somewhat scary.”
“Certainly, I wouldn’t want to be stared at like that.”

Today, I’m helping Latia with her job hunting.

“As expected the pickings are slim.”

I don’t know what to say when such a heavy topic is said openly.
I nod silently.
Latia found some part time work as a day labourer stocking goods at the Alchemist Guild.
Latia, in contrast to her appearance, was quickly putting the packed medicine vials from the wooden boxes onto the shelves.
I, also, joined in on the spur of the moment and partic.i.p.ated in this heavy labor because I said Frank-san was my acquaintance. However, Latia seems to be working hard because they said they would consider a long-term employment based on the evaluation of today’s work.
We were able to see through the work smoothly, but I started freaking when I saw the time was pa.s.sed the lunch break.

“Lovely onee-san, will you play with me.”

A man who made a pa.s.s at Latia had appeared. It seems like the novice alchemist is apparently a guy that is said to be the so called [Frivolous Man]. (TL: chara otoko) (EN: gaudy or flashy works too)
No way, to encounter this stereotypical frivolous man even though I’ve come to a different world.

“U-uh, I’m working.”
“Hmm, fine. Ah, that’s right, when work ends let’s go together. I’ll be here waiting~”
“S-such a thing, it is troublesome.”
“Why? Why? It’s fine right?”

Latia glances towards me asking for help. Though I thought it was a chance to ascertain whether she was a demon or not, it’s too late, I can’t desert Latia with her teary eyes.
*Haa* I sighed for a moment and began to help…

The frivolous alchemist guy let out a strange voice, he collapsed with his eyes rolled up with the white of his eyes showing.

“Ah! Again.”

Was the [Curse of the Half-demon] invoked?
However, I think the [Ulterior Motive] that this frivolous man held for Latia was seen from the beginning, but was that this power?

“With stocking goods, I thought I wouldn’t need to interact with people.”

Is that so, did you learn from previous failures to choose work where you interact with people as little as possible?
That said, a waitress is totally about customer service. Why did she choose such work when she is definitely a trouble magnet?

While thinking about various things, I approach the collapsed man and cured him of the abnormal status 【Coma】 with recovery magic.
Because I shine when curing with [Divine Protection], I cure him slowly with recovery magic.
Perhaps because of the continuous effect of the [Divine Protection of Light] I’m not shining.
Though I understood it somehow from Zir’s blood sucking, but it likely won’t shine for me because I haven’t entered an abnormal state.
Light comes out when curing an abnormal state. (EN: Okay this was a bit confusing, so basically a flash of light appears when he is actively using divine protection but the Divine Protection of Light is pa.s.sive so there isn’t any light. And there’s no flash when using regular magic.)
I confirm that the 【Coma】 status has disappeared, then I explain the circ.u.mstances to Frank who heard the commotion.

“The customer apparently got too excited and collapsed.”

I nonchalantly spat out a lie. Although, it seems so to the people who can’t see status.
No, it can only be seen that way.

“Is that so, good work.”

The collapsed man was carried to the reception room, so Latia and me got some rest.

“U-uh Hibiki-san. What happened a little while ago, I’m sorry.”

Of course, you can’t deceive a person that was involved. Today, I don’t know how many times it happened, [Is this acting?] while asking myself this question, I told Latia not to worry.

“For a long time people around me have collapsed. In the past it was only my family, then eventually it reached the point where my friends would collapse. Now, people collapse on first meeting me.”

As for working as a waitress in this town, there seems to be a faint expectation that the effect might lesson if the environment changes.

“Because of that, I have caused trouble for this store.”
“Well, don’t worry about it.”

A little more, I’ll dispel your [Curse], I might have started to say that. That’s maybe what she was aiming for.
Because we finished the remaining work after the break, we received today’s payment. Frank handed today’s payment directly.

“Latia, thank you for today. So, after this is it possible for you to come help about twice a week?”
“Y-yes, please.”

An awkward one after all, was it because one person collapsed during the day? No, she’s probably acting right now.
When evening approached the vicinity, we were already strolling about in the main street without aim.

“Today, I am really sorry.”
“Ah, it’s fine already.”

I don’t know anymore how many times she has thanked me.
Are you still not satisfied? She looks around restlessly searching for something.
Whether she found what she was looking for I don’t know, but she ran to a vendor with a bright face.

“U-uncle. Give me two of these.”

The things she was holding in her hands were 2 cheap bracelets. Half of today’s wage was blown off with these two.

“Here, Hibiki-san. This is a commemoration for today that I was able to make a friend and as thanks for helping me.”

She wore one on her right hand and presented me with another.

“Oi, is it fine? Should you be using your precious salary for such a thing?”

“There is no such thing. This is a very very important thing.” (TL: have to have two very.)

Moreover, that face. That face when she asked me to become her friend.
Is this really acting? Doesn’t she simply just want a friend?
Should I dispel the [Curse] and introduce her to Alya and the others?
I don’t know.
Therefore, I…

“Ah, thank you.”

I received the bracelet without being able to say anything.

“Hibiki-san, will you be in the guild tomorrow?”

Tomorrow will be the final day for Frey’s intensive training.

“No, I will not really be in town tomorrow.”

“Is that so, then how about the day after tomorrow?”

Latia desperately tries to keep the connection with me. It isn’t a wise policy to give out too much information. However…

“Right, so. The day after tomorrow, I think that I will be in the courtyard of the lord’s castle in the morning.”

If it is information about the duel there is no problem. It will not be me that will be fighting.

“W-will I be a bother if I come?”
“Ah, there is no problem with me so it’s fine.”

I approve it. When she shows that face, it is absolutely difficult to decline.

“That’s great!! Then, see you the day after tomorrow!!”

She ran off while waving her hand with the same smile from the day we met.

“Yep, see you the day after tomorrow.”

I answer as I wave my hand lightly.

“What are you doing, me?”

She was a [Half-demon].
Even if she wasn’t the demon who incited that necromancer guy, a different sort of trouble will unexpectedly come.
I couldn’t push her away.
It will be alright if it’s this much. I have yet to have any problems. If there is something I will settle it myself.

As it is such an idea slips away when my relationship with her has been deepened. (TL: deepen it more!! Kuku.)

“Master, is everything alright?”

Ayla anxiously talked to me.
I embrace Ayla hardly.
That’s right, being alone is lonely. Being alone is painful.
It was Ayla who buried that. Latia is also just asking for such an existence.

“The day after tomorrow, when the duel ends, I will dispel Latia’s [Curse].”
“Yes. Because being alone is lonely.”

Ayla seems to have noticed that I have worked myself up for Latia.
Ayla, thank you, I told her my thanks and embraced her tightly again.


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