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Doll Dungeon is a web novel completed by 神咲 炎楼.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Howdy guys sorry for being away for so long.

I got bombed with a.s.sessments (a lot) that stopped me from doing much and now i got tests so yeah

and since the songs are not visible they are “Kazemidori” by kobukuro and “Only My Railgun” by Fripside be sure to look them up >

soz guys happy reading


As I confirm the amount I DP I have, it had turned into 49,632DP. It was VERY exciting.

Just with this I have gained points, therefore it should be alright for me to be adding floor, though, the floors before the third floor has a bad wideness-to-monster rate. What should I do. (TN: ok so what he means is that the floors are wide but there is a bad sp.a.w.n rate for monsters)

So firstly, move the evolved puppets, the [High Puppets] from the third floor to the fourth floor. Next, lets sp.a.w.n 200 puppets for 4000DP, for the third floor. Of course having them learn natural recovery and learning.
Next, lets sp.a.w.n 50 Kill-dolls for 20,000DP at the fifth floor.

Lastly, to summon 10 golems at the fourth floor with natural recovery and learning.

With just this over half of the DP has disappeared. Let’s use the remainder of the DP to increase the automan and automata by 20 each.
Now, it no use crying over spilt milk.
いつの日も 向かい風を探す 風見鶏のように


「Eins, Zwei.」
真っすぐ時代と立ち向かい 生きてゆきたい

「By your side.」

「By your side.」
逃げ出さないように 流されないように

「I leave their education to you guys.」
心に 深く深く 突き立てた 風見鶏

「「As you command.」」

The to led the new puppets away.

「The preparation for dinner has finished.」

Good timing as I  just about to go waste time, when did it night time?


While acknowledging Eins, we arrived at the dining room.

「Oh, Null-dono」

If you’re reading this from a website other than reitrans then this was stolen!!

「N? Aa.」

While heading to the dining room, I met the n.o.bles who were also heading to the dining room, along with who I thought were their guards, the party of three adventurers

「Tonight we will be partic.i.p.ating dinner with you.」

Saying that, the adventurers behind nodded in agreement.

「Aren’t the others going to come?」
’cause I believe my dream

「It seems that the other guests will be eating in their rooms. It seems like they want to protect their belongings while eating.」

They wouldn’t of expected to be going to a dungeon, thus there’s no blame for being cautious.

「It’s not something to be worried about, what they do is their freedom.」

「Hearing that makes us very grateful.」

「Let’s leave this talk here and head to the dining room.」

Dinner’s going to get cold.

Today’s dinner was omelette rice. It was a choice to not saying anything. Further more, the soup was onion soup.

「What is this yellow colour?」


放て!心に刻んだ夢を 未来さえ置き去りにして 

「That would be the omelette rice.」
限界など知らない 意味ない

Zwei answered to the n.o.ble-sama’s question. However, without knowning what the omelette rice was, they could only tilt their heads.
この能力が光散らす その先に遥かな想いを

The cutlery used is a spoon, therefore there is no need to teach them how to eat it. The n.o.bles took a bite closing their eyes.

The eggs are fluffy while the vegetables are crispy.  It’s perfect. She’s a first cla.s.s maid.

「De, delicious!」


「It’s GREAT!」

「This omelette rice is good too!」

暗闇に堕ちる街並み 人はどこまで立ち向かえるの? 

Only praises.
加速するその痛みから 誰かをきっと守れるよ

「From something normal to this?」


What’s with that question.
The blitz loop this planet to search way. 

「The product isn’t wrong.」
Only my RAILGUN can shoot it. 今すぐ 

「This is nice, since my house has quite the bread and cheese.」(TN: I think he means that he has live off cheese and bread just read the next line and you will get it ^^)
身体中を 光の速さで

Since the melon was 200k. looks like the food culture hasn’t progressed much.
駆け巡った 確かな予感 

「Cheese and bread is quite good already. Since I will be eating dried meat and black bread. Beans soup, is quite the luxury.」

「Kora! Gats! I’m sorry him cutting into your conversation.」
信じてるよ あの日の誓いを 

For a talk between n.o.bles, would be bad manners for a commoner to cut into. However, I’m not a n.o.ble
この瞳に光る涙 それさえも強さになるから 

「I don’t mind. I don’t plan on leaving here because of that. Talks of the outside world are not much of concern. You wouldn’t mind right?」
立ち止まると 少しだけ感じる切なさに

「Hai, there isn’t much chance for me to talk to those outside of n.o.bility.」
戸惑う事 無いなんて嘘はつかないよ

He nods while smiling sweetly.

This is a place where there is no need for formal language, but, I’ll leave that decision to the n.o.bles.
打ち出した答えが今日も 私の胸を駆け巡る

「Since I’m an adventurer, going into the forest everyday is quite normal. At those times, bringing food is quite obvious, but, normally it would be black bread and dried meat, if I have money then I’d buy and bring beans. And there is a waterhole then I would be able to eat the beans in a soup.」

「What if there isn’t a waterhole?」
The shiny lights awake true desire. 

「At those time, I would eat the black bread and dried meat I brought before.」
Only my RAILGUN can shoot it.必ず

That’s quite the survival. As expected of adventurers.
貫いてく 途惑うことなく 

「Could you please tell me more about it?」
傷ついても 走り続ける 

狙え!凛と煌く視線は 狂い無く闇を切り裂く 

It seems like the n.o.ble’s quite fired up.
迷いなんて 吹き飛ばせばいい 

Like this, dinner became quite noisy and enjoyable.
この心が叫ぶ限り 誰ひとり邪魔などさせない

「Eins 」
儚く舞う 無数の願いは 

「By your side.」
この両手に 積もってゆく

I called Eins while heading back to the study, after finishing dinner.
切り裂く闇に 見えてくるのは 

「The n.o.bles and adventurers who was with me at dinner, pack something nice for them. Its thanks for tonight.」
重く深く 切ない記憶

「As you wish.」
色褪せてく 現実に揺れる 

Eins disappeared after acknowledging it.


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