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Dominating Sword Immortal is a web novel completed by JianYou TaiXu, 剑游太虚.
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The platform was very big. Each second, there would be dozens of people jumping towards that South City Gate, but only one-thirds of them were able to make it. Most of them started to fall midway through, but there were also a few people who did not fall all the way until the very last minute, which was very unfortunate.

“You can’t even make it up to the South City Gate, and you want to join the compet.i.tion?”

On that South City Gate, someone sneered.

Soon, it was Ye Chen and the group’s turn.

“I will go first.” Luo Hanshan took a deep breath, pushed his Great Rudra zhen Qi to its limit, and then took few steps forwarded. He jumped up into the air and shot out like an arrow towards that South City Gate.

A beam of red light sliced through the air. When Luo Hanshan was only twenty meters away from the gate, that invisible gravity of the deep cliff had suddenly exploded, sucking his body and trying to drag him into that deep cliff. Then, countless horrifying soul-shaking beasts’ roars were heard as well, attacking all of his senses.


Luo Hanshan had a scary look on his face, and his zhen Qi skipped a beat. Then, his body fell from the sky and was eventually lifted by the qi flow from the deep cliff and sent to the side. He had been eliminated.

Seeing that Luo Hanshan had failed, Zhu Mei looked extra serious. She pushed her zhen Qi to its extreme, making a sharp qi appear around her body. She jumped over with a sharp light in her eyes.

Midway in the air, her body started to shake drastically, but eventually, she still made it to the South City Gate.

She had succeeded this challenge.


Once Zhu Mei made it, Xu Jing also successfully pa.s.sed without a second of delay. It was as if the invisible gravity and beast roars were nothing to her, which was amazing.

“This girl is not bad. I wonder which martial inst.i.tution she has come from. She is qualified to be my second wife.” The head disciple of the Sky Falling Martial School Lin Yun was studying Xu Jing from up to down. Although Xu Jing did not have the kind of beauty that would overthrow cities and ruin states, nor the aura to end up confusing people, she was definitely a rare beauty. Her bright eyes and slim body gave people the impression of an empowered woman, with an out-of-the-world kind of feel.

Besides those who were on top of the rank, the rest of the people had all listed Xu Jing as their biggest enemy. Jumping Dragon Door was the last challenge of the three and was also one of the hardest. It was not rare to pa.s.s this challenge, but it would be rare to pa.s.s with no stress. Until now, there were less than fifty people who had spent minimal effort in pa.s.sing this challenge, while the rest of the contestants had to spend a certain level of effort, and some of them had just barely made it.

Ye Chen was not surprised at all about Xu Jing’s success. He shook his body, and without any extra movement, Ye Chen also landed on that South City Gate. His speed was even faster than Xu Jing.

“Powerful! He is definitely one of the powerful warriors.” Someone yelled out.

“So many powerful warriors are hidden in this year’s Hidden Dragon Rank compet.i.tions. I did not expect this level of powerful warriors here. I had not heard a thing about it.”

“Huh! Jumping Dragon Door does not mean anything. Fighting with someone is nothing like merely jumping onto that gate. Only true strength will matter in the end.” Someone was not agreeing.

Murong Qingcheng and Qi Shaofeng made a noise. They could obviously see that Ye Chen’s power had increased drastically since the last time they had seen him. They knew that Ye Chen had made some breakthroughs after they had been separated, and that breakthrough was probably unmeasurable. He could easily challenge those people who were in top thirties in the last Hidden Dragon Rank.

“Long time no see.” Murong Qingcheng smiled. If it was not for Ye Chen appearing on time last time, Qi Shaofeng and her might not even have been able to stand here today. So now that they had met again, it would be just rude not to greet him, which was not her way of life.

Ye Chen laughed, “It seems like you have increased the realm of your martial arts.”

“Right back at you!” Murong Qingcheng sounded very friendly and warm.

The two were walking very close together while chatting joyfully, which attracted a lot of attention from the rest of the crowd. Along with the attention was envy, confusion, but most of all, jealousy.

Murong Qingcheng was the second disciple of the rank 6 martial inst.i.tution – Sky Demon Martial School, one of the top two beauties of the Black Dragon Empire. She had both talent and beauty, which would make her the perfect companion for a lot of warriors. Therefore, most of those warriors would feel happy just by being able to talk to her, because they would not dare to dream for more. Therefore, it had been alright for those warriors till now. They thought that if they could not have her, the rest of them could not have her as well, so it would be fair. But now that Murong Qingcheng and Ye Chen were walking this close and seeming quite “intimate,” it had caused great damage to their dignity. They thought to themselves that this brat was not as powerful as Sikong Sheng and them, neither was he that good looking. What gave him the right to hang out with Murong Qingcheng?

“Eh? Ye Chen seems to know Murong Qingcheng.” Zhu Mei said to Xu Jing.

Xu Jing nodded and did not say a word.

Zhu Mei said with emotions, “I don’t think I can read Ye Chen anyone. After traveling for a year or so, even Murong Qingcheng is one of his friends now. I really wonder what he has been through.”

She had been living in the Wind Nation her whole life. As one of the first girls of the Sky Cloud Martial School, she still knew her place. Murong Qingcheng did not only have the looks, but also the perception and talent which was all way better than hers. Plus, with her social status, there was definitely a huge gap between the two of them. Therefore, in her mind, Ye Chen who had similar social status as her was not likely to know these kinds of people.

Lin Yun and Mo Yan looked extra cold.

As the head disciple of the rank 6 martial inst.i.tution, the Sky Falling Martial School, Lin Yun had always thought himself as one of the top. Even Sikong Sheng, who was only strong because of his bloodline, could not win against him for sure. Therefore, the women that he had set his eyes on would have to be both beautiful and talented. He had already ranked them all in his mind. For example, Xu Jing was one of the high ranked ones, who would be qualified to be his second wives, while Murong Qingcheng was naturally the top rank one, and would be fated to become his wife in the future. If it was Sikong Sheng who was talking to her, he might not get this angry since they would be competing for her fairly, but who this Ye Chen thought he was? He had only a little bit of power, what did he have to talk to his girl?

Unlike Lin Yun, Mo Yan was a disciple of the Sky Demon Martial School just like Murong Qingcheng. Although they were not that “intimate,” they were definitely not strangers. For the longest time, he had always thought of her as his woman and thought that the others had no chance. And what made him happy was that Murong Qingcheng barely talked to anyone, including those couple of princes of the Black Dragon Empire. But now, Murong Qingcheng was somehow talking to a person he had never seen before, and the way she talked to him was even way nicer than to him, her head disciple, which had set off his danger alert. He started to really think of Ye Chen as his archenemy.

“Qingcheng, who is this person? Do you want to introduce us?” Lin Yun showed a warm smile to Murong Qingcheng, then looked at Ye Chen with “blades” in his eyes. Murong Qingcheng said lightly, “Only a friend, you don’t need to know him.”

“Hehe, oh yah?”

Pouring all of his Sky Falling Great Art’s mentality into both of his eyes, Lin Yun looked at Ye Chen with a huge smile on his face. His eyes were like shooting stars, ready to destroy the world and everything within.

“You are finally here! Right! I don’t even know your name.”

Tuo Baku suddenly appeared between Lin Yun and Ye Chen as he laughed and said.

“Ye Chen!” said Ye Chen.

“My name is Tuo Baku, let’s go get a drink sometimes!” Tuo Baku had completely taken over Ye Chen, and even Murong Qingcheng had been blocked out. Maybe for Tuo Baku, stuff like manners did not matter at all. Being able to talk to people he liked was his favorite thing.

Murong Qingcheng did not mind at all. She smiled and stood back where she was.

“Huh!” Failing to ambush Ye Chen, Lin Yun thought to himself, ‘It was only your luck. Don’t run into me in the compet.i.tions. Otherwise, I will not only embarra.s.s you but also wound you so bad you won’t be able to get up from your bed for months.’

Zhu Mei widened her eyes, “No way! He also knew Ye Chen? But how comes he did not even know his name?”

Tuo Baku’s power had been witnessed by a lot of people. It was comparable with Sikong Sheng and the rest. Although it was only in terms of aura, it had also proven his power.

“Brother Ye, didn’t I tell you so? You will definitely make it here.”

“Haha, Ye Chen, after one year, you are even more powerful now.”

“Ye Chen, I did not know that you knew the Second Night already.”

Tian Hao from the Alchemist Martial School and Lin Yue from the Dragon Tiger Mountain, along with the Fourth and Sixth Night of the Moon Pavilion had both approached Ye Chen. They were all old friends of his.

It was a scene that had shocked a lot of people.

“Who is this brat exactly? It seems like a lot of people know him.”

“Indeed. It might have been a hidden warrior! He should not be underestimated.”

The group kept discussing. Tian Hao was the younger disciple of Meng Chao, who was quite powerful himself; Lin Yun was ranked seventieth in the last Hidden Dragon Rank, and right now, his power had been drastically improved. As for the other two people, although they could not recognize them, judging from the zhen Qi vibration and their aura, they obviously were not normal warriors. They were also likely to be in the top seventy-two. With so many people knowing Ye Chen and seemingly having a good relations.h.i.+p with him, it was a very confusing thing for a lot of people because it meant that Ye Chen was not simple since martial geniuses only hung out with other geniuses.


Lin Yun could not care less.

Sikong Sheng and the group of powerful warriors did not look over at Ye Chen at all. If it were not for Murong Qingcheng, Lin Yun and Mo Yan would not care either. They were the ones standing high up, and no matter if it was social status, talent or comprehensive ability, they were way better than the rest. In their eyes, people like Ye Chen were indeed only ants. Maybe they seemed quite powerful now, but in a year, or three years, five years, or even a decade, the gap between them would only increase more and more. Then, they would be people from two different worlds.

In this true spirit continent, the gap between geniuses was bigger than expected. Some of the geniuses were limited to only Clasping Yuan Realm, while some of them would stop at Astral Reaching Realm. Only a small amount of them could reach the Seas of Souls Realm. And without any surprises, all of them in their group would be able to reach that realm, and some of them might even be able to go through the Life and Death Realm. As for Ye Chen, it would be his limitation to reach the Late Astral Reaching Realm at the most. Therefore, they would not even pay attention to people like him.

As he spoke to the group, Ye Chen glanced at Lin Yun whose movement had not been missed by him at all. If it were not for Tuo Baku who had shown up on time, Ye Chen would not mind competing with him in advance. The mentality of his Lone Peak Kill and Sky Shattering Clouds had been trained to its limits, but he had not gotten the chance to use them yet. Plus, his seventy percent sword intent had been hidden in the deepest parts, because he knew once he let go, it would cause a lot of casualties.

Soon, fewer and fewer people made it to the dragon door. Only two or three of them were left. They either lacked confidence or were trying to figure out something, or waiting for the others and then calculate for themselves. Regardless, getting on that dragon gate was their biggest target for now. If they were unable to succeed, it would be a huge regret for them.

As time went pa.s.s, the last person started moving.

But he failed.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The three platforms sunk down, and the cracked ground closed in the middle. The South City Gate was tightly shut, closing the young generation within. Then, the two doors on the side were opened, which were entrances for the rest of the people.


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