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Read Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 409: Extreme Yin Place And The Earth Dragons

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“Brother Yan is right. Compared to most people, your talent and comprehensive ability are much higher. But…” w.a.n.g Zhi changed the tone of his voice and said, “…now is different from the past. Wanting to walk ahead of everyone else would require even more hard work. Otherwise, being caught up would be inevitable, and elimination would be the ultimate consequence. In the recent ten years, the martial geniuses that have been born were ten times more than in the past. Even in our Dragon G.o.d Heavenly Palace alone, there are countless top martial geniuses, which were all hand-picked from different regions. A lot of them had made a quite a huge progress in martial arts; while some of them had surprising potential in their will power, some of them had extreme comprehensive abilities.”

“Talent?” In Ye Chen’s understanding, talent was this innate ability to learn martial arts.

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ said: “Have you heard of spirit body?”

“Spirit body with elements!” Ye Chen remembered from the knowledge he got from the Battle Emperor, as there seemed to be something about it.

“Indeed! There are some people who are suitable to train the fire element Zhen yuan, while others are great with mud element. If you let them train another element’s Zhen yuan, then it would take longer and with lesser effect. And, once their talent evolves again, then it would form the element spirit bodies, which come in different kinds. There are gold spirit bodies, wood ones, water ones, etc. People who possess the gold spirit body can train the gold Xhen yuan way faster than the others. What is even cooler, when they are training the gold perspective and gold profound, they would be faster than the others. Their bodies and souls are very suitable for the natural element of gold. One year long training would equal other warriors’ years of hard work. Especially after reaching the Seas of Souls Realm, they would even have more of an advantage, since they could then comprehend the gold profound easily.”

“In my Dragon G.o.d Heavenly Palace, there is a martial genius with water spirit body. And I heard that the thunder princess from the thunder region has the thunder spirit body. As for how many more spirit bodies are there in the south region, I would have no idea.”

Ye Chen nodded, “Don’t worry brother w.a.n.g, I have never slacked for a minute.”

“Hehe, I just wanted you to know of the current situation. Actually, you have quite a huge advantage, since your talent, comprehensive abilities, and will are all very at the top. There aren’t many warriors like you out there. Speaking of which, I think your Sky Cloud Martial School is not simple. Besides you, there is another warrior who just became the top warrior. Xu Jing, her talent seems even rarer; she is the top martial genius suitable to train qi power. Our leader had once said that Xu Jing had more talent in that area than even himself. It was just that she had not dug out all of her potential yet, not even ten percent! I don’t know whether it is true or not.”

Yan Kui nodded, “Our leader is very appreciative of Xu Jing, way more than the other of his disciples. I have never seen leader being so serious for anyone, not even his own children.”

Ye Chen laughed. Of course, it was a good thing for Xu Jing being appreciated. As for the Dragon Emperor’s comment of her being very talented, he must have seen something in her.

“Bother Ye, our mission has been completed, so we will have to go back and report. Are you heading to the Extreme Yin Place?” w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ asked.


“Then, you should be careful. That place is very chaotic, and frankly, lawless. In addition, do not mess around in any of those auction houses. There are three Life and Death Realm warriors sitting behind there. Although they cannot officially show their faces there, even Life and Death Realm warriors would have to consider that and be respectful. Otherwise, we would not have to hunt down the Six Finger Man this hard, as we could have just asked the auction house to give back the treasure.”

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ reminded.

Yan Kui interrupted: “Of course, brother Ye, you don’t have to be afraid either. If anyone dares to mess with you, you can fight back. Astral Reaching Realm warriors are regarded as high level figures there. Plus, if you don’t fight back, they would just bully you more.”

In that lawless place, only violence was the only solution.

The three had never met before, but they still chatted happily. However, there always would be goodbyes. So, after giving out some more tips, w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ and Yan Kui flew into the distance.

“It would only be interesting with all those new martial geniuses. Otherwise, it would be too boring.”

Ye Chen had never considered the young generation as an additional pressure, since being powerful was already his goal, and the process of getting there was his life. After training closed-up for hundreds of years and then coming out to see that there was no one to fight against would make all the hard work go into nothing worthy. The value of life was in being alive, and not letting it be an empty dream.

At the Extreme Ying Place…

The place was filled with light black smoke at all times, mixed up with the natural qi from the ground along with other qi. Being within, people would become more and more aggressive and reckless. Then, even with a mild stimulation, the people inside would start to kill. Of course, it would be a great place to train their minds as well, since being able to keep a straight and clear mind would require a powerful will power.

At this moment, a human figure landed on the flat ground from above.

“Such a rich natural qi!”

It was a huge wasteland. Looking down from above, the black smoke poured out from the ground continuously, then scrambled and scrambled as if it were not the land but the sky. And instead of the white clouds, it was the black cloud mist there.

With Ye Chen’s powerful sword intent, he could sense that the ground qi had the effect of affecting one’s mind and heart. A short period of time would not change much for a warrior. But, if one stayed here for a long time, then the mind and heart would be exposed for so long that it would be inevitable for the warrior to become a different person, with a rather aggressive and evil mind.

“There are a lot of powerful warriors here. Some Seas of Soul Realm warriors seem to live here hidden as well. It is not suitable to fly too high, as that would only attract too much of unwanted attention.”


He turned into a beam of light, flying really low near the surface of the land.

After flying for about an hour, he saw a group of people traveling with horses and carriages from far away. But, they were not the same as the other ones he had seen before. The carriages were made with black wood, and carved with some patterns. On looking closely, it was not hard to notice a dim light traveling within the patterns, looping automatically.

“Mechanism tricks.”

Ye Chen was surprised at what he had just seen. The mechanism tricks were not as impressive as the puppet arts, but there were a lot of similarities. For example, as long as there was a power source, there would be power. If he had guessed it right, the carriages would be protected with quite strong defensive layers. Once in danger, the people and things inside the carriages would be protected perfectly, which worked the same as his puppet house. But of course, his puppet house was smarter and more advanced in design, because it required a mental mark and could be remotely controlled via mental power. Hence, it was rather convenient and better to use.

The horses pulling the carriages were not simple either. They were horse-shaped beasts called the Black Disappearing Horse. They stepped on a black smoke while running in the midair, which dragged the carriage in the air as well.

It was a huge group of them flying at a low alt.i.tude.

It was not hard to tell that this group had been through some obstacles, as some of the patterns on some carriages’ surface had been severely damaged. The light was blocked from running smoothly, and the warriors sitting on the horses were covered with blood, looking extremely serious.

At that moment, the curtain of the third carriage was pulled aside, and a pretty-looking face appeared. She seemed to try to see where they were at the moment when she found that Ye Chen was traveling alone, causing her eyes to widen. Her mouth opened slightly, and her voice sounded like tiny bells, “Mister, are you traveling to the Black Water City?”

The elder sitting on the edge of the carriage was shocked and said in a low voice: “Miss, you don’t know this person, I suggest you to not engage. We have to hurry, as it is the priority now.”

The young lady said, “Butler, our group has lost a lot, and we are still hundred miles away from the city, I see that he is also so young and out here alone, so he must be rather powerful. If we can invite him, then it will benefit us. It would be a win-win situation.”

The butler glanced at Ye Chen and said, “He is indeed not weak, at Late Astral Reaching Realm.” He was at peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm himself.

“Since that is indeed the case, then I hope he will agree.”

Hearing him, Ye Chen frowned slightly, ‘This place is rather huge, and with this black smoke coming out of the ground like this, it would be hard to recognize the direction at all times. I could get lost easily, so joining the team might be a better idea.’ After thinking about that, he nodded, “That’s right.”

The young lady said, “This place is extremely dangerous, so traveling alone would cause you a bit of trouble. You might want to consider joining us.”

“If you don’t mind it, then I will take up the offer.”

Ye Chen moved closer to the traveling group.

After Ye Chen got closer, the butler got to examine him a bit better, and was surprised to find that Ye Chen was even a bit younger than he had expected. He was only twenty one years old and managed to travel alone around here. He must be one of the top warriors from the young generation. These thoughts comforted him quite a bit. At least, the young men rarely robbed people.

The young lady pointed at the horse and carriage behind her, “That one is empty, so you can go in and rest a bit. I will call you when we arrive at the Black Water City.”

“Thank you very much!”

Ye Chen did not say much. His body shot out and crawled into the carriage.

“Miss, even if you had invited him, he still might not help us when we are in trouble.” The butler shook his head, looking back at the road.

“This place is very easy to get lost in. I invited him into the group and offered him a carriage to rest. It was a nice gesture, so I am sure that he will consider helping us when we are in danger. Plus, it is not certain that we would run into trouble, you know?”

“Alright, we will listen to you.”

The butler thought for a second and agreed that after inviting Ye Chen, they had at least gotten one extra Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior on their side. He might even help them during a critical moment. It was beyond doubt that one extra Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior meant a little bit more safety.

The carriage was very clean in the way that someone seemed to have stayed here before. But there not being anyone there anymore meant that he or she must have died somehow. Ye Chen sat down and let out a breath.


With no way of knowing how long it had pa.s.sed, the carriage shook a bit suddenly after a certain while.

“It is the Earth Dragon! Three rank 7 Earth Dragons!”

The scream went into the ears of Ye Chen.

Reaching out to open the curtain, Ye Chen looked over. Under the black smoke, three eel-shaped giant beasts jumped out of the ground. They were dozens of meters high each, their heads full of sharp spikes and teeth, attacking towards the people in the carriages.

They were the exclusive beasts of the Extreme Yin Place, the Earth Dragons.

“You lowlife! You are looking for death!”

The butler and the other powerful warriors jumped out, throwing different colored attack lights onto the beasts’ bodies.

The beasts loved the natural qi and the evil qi, so this place was perfect for them. With the advantage of the environment, rank 7 Earth Dragon were just as powerful as rank 8 beasts. Normal Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not be their opponents, and even the butler could only compete with one at a time.

“Sky Tearing Cut!”

After battling for a while without actually harming the beasts, the Zhen yuan inside the butler’s body boiled up. He held his great blade and attacked the head of an Earth Dragon.


That head fell onto the ground and blood shot out everywhere. However, it seemed like losing its head did not matter to the Earth Dragon, as its tail rushed out of the ground, also full of sharp spikes.

“Is he actually not going to help?” The young lady glanced at Ye Chen unnoticeably, seeing that he was still sitting there. She could not help but get a bit disappointed.

However, Ye Chen had his own plan. He knew that these Earth Dragons would be beaten by these powerful warriors with time. He would help only when it was necessary.


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