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Read Don’t Tell Me This Is the True History of the Three Kingdoms! Vol 9 Chapter 160

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Liu Bei POV

If I was Feng Xian, I would definitely mot believe my own words. What’s more, it just seems like a lame excuse that only the main characters in harem stories use.

“… Xuan De.”

When I heard her call my name once more, I jolted out of surprise and kowtowed to her.

“Xuan De, get up.” Feng Xian said calmly. She was neither angry nor was she huffing, and she reached out to help me up slowly. I was still rather worried but plucked up my courage to look at Feng Xian.

Feng Xian merely helped me up wordlessly as she looked elsewhere. Her cheeks were red but much less so than before.

I continued to look at her but could not see any signs of rage or hatred. This is not conclusive by any means but I am still comforted. Of course, this could still be the calm before the storm which reminded me of what Feng Xian said the other time

— I really don’t know what I would do.

Wu… Looks like there’s no way I am ever returning back to my era…

“Xuan De, I… Think I understand…”

“… Eh?” Just as I was about to accept my fate, Feng Xian suddenly spoke in a heavenly voice.

“Wen Yuan already explained to me what happened, that she let an unwitting Xuan De into the tent on purpose.” Feng Xian said as she raised her arm, “So I’ve already taught Wen Yuan a lesson.”

(TL: Remember when Wen Yuan was complaining about being punished by Feng Xian when she was faking a defection?)

Wu… Even though I was not hit at all, I could feel a chill run down my spine.

“And besides… I don’t really feel angry for some reason about this whole thing.”

Eh? When Feng Xian had more to say, my heart tightened again but when I looked up, she changed her tone and her expression returned to how it normally was. No, it was not how she usually was. The reddish hues on her cheeks had subsided but they seemed like they could come back anytime.

When she saw me looking at her, she turned away and had her back to me again. I could not see her face but I did hear what she had said to me before loud and clear.

She did not feel angry at all? What does that mean…

“I-in any case, Xuan De…”

“Ah, yes!” Even though she said that she had forgiven me, I did not relax right away and so when she called out to me again, I sprang up and stood still.

“Umm, in any case, I believe that Xuan De wouldn’t do such things intentionally since it’s a little too…”

Perverted right? Feng Xian did not finish her sentence but I could guess as much.

“I understand.” I nodded, “It’s best that you understand.”

“Let’s leave aside all those… Ah, those unavoidable things.” Feng Xian said and paused halfway. Looks like she bit her tongue, “Was it you who acted out the play behind the curtains?”

“Ah… Un.” I nodded.

“As I expected huh.” Feng Xian nodded and sank into thought.

She must think that I am despicable. Not only did I listen in on her personal conversation, I even made use of this to encourage her and act like I understood her. She must hate me by now.

“Feng Xian, umm…” I tried to explain myself but could not think of the words to do so. I wanted to go around and look at her in the face as well but did not know how I could face her.

“It’s fine. I understand how Xuan De thinks and does things.” Feng Xian said as she shook her head and continued, “Even though I know what happened, I’m still grateful that Xuan De could tell me those words.”

“… Really?” I asked, feeling uneasy and afraid that Feng Xian was just patronising me.

“Un,” However, Feng Xian actually turned to me and gave me a thin smile, “If it was Wen Yuan who heard what I had said, she would definitely not be able to tell me what I needed to hear.”

“Eh?” In the next instant, I felt like I was taken into a warm embrace and I could feel a soft sensation at my chest level.

“Because it was Xuan De that I could hear what I needed to.” Feng Xian’s voice came from right beside my ear because she was pressed against me gently, “I will do my best in this battle.”

— So, please watch me, Xuan De.

Feng Xian had said similar things before and not just once. She had said something similar as well before she fought 6 of Meng De’s generals back in Xu state. No matter what, she would always be filled with confidence before a battle.

“… Un. I’m expecting great things from you.”

And my reply too was the same as always, that I would be expecting a great display from her.

“Un.” Feng Xian gave a simple grunt in response and removed her arms from behind me and stepped back before turning around. I tried to catch a glimpse of her face but she was too fast and I could not see anything.

But everything went just as I expected huh? An awkward scene like this would have happened sooner or later. The part where Feng Xian suddenly hugged and thanked me was really awkward.



Just as I was about to speak and try to change the topic by asking why Yi De had not yet returned, footsteps could be heard from behind.

“Quickly! Gather your troops, the enemy has left and is coming over now!” Soon, Chen Dao’s yell could be heard from nearby. I turned back and saw her heading over to a soldier and was directing the troops to gather at the north side of the city.

Un?! The troops have started to gather?

“Xuan De, Lord Lu Bu, you should make your preparations as well.” Zi Long said as she came over, adjusting her silver armour as she did so.

“They’ve come already?” I asked somewhat excitedly as I took a step towards her.

“Yes, Chen Gong just gave the signal.” Zi Long said as she brandished a small piece of silk, “The enemy has moved out with all of their forces, there is no mistake there.”

“Alright.” Feng Xian nodded, “Tell the troops to get ready!”

“Yes!” The officers behind acknowledged the order and began scrambling. In an instant, the entire empty s.p.a.ce became chaos. That said, there was order within that chaos and everyone had a place to go and someone to report to.

“Chen Dao, bring the troops to the inner gate before forming ranks! Form 15 lines before leaving the city! Don’t mess up!”

“Understood!” Chen Dao acknowledged the order given to her by Zi Long and her eyes spun around as she looked at the troops running around.

When I looked at the troops again, I saw that Zi Long’s troops did not make any sound as they ran around and gathered in an orderly fashion. Looks like Zi Long and Chen Dao’s troops has the personality of their commanders huh?

Based on what Yun Chang told Cao Ren, they would pretend tht they were going to get Feng Xian drunk when the enemy brought their troops to the city. Zi Long would then lead her troops out. Thereafter, Yun Chang and Wen Yuan would mutiny and start killing the troops in the city while Chen Gong would open the gates.

“Lord Lu Bu, shouldn’t you be getting drunk now?” Zi Long cracked a joke after she was done giving orders and was just waiting for her horse.

“Please don’t joke around.” But Feng Xian flatly rejected her as she raised her hand, which made it rather awkward for me and Zi Long, who was unsure how she should react.

“Yes, that was just a–”

“Wen Yuan is not here. I can’t get drunk without her.”

So that’s why?!

“Hahaha, I guess you’re right~” Zi Long chuckled as she replied.


“Ah, thanks for your hard work.” Zi Long thanked the groom as she stroked the horse and took the reins. Of all the horses, Zi Long’s horse is probably the most beautiful of all, apart from Feng Xian’s horse, with its pure white-silverish mane and tail that looked especially beautiful when it moved.

“Let’s stop here with respect to that topic. Hei!” Zi Long said as she mounted the horse in one go and looked over as she called out to me, “Xuan De~”

“Un? What’s the matter?” I asked to which Zi Long merely smiled, a smile that made one tremble in fear.

“Nothing,” Zi Long said as she shook her head, “Now that I think about it, with the weather turning cold, it’s normal to help someone warm up their bodies.”

Wu! Did she hear our conversation?

“Hmhmhm,” Zi Long when she detected my gaze.

S-she did hear it!

“No, we were just–”

“There’s no need to give an explanation. I understand.” She said and swung her reins as she galloped off without waiting for a reply.

That Zi Long… I really did not think that someone would hear about that…


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