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Read Don’t Tell Me This Is the True History of the Three Kingdoms! Vol 9 Chapter 83

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Liu Bei POV

“Ah… I, I dropped it on the ground just now.”

“Ah, un. Do you have any other coats?”

“I do! I should have 2 in my room! Haha… Hahaha…”

“I see…” Feng Xian said apprehensively after seeing how nervous I was.

Haa… Hu… I turned around and took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. Even though I had already forgotten about it, why did it pop up in my head again?

*w.a.n.g* *w.a.n.g*!

“Ah, good boy Red Hare.”

Just then, Red Hare barked, drawing away Feng Xian’s attention from me. What Feng Xian said should have been very kind and warm words but it sounded hard and cold to me. In any case, it’s thanks to Red Hare that the awkward atmosphere was dispelled.

“Is Red Hare still eating carrots?” I asked, feeling like it has grown a lot.

“Un? Yes.”

“Is it still eating mainly vegetables?”


Ah… That is really weird for a dog. If this were my era, a lot of television channels would be sending down reporters to interview us about the dog. As I thought so, I picked up Wen Yuan’s chopsticks and started taking some vegetables to eat.

Un un, I really am famished.

I haven not eaten since I left this morning. After battle, I slept and the only thing that’s went into my mouth the whole banquet thus far has been liquor. Liquor seemed to have filled me for a while but after going to the toilet, I felt hungry again.


Un? As I swallowed the mouthful of vegetables and began to pick up more, I felt something grab the hem of my clothes. I looked down and saw that Red Hare had ran over from Feng Xian’s legs and was biting my clothes.

“Ah, Red Hare. What’s the matter~”

I do not hate dogs. I have never had any but that is because my mother is allergic to them. I was scared of animals when I was little but I eventually grew to love most animals. Puppies are without a doubt among those I like, especially ones that were slightly older like Red Hare so I ended speaking to it in a cutesy tone.

“Red Hare wants to eat some vegetables.” Feng Xian said and I realised that Red Hare had been staring at the vegetables on my chopsticks.

“Alright, alright, alright~”

Guess it cannot be helped. I flicked the sauce off onto the plate before bringing the vegetables to Red Hare, who bit it off and began chomping on them. Even now, it really bothers me to see a dog eating vegetables.

“Un?” Just then, I looked over at Feng Xian and saw that her plates were cleaned out. Naturally, the first reason for this that came to mind was not that she ate quickly, “Feng Xian, did you give all of your vegetables to Red Hare?

“Ah, it’s fine.” Feng Xian said as she drank some liquor, “I didn’t go to battle today so I’m not hungry.”

“You can’t do that.” I frowned and put down my chopsticks and decided to bring a plate over to Feng Xian. But because Red Hare was jumping about beside me, I was afraid that I might drop the plates so I pushed them towards Feng Xian instead, “Feng Xian, come get some.”

“Ah, n-no need for that. *Gu*~” Feng Xian tried to turn me down again but a growling sound interrupted her.

“Wu!” I did not notice at first until Feng Xian groaned and blushed did I realise that it came from Feng Xian’s stomach.

“Haha Feng Xian, do you need me to feed you?” I laughed as I took some vegetables with my chopsticks and brought it towards her, “Come, have some.”

This is a little forceful but she cannot skip meals. And now that I am bringing it directly to her, she should not be able to turn me down.

“Eh?” Feng Xian seemed shocked at my actions and gave an “Ah…” as her eyes bulged, seeming even scarier than they usually were, and seemed at a loss as to what to do.

“Ah… Un!” Feng Xian seemed to regain her senses and nodded firmly before leaning over, “Ah~~”

Eh? What do you mean by this, Feng Xian? Are you going to eat it with your mouth directly?! I thought she was going to take it with a plate! This act of hers makes it seem like we are lovers feeding each other!

No wonder Feng Xian seemed shocked before… She misunderstood what I meant…

But it’s not like I can very well tell her that she misunderstood and to please hand over her plate to take the food. That would make things really awkward. All I can do now is to suppress my shyness and bring the chopsticks over to Feng Xian steadily.

Feng Xian, on the other hand, continued to make a soft ‘ah’ as she closed her eyes. It’s the first time that I am this close to her and her thin, l.u.s.trous lips are really mesmerising.

Sometimes, often in fact, I do not think of Feng Xian as the peerless martial arts prodigy Lu Bu and the reason is what I see during moments like these.

*Gu* I gulped as I brought my chopsticks to within an inch of Feng Xian’s lips which were also slowly approaching. Soon… They will touch soon–




Right at the critical moment, Red Hare suddenly jumped up and bit the food I had in my chopsticks as it barked. My heart nearly stopped and I cried out in surprise as Feng Xian too got a shock and recoiled as she opened her eyes. We both looked at Red Hare at the same time and saw that it had begun eating happily.

How do I put this… It feels like a waste…

“Ah~ What a waste!”


For an instant, I thought that it was my heart’s voice but then realised it came from behind. When I turned back, I saw Wen Yuan and Yun Chang with very different expressions on as they looked at me. Wen Yuan had a wry smile on while Yun Chang had a stormy expression. Both of their faces, however, were really red and they were clearly rather inebriated.

“Oh, just a little more and you would have made it too, my lord~” Wen Yuan said as she gave a thumbs down.

“Big brother! What were you doing!” Yun Chang yelled out in a childish voice as she raised her hands above her head.

“Wen Yuan, what are you talk–”

“Ah, no. I was just–”

Feng Xian and I spoke up at the same time to respond to the 2 of them and then reflexively looked at each other.



When our eyes met, the scene that just happened replayed in my head once more and I found that it was a lot more embarra.s.sing than I had imagined. I know that many things seem a lot more embarra.s.sing when you recall them but I did not feel much embarra.s.sment during the act so it’s only hitting me now.

As I looked at Feng Xian, I saw that her expressionless face had turned a bright red as well, which meant that she too was replaying the scene in her head. Perhaps even multiple times. Ah… My face is turning red too. What is this, a teenage love comedy?!

“Big brother! So what was it that you were trying to do huh!~”

“Ah… Un…” My feelings were a total mess as Yun Chang continued to press me. The shame I felt from what happened earlier with Yi De had yet to pa.s.s fully and now there is this embarra.s.sing event. I really have nothing to say with what has happened tonight.

Ah… Even though I did not actually do anything wrong, why do I feel so guilty when I hear Yun Chang interrogating me? And I am even thinking about an excuse too…

*w.a.n.g* *w.a.n.g*

Just then, Red Hare began barking again. It should be asking for food. What a glutton, it ate so much already.

… Ah! Yes!

“Yun Chang, you’re overthinking things.” I smiled as I said so and pointed my chopsticks at Red Hare, “I was just feeding Red Hare, that’s all.”

“Un? Is what big brother said really true?!” Yun Chang asked as she stared at me. I felt very uneasy when she stared at me but I still hurriedly nodded. I do not know if it was trying to help me but Red Hare’s tongue came out and it made some chewing motions as well.

“… Y-yes.”

Yun Chang’s anger subsided when she heard my confirmation. She was still doubtful about me but she took a swig of liquor and sighed as she began staring at the table in a daze. Looks like she’s drunk huh? Yun Chang would never speak in a childish voice if she were not drunk.



Feng Xian cleared her throat, which made me feel tense again. I turned around and saw Feng Xian looking in the direction of where Chen Dao was seated as she licked her empty bowl. I cannot see what her expression is but I know that it’s still red.

“Umm… I already said I wasn’t hungry.” Feng Xian said calmly. It feels like she’s blaming me for the ridicule she got from the others.

“Ah un, I got it.” I said, not daring to pa.s.s her food again. There are many eyes at this banquet after all and a single action could result in jokes and ridicule for months. Not only is she embarra.s.sed, I am too.

But I really was thinking that Feng Xian would take the food with a plate just now.

Never mind, it is indeed a waste to be honest.

With complicated emotions in my heart, I pa.s.sed a plate of vegetables under the table to Red Hare as a reward for helping me out before drinking some liquor.


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