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Read Don’t Tell Me This Is the True History of the Three Kingdoms! Vol 9 Chapter 97

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Liu Bei POV


Yuan Zhi’s 2 claps snapped me out of a half-asleep state and I only realised that I was still at the meeting when 2 columns of seats appeared in my vision. This is why I do not like meetings. It’s irritating enough that we spend arduous amounts of time on topics apart from the purpose of the meeting like finance, construction of city defences etc which I do not understand at all.

Moreover, I have been extremely busy with my lessons and practicing my martial arts. So even if I doze off during meetings, it should be normal, un. But then again~ Evem if I did take a nap, they should not have begun discussing the main topic at hand…

“Alright, we’ll do as we just discussed then.”

“Yes!” All of them in both columns immediately replied and saluted.

Eh? What just happened?

“Well then, G.o.dspeed to those who have critical responsibilities. I’ll be counting on you all. Alright, dismissed!”

Eh?! Everyone immediately got up at Yuan Zhi’s word and began to move out. Is the meeting over already? No way, I was only dozing off for a short while!

“Big brother, what’s wrong? Why do you have a dazed and stunned look?” Yun Chang asked as she stretched her back, looking like she was in high spirits.


“My lord! This one is on you!”

“Hmph, since I’ve been deployed, I’ll do my best.”

On the other side, Wen Yuan and Feng Xian nodded at each other. Seems like they are involved in this battle.

“U, umm…” I extended my hand with the intention of calling out to Yun Chang, hoping that she could explain to me what went on in the meeting.


Ah, it hurts!

Just as I was about to reach her, a very strong force knocked me to the side.

“Mother, mother!”

“I already told you umpteen times not to call me mother.” Yun Chang said irritatedly. She might say as much but she seems a lot more accustomed to how Guan Ping addresses her than when she first started.

“Mother! Bring me this time!”

“Hai… I already said it many times before, you still can’t–”

“Lord Guan Yu, bring Guan Oing with you this time~”

“Eh?” Yun Chang was very surprised that Zhou Cang came to speak on behalf of Guan Ping and looked at the both of them with a surprised expression. But Yun Chang would never know that they had a duel and agreement about this. The ending might be a little botched but all of us present recognised Guan Ping’s victory.

“Yun Chang.” I said as I looked at Yun Chang to which she frowned.

“Why is even big brother…” Yun Chang said and took a deep breath, holding it there for a moment before exhaling deeply. She then looked at Guan Ping helplessly as she finally relented, “Alright, if you must, then come along.”

“Eh?! Really?!”

Yun Chang nodded and just as Guan Ping was about to jump from joy, Yun Chang placed a hand on Guan Ping’s shoulders, “But remember this, Guan Ping, the blades on the battlefield will not hesitate when they come for you so protect yourself.”

“Ah– Un! Don’t worry, mother!”

Yun Chang blanched when she heard this but she sighed, patted Guan Ping’s shoulders and then turned to Zhou Cang, “Zhou Cang.”

“Ah! Here!”

“Though I’m bringing Guan Ping along, you will come as well.”

“Eh? I can go if she’s going?” Zhou Cang asked.

“Why? Is there a problem? There was nothing about bringing more than 1 lieutenant right?”

“Ah, no, none at all. Leave Guan Ping’s back to me.” Zhou Cang gave a refreshing smile as Guan Ping smiled as well. I doubt Yun Chang knows the reason why they both smiled.

“Alright, that’s it. Go and prepare yourselves.” Yun Chang said after a moment’s thought, “Our 10,000 strong troops have always been ready to move out so go and lead them out of the city first and take the off-roads. Wait for me there.”

“Yes!!” “I’ll be going now!!”

They were both very energetic and yelled out their replies before running off.

I looked at everyone who was still in the room. Even though a fair number of them should have been given work to do, everyone was still hanging around and chatting. This cannot be helped. Everyone is usually so busy and it’s rare that everyone can get together like this. Even if they are chatting, the topics of conversations should still be mainly work-related.

Un? When I looked over, I saw Chen Dao and it seems like there’s something different about her. When I looked closely, I saw that she had worn the protective chest piece I bought for her.

“Ah!!” Chen Dao gave a surprised yelp when she saw me and nodded before holding up the protective chest piece and nodding and bowing again. This girl is really formal huh?

I smiled stiffly at her and waved slightly. If possible, I hope that she does not attract too much attention to it. If someone were to find out that I bought it, and I spent 10 coils, I would be in for a round of lecturing again.

Un… Just then, I saw that Guan Yu was looking at the 2 of them with a grim expression.

“What’s the matter, Yun Chang?” I said as I looked outside and found that they were just leaving the mansion, “Could it be that you’re still worried about them?”

“… No, I am indeed still worried but that’s not the issue.” Yun Chang said as she sat down beside me, “I was just thinking, if the enemy is moving out with full force, what is the probability of success for our raid on Fan city?”

“Eh?” I was stunned and thought I did not listen clearly. What did Yun Chang say? A raid on Fan city?

“Un? What’s wrong, big brother?” Yun Chang asked, sensing that something was wrong but then she soon nodded, “Un, looks like big brother dozed off just now.”

“Hahaha… H-how could that be…” I said weakly.

“Big brother really is… But it’s been difficult on big brother after all with all the lessons you have had to take.”

“Yes, yes, thanks so much for understanding. Yun Chang is the best after all.” I said as I hurriedly nodded.

“Never mind,” Yun Chang said. Looks like she does not intend on lecturing me this time and came closer as she explained the upcoming operations, “In short, Lord Xu Shu is certain that the enemy will move out all their troops and camp somewhere close to the city. So we have decided to engage their forces with half of ours. At the same time, I will be leading the other half to raid Fan city and seal off their escape.”


That is simple and easy to understand.

“Apart from your side, who is doing what?” I asked and looked at Feng Xian who was still chatting, “The ones who will take on the enemy is Feng Xian and Wen Yuan right?”

“Ah… Yes.” Yun Chang nodded and added on, “In the beginning, Lord Xu Shu wanted to send Lord Zhao Yun and Lord Chen Dao. But she changed her mind halfway through and decided to send Lord Lu Bu.”

“Anything else?”

“Liao Hua and Chen Gong will be a.s.sisting Huang Zu in fortifying the city. Look, they’re currently discussing this.”

I looked in the direction where Yun Chang was looking and saw the 3 of them sitting together. All of them had sour expressions on as they engaged in what seemed to be an intense discussion. Of the 3 of them, Liao Hua’s blank expression seemed almost kind in comparison to the other 2.

By the way, Yi De is not partic.i.p.ating in this battle but that is a given by now.

“I get the picture now.” I nodded, though I should have if I had listened in on the meeting.

But now that I think about it, I understand why Yun Chang is worried. Launching a raid like that is indeed very risky. We only have slightly more than 20,000 troops, will a raid really work? We also have no idea how many troops the enemy has. If the enemy were to stay in the city, then–

The more I think about it, the more worried I get…

I looked up and searched for Yuan Zhi and found her sitting at the end of the column as she drank her sugar water. Because of her bandana, I could not see what her expression was but it looks like she’s calm for now.

I got up and decided to go to where she was.

“My lord, where are you going?” Wen Yuan asked me just as I got up, “You’re not involved in the battle this time so just stay here and rest.”

“Xuan De, leave this to us.” Feng Xian said with a gleam in her eyes. I could feel that she had begun to go into her battle mode.

“Ah un, I’ll be counting on you.” I nodded and then looked at Yuan Zhi and smiled, “But I’m not going to prepare to sortie. I’m just going to Yuan Zhi to discuss something.”

“Un?” Wen Yuan tilted her head, “Look for… Lord Xu Shu?”

“I saw Xuan De dozing off just now. Could it be that you didn’t listen to the arrangements before?”

I cannot believe that Feng Xian realised this.


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