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Read Dragged Into the Class Metastasis ~for Some Reason I Was Dragged Into the Metastasis With the Girl Class so I Will Make a Harem!~ Chapter 13

Dragged Into the Class Metastasis ~for Some Reason I Was Dragged Into the Metastasis With the Girl Class so I Will Make a Harem!~ is a Webnovel completed by Narita Harem King, 成田ハーレム王.
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Chapter 9: s.e.x reward’s effect 1


There’s a voice that’s calling him, Hiron.o.bu woke up.

「Hey, what…it’s just sensei」

「What you say…that’s rude. Was sensei no good?」

「No, that’s not it. I’m glad that the beautiful sensei woke me up」

「Really…you can’t joke on adults」

Youko’s appearance, it seems that it came back to the original.

The reverse rape of Youko was erotic but the usual sensei is better.

「I…did I sleep?」

「Sensei too, just a bit…」

Looking up the sky, it can be understood as the moon can be seen ahead.

Considering that it’s still the night, they haven’t slept for a long time.

「After this, we have to clean our clothes so we can go back」


As expected they can’t return with sensei and her uniform overflowing with s.e.m.e.n and love nectar.

Furthermore, It’s difficult for Hiron.o.bu that’s been driven away to return.

「We can’t just sleep outside. At worst, it’s fine on Sensei’s room, let’s return to the castle」


「You don’t want to?」

「I’ve been disliked that much. There would be a resistance」

「At that time, Sensei will protect you. Certainly, your status might be low but Sensei is your friend. It’s necessary to cooperate. Also, I have to tell the other students properly」


He can’t trouble Youko further than this.

Also, It’s the most frightening experience to get lost in the other world.

Since the female teacher told him that she’s he’s ally, there’s a support even if he returned to the castle.

「Then, Ozawa-kun」


「I want you to see Sensei’s status」

Power: 64

Defensive power: 57

Speed: 51

Mana: 76

「Ooooー! It got higher than a while ago. …But, there’s no regularity in increase…」

「Yeah. The first time we did lewd things it was +5, now it’s different」

「I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed a lot of times, is there a relations.h.i.+p to that?」1

「I don’t know. Well, we might conclude that the rise is random. Also…」


Hiron.o.bu asked.

「We have confirmed one thing, status goes up when I had s.e.x with Ozawa-kun」


「I think it’s amazing for my status to rise in this short period of time」


Youko answered.

「I was listening to the knights before I looked for Ozawa-kun, it’s said that status rise with repeated training and combat. For example, the young looking vice commander had been a member of the knights for seven years」

「Seven years…」

The method of rising it is unknown but thinking about the difference in status, It’s like as Youko said, it’s amazing for her to be able to raise on this short period of time.

「Since we’re otherworlder…It might be possible that we’re s.h.i.+fted from the logic of this world. Though, it’s still difficult to conclude that fast…」

「But it’s a fact that I can raise status using my ability?」


Youko nodded with a serious face.

「If we use Ozawa-kun’s ability, it’s possible to defeat the Maou in a short period of time」

「Well, if only your partner lets you」

Honestly, it’s unthinkable that you can raise status by raping.2

(I have to keep with the laws there…)

He think’s that he can plead to embrace but he can’t violate by force.

「Hey, Ozawa-kun」

「What about now?」

「Can we look at your status?」


He doesn’t know why Youko said that but Hiron.o.bu decided to open his status screen.

Power: 10

Defensive power: 5

Speed: 5

Mana: 12

「Here, look. It raise a bit」

「It’s true…」

Youko wanted to confirm this.

「Does sensei know how status go up?」

「Of course I don’t./ But, I wanted to confirm the possibility」

「But, I…haven’t trained or battled though?」

「On Ozawa-kun’s case, raising your status might be related to your s.e.x reward ability」

「I see」

The possibility isn’t zero.

In that case, it’s possible to raise the status naturally by having s.e.x.

「It might be that Ozawa-kun’s ability is low because of this」

「What does that mean?」

「If your status goes up even if you don’t go on training nor battle, then your initial value would be low」

「Setting…isn’t that a game?」

「It might be an exaggeration but don’t you think it would balance because of your special ability?」

「Well, that might be true…」

If I’m a cheat hero, then the status might be high because of cheat ability but the reality isn’t that sweet to make that story.

「My ability would be used if necessary」

「You’re not interested?」

「Every one of the female cla.s.s…」

All of the girls in the cla.s.s are cute girls.

Their appearance is all okay but their personality makes him reluctant.

(That said, I want to be able to use this ability well)

For Hiron.o.bu with low communication skills, it can’t be used practically but he thinks that it’s a convenient power.

(I have to be careful so I won’t get killed…)3

It’s dangerous considering his status.

He should be wary of his surroundings more than usual.

「Then, Ozawa-kun. I understood another thing」

「As expected of Sensei. What would it be?」

「You remember Sensei’s special ability right?」

「Err…certainly it was…」

《Omnipotent Isolation》
It’s possible to protect oneself from all abnormal states.
In addition, the abnormal state can be grasped.
「Was it?」

「It is」

「It’s possible to protect oneself from the abnormal state… What about that ability?」

「Ozawa-kun’s ability has an added effect… I found it」

「Additional effect?」

Is the additional effect putting the other party to a poisoned state? Or would that be paralysis.

But, it shouldn’t work before Youko’s ability.

「The abnormality was understood by Sensei’s ability」

「What is it?」

「Your s.e.m.e.n」


He’s surprised as she did that while sleeping.

「Then, how’s it? Is my s.e.m.e.n healthy?」

「I haven’t examined to that extent but, I’m can definitely say that it’s healthy I has really great vigor… But, what Sensei wants to say is another thing」


「Your s.e.m.e.nーHas an aphrodisiac effect」


Hiron.o.bu can’t hide his own surprise.

「I’ll teach you what Sensei concluded」
Then, Youko began explaining.


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