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As Gohan stepped down onto the ground he quickly leaped into some bushes as he powered down as he came out of the green bushes sneakily.

But it seemed he made a mistake, as a female with long hair let down her back reaching her thighs was in his vicinity as he’d b.u.mped into her by accident.

This alerted surprise as he’d powered down and suppressed his power level to about 200-300, which was the average power level a human had now due to the wishes spoken to the Dragon Ball increasing Earth’s ma.s.s.

A long time ago the wish was made to increase Earth’s size and ma.s.s and that the humans had to adjust to it automatically.

So he thought it would be fine if he had lowered his power, but he’d hurt his head as he b.u.mped into her as he felt she was about ten times stronger than an average Earthling.

Estimating her power to be about 2,500 he was surprised as he’d never expected someone other than the Z-Fighters to be stronger than average Earthlings.

And to top it all off he’d hurt his forehead as the girl felt as if someone had brushed past her.

Then something unexpected happened, the girl turned to him as she said, “What were you doing there?”

She said this with a sharp voice, so sharp in fact like she was cutting through b.u.t.ter with a knife.

The girl said before she placed her hands on her waist as she stared at Gohan suspiciously, she seemed to be in a bad mood as she had dark circles underneath her eyes with a glare that could rival his uncle Turles.

I mean who wouldn’t a person just came out of some bushes it was evident something shady was going on.

This stumped our young half breed as he chuckled nervously as he began to perform the favourite action of the Son Clan as he began to scratch the back of his head in nervousness.

‘Sh*t, has she caught onto the fact that I’m the Golden Blur, it looks like it. I was too busy minding my own business that i’d forgotten to sense the d.a.m.n surrounding area.’

‘No it’s fine, Earth to Gohan. Breathe, just breathe. Remember just say the simple words and give a slight grin it works all the time. But it didn’t work last week. Oh forget it whatever I’m saying it.’

“Your Breathtaking!”

Were the words that rang out of Gohan’s mouth as he quickly flashed a dazzling grin to the girl in front of him before he rushed hurriedly to his cla.s.sroom.

The girl however was stumped hearing his words and remembering his dazzling grin as she began to blush before she slapped herself exciting the trance.

“Sh*t, what was that- he’s definitely a suspicious person. I need to stop him and get his id for public safety…”

But before she could continue her hot pursuit a noise rang out from her Holo-Watch as a holographic image of an alarm clock appeared in front of her.

“Cla.s.s Begins in Five Minutes, hurry up Videl!”

Were the words she heard as she turned her cla.s.s alarm clock off and opened up Erasa’s voice message.

Grunting in annoyance she rushed towards the entrance as she made her way to cla.s.s, it was the first time she’d been to this school as she was home schooled due to her father being a wealthy martial artist.

Her father was overprotective to say the least as he had only now allowed her to go to public school.

It was because of some encounter her father faced in his youth and so he trained her in all the arts of the Satan Castle Dojo.

Yes you guessed right her father was Mark ‘Satan’ Hercule. The current world champion who represented the Satan Castle Dojo.

And one of the biggest sponsors in the Tenkaichi Budokai third to only Capsule Corporation and the Royal Family of King Turles.

Yes so to summarise it she was a tough cookie, a real tough cookie.

-Back To Gohan:-

“d.a.m.n that was weird to say the least, as if she was peering into my soul- that shouldn’t happen to me other than when talking to Piccolo.”

Breathless he was as Gohan sprinted his way into the building with an average humans pace- he couldn’t be late, nope definitely couldn’t his perfect punctuality would be torn to shreds and his perfect image would be ruined he wouldn’t allow it.

‘Come on Gohan- Run, Gohan, Ruuunnn!!’

As within a few seconds he had reached the cla.s.sroom as he popped in and went to his seat near Erasa and Sharpner.

Saying hi to them he took his seat as gradually the gossipping began to stop as soon the teacher would arrive for cla.s.s to begin.

Meaning they could whisper for a while before cla.s.s started.

Seeing this as a chance Erasa, turned to Gohan as she said. “Gohan remember that friend I was talking about the other day.”

Ransacking his memories as he searched for the day he remembered as he said. “Oh you mean the one who was a martial artist and was a member of justice.”

Hearing this Erasa’s eyes lit up as she smiled before replying back. “Yeah that’s the one Gohan dear, well guess what- she’s joining our school and today is her first day of school in Saiyajin City!”

“Cool, cool but what does she look like Erasa?”

Replied Gohan as his mind swerved to the girl he met in the morning.

“Well she has long black hair and wears gym clothes and is also highly active in sports and such.”

‘Wait isn’t that the girl I met in the morning!’

But before he could comprehend his situation the teacher came in as she settled the cla.s.s down before she began speaking.

“*Cough… As some of you might be aware we have a new student joining this cla.s.s and I hope you’ll help her when she needs it.”


“Now come on in Videl!”

After this the door slowly opened out as a young girl with long black hair wearing gym clothes with no makeup entered the room as she looked around before spotting Gohan.


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“Wait your the girl Erasa was talking about!!”


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