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Darc was sitting at the table in the living room and staring at his mother.

The reason for that was pretty simple. He asked her again to let him go on a journey and this time Kibini was not amused at all. Its only been a year and he asked her again. He understood why she wasn’t happy. Her son would be gone again.

“Mom, you know i will still go, right? This time even teacher Zarid agreed to come along for safety sake. And it probably won’t take so long as last time.”, said Darc and still watched his mother´s movements and expression.

Kibini was thinking right now. She knew he would be gone again and she also knew how she herself felt when he was gone for such a long time. Why did she even agree at the first time?

“Why do you have to go search for those things again? Didn’t you get your wish fulfilled?”, she asked him.

Darc scratched his head. “Well, it’s you who gossiped about the Dragonb.a.l.l.s to Lite´s mom. So he got the idea to make it some kind of school trip with the five of us.”

Kibini was silent. Maybe one could even see a little blush on her face. It was true. The other parents already agreed to this little adventure as long as Zarid was with them and would take care of them.

“That…urgh. Alright fine. Maybe I did run my mouth a little like that but it’s still their idea, right? Why do you have to go along?”, she said and became a little bit unreasonable.

“Because they are my friends. I like to join them. And besides. I got the radar for searching for the b.a.l.l.s.”, said Darc “As I said. The search will be much faster this time around. I won’t be gone forever. Its about time you let me have more room to move around, mom”

Kibini stared at him for a while and then just sighed and pouted a little. “Leaving your mother always alone like that. You really are your father´s child. Just do what you want. But be certain if you are late for school it will have consequences.”

Darc smiled bitterly at those words. He gotta make it up for her sometime later. “Thanks, mom. Don’t worry too much.”, he said with a grin.

Kibini saw that and couldn’t help but smile a little.


Later in his room, Darc prepared some things for the journey.

Yeah, it was summer again, he was already 9 this year and the holidays started a week ago. Time just flies by without stopping for anyone. And he wouldn’t be stopped later as well. For now, he lived by the rules. Later he would do his own thing.

After testing the radar in the morning it finally gave a response. The Dragonb.a.l.l.s were active once again. So it was about time they went searching for them.

Thinking about it he would have searched for them anyway since he had to bring them to their respective places. He at least didn’t intend to change the start of the canon that much.

If bad came to worse than he would stand alone against the likes of Frieza, Cell, and Buu. Whereas Cell may not even be a thing if too many things change.

Luckily he still had a lot of time until Bulma decides on her journey.

He started sweating. She wouldn’t be just ignoring them, right? Maybe his visit to make the radar already did a major change in history…

´Nah, that can’t be the case or else Chronoa would already be on my neck and strangle me.´

He sighed and continued to sort his things out.

He took about 20 Senzu Beans into a small pocket and put them around his waist.

Thinking about that the Senzu Beans may be gone forever if the capsule is destroyed or that they are pretty scarce later on, he made sure to put them somewhere better.

So he put them out into another container where they would be safe.

He actually materialized himself a ma.s.sive safe where he stored that jar full of Senzu Beans.

Both the jar and safe were made with extremely hard material from his past life. He would change that material after getting to know how to make Katchin but that had to wait for a while. Hopefully, he doesn’t forget about it.

Sadly he couldn’t carry them all with him. He tried to make some kind of inventory but to no avail. It was harder to get to know where his Affinity actually worked and where it didn’t. h.e.l.l, he didn’t know if his Affinity even did anything. Or maybe he still just lacked the real concept of understanding s.p.a.ce and couldn’t do much with it yet. Still a thing to study about.

He also placed a gla.s.s…o…b..inside his room where a little of his ki is stored inside so that he can use instant transmission to his room to get the beans if needed.

Coming to the topic of ki. His training was actually a little bit disappointing. He did get better with magic and seemed to have managed to refine his meridians a little bit more which also made him better at controlling his current power so that no ki was leaking anymore, but he still was about the same strength.

He really would need to push himself later on. He already had some kind of idea but that will take time.

Finishing up everything and checking if everything is ready he went down.

“I will be going now, mom! See you later!”, he shouted but no answer came. With a sigh, he left the house to meet up with the others.


Outside at a parking lot stood a truck. Two people could sit in the front and about 5 to 6 on the back of it.

´So that’s our way of transport? Well, better than walking I guess.´, Darc thought and saw.

He leaned on the car and yawned. Waiting at the vehicle for some time he saw his teacher and friends approaching. Otamo and Lite were even carrying some backpacks.

“You are late”, Darc said with a smirk.

Zarid smiled “So you got your mother to let you move around again. Impressive.”

Darc waved his hand. “But she is pretty displeased. Let’s just try to be faster with our searching. You guys go to the back of the truck. I need to give teacher navigations so I am in the front.”, he added and jumped onto the co-driver seat of the truck.

Zarid only shook his head. “Alright, let’s get going.”, he said and sat onto the driver’s seat.

The others took their places on the back and Lite knocked on the gla.s.s window that connected to the inner part where Darc and Zarid sat in.

Darc opened it and slid it to the side. Like that they could talk while driving.

Darc than checked the radar and looked at the locations of the Dragonb.a.l.l.s. “There is one actually not the far to the east from us.”, he said and took a map out and pointed at a spot and showed it Zarid. “It should be around here.”

Zarid nodded, started the engine and began to drive.

Glew saw how he used the radar and was instantly curious. “Where did you get that device?”, she asked.

Darc looked back to them and showed them the radar. “I got it made from a friend of mine.”, he said.

Otamo looked at the radar and noticed something. “Isn’t that the Capsule Corp. logo on it?”, he asked.

“Huh?” Darc took a closer look at the radar. There really was a little logo of Capsule Corp. on it. He sighed. “It is. Well, that friend of mine is the daughter of Dr.Briefs. She is called Bulma.” It was kinda a lie who made it but he made sure that Bulma got most of the credit for this radar.

Luffa listened to that as well and kinda got worried what he meant with a friend. Was she only a friend or something more? But she didn’t have the courage to ask something like that.

Darc smiled wrily after noticing that logo. ´d.a.m.n, even branding stuff that is made on request. Dr.Briefs seems more of a crafty man than I thought. Even I didn’t notice it at first.´

Glew instantly came closer to the window. “You know Dr. Briefs?”, she asked him with widely opened eyes. “Can we meet him?”

Darc thought about it. “I doubt we will meet him on our journey but at some point, I could introduce you to him.”, he answered.

Glew smiled brightly. “Yes, please!”

Darc chuckled and started to relax for now and stretched as much as he could. “Now, you guys should make yourself comfy back there. Its gonna be a long trip.”

After those words, everyone kind of made themselves comfortable and started talking about what they would see on this journey.

While driving along the street they saw some wild animals here and there. And some Dinos were among them as well. It looked like the first Dragonball was somewhere in the wilderness in a big Forest area.

So the first stop ended for them on a little clearing in some forest where they build up their camp. Luffa and Glew were responsible for making the food and the boys searched for some firewood.

Afterward, Darc brought Lite to another s.p.a.cious place and trained him there a little. Like that he can review his own understanding of his martial arts and see how good he really is in teaching.

If Lite took even an ounce from this training he would improve tremendously and Darc was kinda thinking about training Lite to become another z fighter in the future. Well, if he has the nerve for it.

Lite had that determination already so why not push him a little more. He may even become stronger than Krillin.

At the camp, Zarid was taking a nap first since he was tired from driving around so much and Otamo took care of keeping watch for any dangers.

When the girls finished making up the food everyone came back together and ate their fill.

Lite was pretty much beaten up and wanted to go into the tent first. There were two separate ones for the boys and girls and another one for Zarid.

Glew looked seriously at Lite and scolded him to take a shower in the portable shower cabin before going to sleep.

Darc laughed about that since she reminded him of his mother in that regard.

Later only Darc and Zarid were sitting around the campfire.

Darc started his meditation. He learned after a while that he also could rest while meditating. That made his training more effective since he could rest and at the same time strengthen his foundation.

Zarid only watched him and smiled proudly. Then he also put his book away that he read the whole time and started meditation as well. But soon after he left for his tent as well.

So the first day came to an end.


A little bit further away from the campfire in the shadows someone was lying in the gra.s.s and watching them from afar with binoculars.

“Yes, boss. They stopped…..Yes, I will keep shadowing them.”, said the figure into a phone.


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