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Chapter 1130 – Feng Zhiling

“Shentu Hong, no matter how angry you are, it’s useless. When my Temple of the Winds becomes stronger, it will be the day your Evil Dragon Palace dies.” A clear and cold female voice came out, it was extremely ear-piercing. Long Chen could vaguely feel that this woman’s strength was also very strong.

“Get lost!” The so called Shentu Hong released such an angry roar, the golden light just now was released by him, and it could even shake him from such a distance. It could be seen that this Shentu Hong was extremely powerful, at least for such a short period of time, Long Chen could only look up to him.

“Are you angry out of embarra.s.sment?” “Hehe.”

The two voices quickly came closer, causing everyone to be puzzled, they anxiously looked over, and all the auxiliary hall masters had changed their expressions, they knew, who exactly was Shentu Hong.

It was actually the Demonic Dragon Hall Master.

Someone who dared to call out the Demonic Dragon Hall Master’s name must have a high position in the three thousand hall.

Long Chen stood by Jiang Qing’s side. At this time, Jiang Qing said a little icily: “It’s the hall master of the Temple of the Winds, Feng Ruoyan. Their strengths are on par with the hall master’s, and the strength of the Temple of the Winds is also on par with our Evil Dragon Palace.

While Jiang Qing was speaking, although the so called Feng Ruoyan and Shentu Hong was still quite far away from him, he could clearly make out their faces from several tens of kilometers away in the sky.

Shentu Hong was probably the same age as Shentu Hong, but he did not look old at all. As of now, he was still like a young woman, plump and seductive, with a pair of phoenix eyes that were cold and seductive, dancing in the wind, with a light green dress fluttering in the wind. Shentu Hong did not look old at all.

Feng Ruoyan, the hall master of the Temple of the Winds.

Long Chen’s gaze turned towards the other warrior who was obviously a girl. At first, he didn’t care at all, since Shentu Hong didn’t have anything to do with him.

But when he saw the girl’s appearance, Long Chen felt like a bolt from the blue.

In that instant, his mind went blank, and he panicked. Long Chen suddenly shook his head, feeling that he must have seen wrongly.

“It must be a psychological effect, it’s simply impossible. She disappeared from the Archaic Graveyard, she can’t possibly appear here!”

Long Chen suddenly shook his head and looked over again. If the first time was just seeing things, then the second time was definitely real, but the result was the same when he looked over there. The girl with a face full of ice and frost did not change.

His mind was blank for a moment, then Long Chen decisively reacted.

“Maybe, it’s just that they look similar. They’re not the same person.”

At this time, Long Chen could only console himself, but he was a very careful person, careful to the point where he started to consider the consequences. Even though he was very far away, Long Chen could more or less feel how powerful this girl was, and at this critical moment, without saying a word, he had directly escaped climbing platform under everyone’s surprised gaze.

“Long Chen, you’re going?” Jiang Qing had not finished speaking when Long Chen had already arrived below climbing platform, and stood together with the tens of thousands of spectating disciples, continuing to look up into the sky. If he had stood in that place just now, that person would have easily discovered his existence.

Before he fully understood the situation, Long Chen did not want to be exposed.

He was a cautious man.

Long Chen was still not sure if it was her or not. Although he did everything he could to tell himself that this person might not be the same person from before, but had an intuition in his heart that told him that she should be.

Back then, when they were in Archaic Graveyard, Long Chen had killed Wu Guangyu and she, who had chased after him, had mysteriously disappeared. had never been concerned about this matter before, but he never thought that he would actually see someone who looked exactly like her here. Or rather, it could be said to be her.

This girl was dressed in a long white dress, fluttering in the wind, her black hair was like a waterfall, an invisible wind surrounded her, her entire body gave off a cold aura, her expression was very similar to the previous her, but compared to that time, she was now the focus of everyone’s eyes. Although her appearance was similar, but the current her made everyone feel like she was a body of beauty, to say that she was intoxicating everyone, it was not wrong at all!

A beauty unmatched in her generation, able to topple all living beings!

A fierce wind blew, and she suddenly looked down at the people below. Although she was a woman, her arrogant aura could not help but arise, causing the tens of thousands of Evil Dragon Palace disciples to be intoxicated.

“So beautiful.”

“This is the one from the Temple of the Winds, Senior Feng. He just entered a few years ago, yet he quickly ascended to the top?”

“Yes, that’s her, the legendary figure of the 3000 great halls.” Why did she come to my Evil Dragon Palace with my Lord of the Temple of Wind today? “

“I heard that the Lord of the Temple of Wind and our hall master have always been at odds. Now that this Senior Sister Feng has risen up strongly, becoming a rare super genius in the Three Thousand Great Temples, he has a high chance of entering the War G.o.d Palace. Because of her existence, the Temple of the Winds will definitely rise up strongly in a short amount of time, and at that time, our Evil Dragon Palace will be in trouble!”

The crowd broke out into a flurry of discussion.

Long Chen immediately hid amongst the crowd and used someone else’s body to block the woman in the sky’s line of sight. At this time, his heart was incomparably shocked, and he hurriedly pretended to be an ordinary disciple who did not understand anything, and asked: “Brother, I’ve just arrived, so who is this Senior Sister Feng, to actually be so mighty, to be above my Evil Dragon Palace.”

One of the disciples immediately explained: “This is a Successor Disciple that Lord of the Temple of Wind Feng Ruoyan brought back from the outside a few years ago. At the start, it was inconspicuous but after that, his cultivation actually rose rapidly and up to this point, to such a terrifying level, that this is a miraculous woman. I don’t even know her current level, but she seems to have defeated a peak Sixth Stage of the Divine Martial Stage disciple. Such a heaven defying existence was something that was rarely seen among the disciples of the 3000 great halls. I really don’t know what kind of heaven-defying secret this Senior Sister Feng has.

“This Senior Feng … What is her full name?” Hearing the way he addressed Senior Sister Feng, Long Chen was more or less certain that it was true. Right now, his heart could only be described as shocked.

“About this, it seems to be Feng Zhilin, right?” That disciple asked Long Chen as he thought about it.

‘It really is her! ‘

If even their names were the same, Long Chen was 100% sure of it.

It was indeed Feng Zhiling.

Back then, when Long Chen had engraved his name on her fart, Long Chen definitely would not have imagined that this former defeated opponent would meet with Long Chen in such a manner in the Imperial Domain.

It could be said that on the road Long Chen had never lost to him in every single way. Feng Zhilin’s current strength was obviously stronger than his, at least in terms of cultivation level she was higher than Long Chen. To Long Chen, this was simply unbelievable.

If Yang Lingqing was in a higher realm than him, then that would be understandable. After all, Yang Lingqing had been in the Imperial Domain for many years and had a rarely seen Lunar Demon Physique. But how could an ordinary person like Feng Zhiling be stronger than Long Chen?

After thinking about it for a moment, Long Chen quickly came to an understanding. In this world, there were countless treasures left behind by past generations. Long Chen was lucky, but to be able to obtain the inheritance of so many people, why couldn’t Feng Zhilin obtain them? Her mysterious disappearance back then was most likely a result of a great fortune and a great fortuitous encounter.

The Three Great Imperial Domains was so big, that Long Chen could easily obtain Ye Wushang’s inheritance. If Feng Zhilin was lucky, it was even possible to obtain an inheritance that was even better than Long Chen’s. In addition, everyone had their own fortuitous encounters, especially the top disciples of the True Martial Imperial Palace. They believed that everyone had fortuitous encounters, if not, how could they get to such a state?

Of course, the most important thing for Long Chen to learn in this Dragon Sacrifice Continent was to obtain the inheritance of the Primordial Blood Spirit Dragon’s blood essence, but Long Chen still hadn’t completely absorbed all of the blood essence yet. The Primordial Blood Spirit Dragon’s blood essence wouldn’t help him increase Long Chen’s realm so quickly, and that would require Long Chen to comprehend on his own, and the true use of blood essence could only be fully displayed after Long Chen had obtained the inheritance of the blood essence.

Compared to Feng Zhilin, it was very possible that Long Chen had obtained some things which allowed her to directly raise her cultivation realm. Although his Divine Martial Stage could be used by others, in the end, it might not even compare to Long Chen’s own Dao. If the Primordial Blood Spirit Dragon’s blood essence was like this, the energy stored inside would probably be able to help Long Chen be promoted to a terrifying realm immediately. But it would be useless, Long Chen would probably not be an independent person with thoughts, but rather a puppet with blood essence.

Therefore, he reckoned that Feng Zhiling must have inherited something that could help him improve his cultivation level quickly.

Everyone’s circ.u.mstances were different. This method might allow her to become extremely strong for a short period of time, but it might also restrict her future development.

Counting all of them, it was only three to four years since Feng Zhiling came to Imperial Domain. In just a few short years, she had risen to her current realm, and her speed could already be described as unimaginable. If she was to cultivate steadily, then it would be impossible for her to reach such a speed.

Therefore, Long Chen felt very relieved in his heart.

It was not because the ancestral dragon blood was bad, but because the ancestral dragon blood did not want to forcefully increase their realm. This would only make them stronger for a short period of time.

Not just a puppet.

Feng Zhiling must have paid a lot to have her current cultivation level.


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