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Chapter 1371 – Nether h.e.l.l

This time, it could be said that the Euphorbid Finger had truly awakened. Long Chen began to feel the existence of the Great Void Cosmic Dragon’s claws, although it was still a little unfamiliar, but at the very least, they had started to communicate.

“Big brother!” Mo Xiaolang anxiously rushed forward. Long Chen was indeed exhausted, but there were no major problems, his recovery was extremely terrifying. At this moment, a few small wounds on his body were rapidly healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Under Long Chen’s control, the left hand’s index finger had changed from the shape of a dragon claw to that of a finger once again. The only difference was that this finger was already different, from today onwards, it would become Long Chen’s most terrifying killing move.

This was the first time Long Chen was focusing on the power that came from the Great Void Cosmic Dragon. This mysterious Ancestral Dragon, its existence, everything was filled with mysteries.

“I’m fine.” Long Chen smiled at him.

Mo Xiaolang was finally relieved. He looked at the Huang Yu in the distance, revealed a happy smile, and said: “I knew you would succeed! You can even defeat Huang Yu, and the current you, has more or less reached the level of having an invincible Divine Martial Stage. “

His words were incoherent, but it was due to the excitement in his heart.

Yuan Xiaozhou and the others were all dumbstruck. They looked at each other and trembled in their hearts, finally understanding that opposing this madman was the worst choice they had ever made in their entire lives.

Huang Yu was heavily injured, he struggled to get up, although his body was recovering, but in this situation, to recover his combat strength, he would probably need a very long time. Unless he had something good on him, but no matter what, the fact that he was defeated was already a fact.

“I’ve lost. I wholeheartedly acknowledge my defeat.” Huang Yu finally revealed a look of reverence, looked at Long Chen, and continued to speak: “In the future, when you arrive at War G.o.d Palace, there’s nothing I can do to help.

Long Chen pondered for a moment. This fellow could not be considered his enemy, but after thinking about it, he still had to thank the other party for being able to breakthrough on the Euphorbid Finger.

Originally, he had wanted to kill him and steal the War G.o.d’s Diagram. However, that might not be something suitable for him. Forget it. Moreover, he would still have to get along with the War G.o.d Palace in the future.

Moreover, Long Chen could feel that the other party was not determined to kill him. He held back on his last move, so Long Chen held back on his attack.

Huang Yu voluntarily took out the Gold Token and threw it into Long Chen’s hands, saying, “Your spoils of war.” Then, he looked at Mo Xiaolang and asked, “Where are my brothers?”

“He’s lying down. He’s not dead yet.” Mo Xiaolang said.

Huang Yu nodded his head, and said: “You are all righteous men, this time I am a villain. But I was convinced of my defeat. With your strength, you are qualified to own the other seven squads of Gold Token. “

The current him, was actually so lonely. Step by step, he left.

The others finally understood that after Long Chen had defeated Huang Yu, he had already completely entered the ranks of the top young experts in the Three Regions Nine Realms. Mo Xiaolang had also just been able to defeat Huang Yu. In other words, Long Chen’s true combat strength was already at the same level as Mo Xiaolang.

The change in the Primordial Blood Prison diagram and the attacking power of the Euphorbid Finger added together made Long Chen, other than the primordial spirit, still lacking quite a bit, was already considered to be at the top in other directions. This was also the reason why even Dragon Star respected him.

In Long Chen’s line of sight, the other people had spread out with a loud rumble, not daring to watch any of them anymore. In their hearts, they had already named Long Chen as the most dangerous person.

This time, if Long Chen’s reputation were to spread out, once the Twelve Imperial Clans knew about it, everyone in the Three Regions Nine Realms would know about it. Presumably, the Sword Soul Imperial Palace would also change some things because of this.

At least, those Sword Soul Imperial Palace Team who were hiding somewhere right now, when they found out that Long Chen actually had ten Gold Token s in his hands, their expressions would definitely be very interesting.

When Long Chen came to the Eternal h.e.l.l, other than the items left behind by the Great Void Cosmic Dragon, he also had another extremely important matter, and that was to kill the dynasty.

The acc.u.mulated grievances and anger in the bottom of his heart could only be at ease if he ruthlessly ma.s.sacred this proud youth from the Sword Soul Imperial Palace. At the same time, this was also his first step in proving himself.

For this day, he had already prepared for nine years.

Wasn’t nine years of hard work just for the pleasure of killing the enemy!

The Sword Soul Imperial Palace Team, I presume they won’t be too far away.

“Things are done, let’s go. “Two motherf.u.c.kers.” Long Xing looked at them with disdain. Without saying anything further, he activated his speed and headed in the direction of where Iron Cliff Mountain was located.

“Time to go.” Long Chen and Mo Xiaolang hurriedly followed along. They spent another dozen or so days here, and there wasn’t much time left. He had to get hold of Mo Xiaolang’s Nine h.e.l.l Devil Ancestral Fire as soon as possible. After consuming that portion of the Netherworld Devil Ancestral Fire, Mo Xiaolang would be able to advance into a Nine-ranked Demon G.o.d. At that time, his battle strength would be around the same as Long Xing.

Draconic Star had yet to reveal his true strength.

With the gravity in the sky above the Iron Coil Mountain, they could only gradually climb up and leave.

“Big bro, do you think King Chujiang, one of the top ten ghost kings, will follow us again?” Mo Xiaolang whispered.

“I don’t know.” Halfway up the mountain, Long Chen surveyed his surroundings but did not see anything. Below him was a stretch of ruins.

“That white jade skeleton seems to be looking up at something.” Mo Xiaolang muttered.

Long Chen suddenly felt his scalp go numb, because he felt that the white jade skeleton was also looking up at him. He raised his head and saw that wherever the white jade skeleton’s gaze landed, was a dark layer of clouds.

“Can the two of you hurry up?” Dragon Star’s figure changed and appeared in front of them.

“Let’s go!” Long Chen did not bother to pay attention to much else, as this was not the crux of his journey.

The three of them used their fastest speed to descend from the peak of the Iron Cove Mountain, below them were still countless berserk ghosts, and there were even some who had different types of ghosts. There were a lot of powerful ghosts, some even comparable to the Great Devil, which were not easy to mess with, coming in a group, but luckily, their speed was not as fast as the three of them.

Following Dragon Star, the three of them were flying high in the sky like three meteors, instantly streaking across the night sky. When they looked back, they saw that the steep peaks of the Iron Cliff Mountain looked like Demon Claw, grabbing towards the sky.

During the battle between Long Chen and Huang Yu, the injuries he had sustained had already been completely healed. He was someone who wasn’t willing to waste his time, and as they travelled, they were also pondering about the second stage of the Euphorbid Finger.

He had only used it. This road still had a long way to go.

It took Dragon Star about three days to find that small path. This path was hidden in a valley that had very few ghosts. It took him a long time to find a path that was only one meter wide.

“It’s here. You can go in.” After that, it will be the Nether h.e.l.l s. ” Long Xing clapped her hands, completing the mission.

Long Chen asked: “Aren’t you going to follow us?”

Long Xing was stunned, “Why should I follow you? Right, why are you guys going to the Nether h.e.l.l?”

Long Chen and Mo Xiaolang looked at each other. There was still a rumor about the Nine h.e.l.l Devil Ancestral Fire in the Eternal h.e.l.l, but it was just that almost no one knew where it was located. Furthermore, no one could take back that kind of thing.

“Let’s go find the Netherworld Devil Ancestral Fire.” Mo Xiaolang said straightforwardly.

Dragon Star suddenly realized something and said, “That’s right, Monster Crown Prince, I heard that Tun Yue went to the middle of the Grand Moon Demon World for your sake, and even caused the Nine Serenities Demon Mountain to collapse because of the Nether Demon Ancestral Fire.” At this point, he suddenly laughed out loud. She stared at the two and said, “You two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, your luck is so good that it makes me jealous. Why do I know where the Nether Demon Ancestral Fire is?”

Long Chen was shocked and hurriedly said: “You’re fine anyways, it’s good that you know the location. Come with us for a bit.”

“You order me?” Long Xing teased.

“Whatever you think. Let’s go.” Long Chen was too lazy to waste words with him, he would definitely say it out if Dragon Star refused. From Long Xing’s playful att.i.tude, Long Chen knew that this guy would not reject his request.

“Fine, let me show you the way in a merciful manner. I’ll say it first. If it’s a battle between twenty squads of the 12 teams, I won’t interfere.”

“As you wish.” Long Chen said as he moved forward through the crevices in the mountain. Soon, he arrived at an ancient path called the Yellow Springs. It was a long and quiet path, the Resurrection Lily on both sides bloomed beautifully like a crimson red carpet.

In this oppressive environment, the three of them hurried along with their heads lowered, not saying a word.

This ancient path of the Yellow Springs was very long. After walking for a full day, they finally saw the end of it, and a surge of yin aura blew over their faces. The temperature had lowered by G.o.d knows how much, and Long Chen knew that the Nether h.e.l.l had arrived.

Walking out from another crack in the mountain, Long Chen helplessly discovered that inside the Nether h.e.l.l, there were indeed dense amounts of ghosts. Large amounts of ghosts were piled up together, fighting each other and devouring each other’s bodies as food.

When the three of them stood on the high mountain, they immediately attracted the attention of many ghosts. To them, the smell of living things was simply delicious food. At this moment, countless different types of ghosts were charging towards Long Chen and the others.

There was a type of heavenly ghost with a small body, but it was equivalent to a Great Devil. Most importantly, not only was its attack strong, it could fly, and its speed was also very fast, the moment the three of them appeared, there were two heavenly ghost screaming as they rushed over. The dark clouds stirred, and the waves of cold wind seemed to want to freeze Long Chen.

“What a lousy piece of sh * t.” Dragon Star seemed to be submerged within, as he opened his mouth and spat out a purple aura that engulfed a heavenly ghost, turning it into a corpse and disappearing.

After that, everyone began to flee …


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