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Chapter 1621 – I grant you eternal life

To people who had already gone mad, no matter how much more you said, it would just be nonsense.

Long Chen didn’t know what kind of disaster this guy had encountered or what poison the City Lord had given him to make him eat, but he knew that Ye Futu was a Martial Saint.

Perhaps it was because the True Martial Emperor had suppressed him and caused him to feel discontent in his heart.

He could only blame himself, Ye Futu, for coveting for power, hoping to use Yang Chen to obtain the power of the Great Emperor of Zhen Wu.

He was seeking his own death.

Long Chen didn’t want to say anymore. He allowed the Golden Suppressing Demon Pillar to return to the Divine Kingdom with his left hand and the sharp G.o.d Slaying Sword appeared in his right hand.

“This is the item given to me by the City Lord. Did he let you take it back?” Long Chen asked coldly.

As Ye Futu neared, he sneered and said, “There will be a day when he will take it away!”

In reality, Long Chen was shaking because this fellow’s strength was close to the late stage of Fourth Stage of Nirvana Tribulation.

This was the result of destroying the Sixteen Prefectures. If the City Lord of b.a.s.t.a.r.d City destroyed the Eastern Emperor Region, destroyed the True Martial Imperial Palace, destroyed the Three Regions Nine Realms, and destroyed billions of lives, just how strong would the ten great ghost kings be?!

No wonder Ye Futu was so superst.i.tious about the City Lord.

This was an indestructible power!

This was a way to escape the laws of the heavens!

Even if he gave up the human body, even if he could only eat flesh and blood, so what? He had gained eternal life!

He had escaped the Nirvana Tribulation, so there was no need for him to be worried.

Long Chen finally understood what he was thinking.

The sharpness of the sword was directed at his opponent.

At that moment, Ye Futu released a series of roars, growled, and and waited for the right opportunity to pounce forward, because he knew how terrifying Long Chen was, knew that Long Chen had defeated Sword Master Ling Wu before, so he became even more cautious!

“I have the power of five million living creatures. Are you angry? Haha, useless! Sooner or later, you will become a part of my power! ” Ye Futu Zhang Kuang laughed.

He wanted to anger Long Chen.

But Long Chen was not moved.

The G.o.d-Slaying Sword vibrated and issued a soft hum.

“Can you withstand a single sword strike?” Long Chen suddenly said.

This kind of contempt and provocation made Ye Futu feel shame.

Once upon a time, Long Chen was just an ant beneath his feet.

Today, Long Chen had killed him with a single move, and after he became strong, he had even threatened him with a single sword strike.

If angering Long Chen did not work, Long Chen would instead be angered.

At that moment, Ye Futu released a world-shaking roar, and a vast power condensed onto his body. He transformed into a streak of black light, broke through s.p.a.ce, and rushed towards Long Chen to kill him.

Compared to Long Chen’s calmness and ease, his ugly appearance was like comparing heaven and earth.

When the opponent was attacking crazily, Long Chen closed his eyes.

“How should I behead the G.o.d with a single sword strike?”

This was what Long Chen asked himself.

He closed his eyes to feel the profoundness of the Killing Sword Technique.

The sword intent spread out towards its surroundings, forming Long Chen’s perception.

He felt Ye Futu’s trajectory.

“So it’s here.”

At this moment, he finally understood the true Deity Slaying Incantation.

When Ye Futu attacked violently, causing heaven and earth to crack, Long Chen easily slashed out. That grey colored sword, formed into an unpredictable crescent moon trajectory, and at that moment, Long Chen’s entire person became blurry. In Ye Futu’s eyes, all that remained was that fleeting sword strike.


Suddenly, the sword was right in front of his eyes!


Ye Futu was forced to retreat with all his might. Even with the speed at which he gathered the power of five million living creatures, he was unable to retreat at all.

“Can you escape?” Long Chen looked down at him condescendingly.

This was the true Deity Slaying Incantation. A sword pierced the opponent, and the aura of slaughter was so strong that the opponent had no chance to dodge it.

As the gray aura of the G.o.d Slaying Sword spread out, Ye Futu, who was at the late stage of the fourth stage of the Nirvana Tribulation, let out an earth-shattering scream.

The G.o.d-Slaying Sword slashed down!

Ye Futu’s body was split into two!

Long Chen advanced once again, with the Slaughter Dao-seal in his palm, he struck half of Ye Futu’s body with an irresistible force!

Weng! *

That half of the body had turned into the smallest particles.

This was the power of the Primordial Blood Spirit Dragon, and was also Long Chen’s strongest divine might!

After shattering half of his body, Long Chen realised that the other half of his body was currently escaping frantically!

Ye Futu’s heart had already been completely shaken by him!

To him, Long Chen at that moment, was simply a nightmare!

The body of a Martial Saint was killed by him in one move!

The enhanced Spirit King had been hit by his sword, and half of its life had been lost!

What kind of divine might was this!

In the Divine Kingdom, everyone was even more impressed.

The Spirit King’s greatest ability was to escape. Long Chen used his fastest speed to charge towards him, and just as he approached, the demon tree started to sway frantically, truly coming back to life. Tens of thousands of branches were shooting towards Long Chen.

“Wordless Formula!”

Nine hundred and eighty-one sword energies shot out, instantly shattering the endless branches!

The demon tree couldn’t do anything to Long Chen!

Long Chen swept his sword across, and the gigantic demon tree was immediately sliced apart by him!

Just as he was about to strike towards Ye Futu with his next sword strike, a loud bang suddenly exploded in his ears!

“Long Chen!”

Under the shock, Long Chen almost lost his balance.

This was the voice of the city lord who had wasted his life!

Just this one moment of shock allowed Ye Futu to find an opportunity. His entire body melted into the demon tree, and the remaining half of the demon tree’s body, quickly dug into the ground.

“The next time we meet, I will make your wife disintegrate, and let all the people around you die cleanly!” Ye Futu screamed out angrily.

Long Chen clenched his teeth, just as he was about to continue fighting, the City Lord’s voice sounded again.

“Have you forgotten? I’ll be waiting for you in the Eternal h.e.l.l. There’s not much time left, so you can use my heart in exchange.

“You’ve become so powerful. You should have a lot of guts, right? Come to my Eternal h.e.l.l. That girl must be very important to you. Will you just watch her die?”

Ha ha, if not, I will create a good show for you. I will make you regret coming to this world, so hurry up and come to my side. I will not kill you.

“Remember, I will wait for you to come. The gates of the city of death will be open for you at any time!”

These words were just like words spoken in a dream, echoing in Long Chen’s ears.

At that moment, Long Chen’s eyes were bloodshot!


The G.o.d-Slaying Sword swept out!

A terrifying Swordqi ma.s.sacred swept out, cutting the nearby demon tree, and the distant forest and mountains into two!

But the last section of the demon tree still escaped, and in an instant disappeared without a trace!


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