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Chapter 1864 – Thousand Valley

It was another early morning.

After a period of hard work in cultivating, Mo Xiaolang entered into a state of enlightenment. It was as if all the surrounding Nirvana Qi had turned into flames and were dancing around him.

He had always been worried that devouring too fast would cause his realm to become unstable. After a period of deep cultivation, he basically could not consider this issue anymore, because he was innately the darling of flames, and was also the favorite of devouring. After a period of quiet cultivation, his foundation was already quite solid, and he could go through the next round of transformation.

Looking at the mountains below, Mo Xiaolang said in his heart: “I wonder if big brother managed to escape, I wonder if he became stronger or not.”

He was sure that Long Chen had already surpa.s.sed him by quite a bit.

“Yan Er?”

In the past, she would always accompany him in his training, but today, he didn’t even know where she had gone to. Mo Xiaolang reckoned that it was because he had trained for too long that she had temporarily gone to do other things.

Mo Xiaolang turned into a human and travelled through the forest. Suddenly, he heard Su Yan’s name.

After returning to the hut, Su Yan was actually not here.

“Where did this guy run off to?”

Mo Xiaolang’s expression suddenly changed. He took out a star rune and activated the array diagram inside. The array diagram on the star rune was changing complicated, but it was pitch-black and couldn’t get a response from Su Yan.

“Something happened?”

Su Yan’s ident.i.ty as a half demon had always been a reproach in the hearts of the demons. It was only because of Ruo Xi’s warning, but no one dared to do anything to her. It was only after a long time that Mo Xiaolang dared to enter into a state where he was completely immersed in his cultivation.

“Yan Er! Yan Er! “

Mo Xiaolang’s breathing became heavier and heavier, he stared at the pitch black Star Talisman, his heart beating even faster.

He think of many bad consequences

If Su Yan were to be captured by them and bullied by them, with her ability, she wouldn’t be able to resist at all. Her fate would be quite miserable, and as the person protecting her, she would actually be immersed in cultivation …

In that split-second, his heart felt as if it had been stabbed by a knife. His eyes began to turn bloodshot, and his body began to emit an extremely thick infernal energy. Those black flames even began to emerge from his body!

“Yan Er!”

His body also swelled up, turning into the appearance of a tall and st.u.r.dy werewolf. Although he was a werewolf, he was already no different from a wild beast. At this moment, his blood was boiling in his heart, and the irritation in his bones was like a flood that had broken out, a black aura sweeping out.

“wolf cub!”

Just as Mo Xiaolang was about to look for her, a weak voice suddenly sounded from the star talisman. As if he was struck by lightning, Mo Xiaolang hurriedly looked at the star talisman, and said: “Yan Er, where are you! “What happened?!”

Su Yan’s aura was extremely weak. Most likely, she had been in a coma for a long time, but was awoken by Mo Xiaolang’s violent and familiar voice, which caused her to let out that cry.

In front of the Star Talisman, it was pitch black and he couldn’t see anything.

“So hot!”

Su Yan let out a painful moan, it was heartbreaking.

“Yan Er!”

Mo Xiaolang was even more unable to control himself, and asked in a low voice: “Where are you, I’ll go find you!”

said. “It’s that Lamia Yu Chang, she said that she wanted to help me recover my human form, I think I’m here right now.”

“Yu Chang?” Mo Xiaolang’s sharp wolf teeth pierced his lips, causing blood to flow out, but he didn’t care at all as he tightly clenched his fists.

Mo Xiaolang originally thought that she had left, but he never thought that while he was cultivating deeply, she would actually appear, and take Su Yan away! This person was clearly not a good person. He said that he wanted Su Yan to regain his human ident.i.ty, who knew what she was going to do!

“I’m in a place that seems to be called ‘Thousand Serenity Valley’. I heard her talking to someone else, wolf cub. I’m in a medicine cauldron right now, and I feel very uncomfortable. It’s as if my entire body is going to melt … I feel very tired …”

“Wait for me, I’ll go save you!”

Thousand Desolate Valley!

Mo Xiaolang didn’t even know where that place was, but he could ask around. At that point, self-blame and irritation were useless, the only way was to quickly rush over there!

Su Yan said that she was inside a cauldron, so it was very likely that the snake girl, Yu Chang, wanted to refine her into medicine. It was a joke to say that she could return to her human form, so why would there be such a kind person?

“Yan Er, you must think of a way to persevere. I will definitely rush there to save you! Definitely! I swear I will definitely let you go through with it. If I violate this oath, I, Mo Xiaolang, will feel as if I have been struck by lightning and will never be able to reincarnate! “

In his eyes, blood and tears were mixed together.

He wanted to leave this mountain range, the area controlled by the Nine-tailed Sky Fox, like a madman. He would then ask others where the Thousand Gale Valley was!

He hadn’t been cultivating in that deep layer for long, which meant that he would definitely be able to reach the Thousand Gloom Valley, even though it wasn’t too far away!

The moment he thought of Su Yan’s delicate body being placed in the medicine cauldron by the other party and being simmered together with the medicine, boundless fury surged in his heart, as though her entire body was about to explode. Countless hot blood boiled in his chest, Rumble!

Wherever he went, a large part of the forest was frozen into ice sculptures by the black flames.

“wolf cub, I won’t die. I want to wait for you to come, I also want to get married like Big Brother Long Chen and Big Sister Ling Xi.”

Su Yan’s voice that was getting weaker and weaker came out from the star talisman.

Mo Xiaolang’s eyes were filled with blood and tears. He wiped away the blood and said: “Yan Er, I promise you, but don’t speak for now, so as to not attract her attention. What you need to do now is to live on.

“Alright, pinky swear.”

Su Yan’s voice actually carried a satisfied smile.

Right at this moment, in the endless valley below, a gigantic beast was sleeping. When Mo Xiaolang pa.s.sed by, the gigantic snow white beast transformed into a human form, and blocked Mo Xiaolang’s path.

It was a young man with a flirtatious appearance, looking extremely similar to a woman. Every move of his had the charm of a woman. The fox race was born with bewitching bones, and they didn’t even leave the man’s side.

The Fox Man in front of him was extremely well-dressed, the nine snow-white tails behind him revealed his ident.i.ty, he was one of the Nine Tailed Heavenly Foxes.

At this moment, he blocked Mo Xiaolang’s eyes, sized him up, and used a disdainful gaze to say: “So it’s actually a little fellow who followed Aunt Ruo Xi here, what are you planning to do? Skyfox Region is not a place where you can casually walk around.”

However, Mo Xiaolang knew that the majority of the men in the fox race were like this, but could not ignore their strength because of this. The young man in front of him was definitely the Nine Tailed Heavenly Fox that possessed the tribulation of reincarnation.

“I want to know where the Thousand Ghosts Valley is.”

Mo Xiaolang suppressed the overflowing anger in his heart and said gently.

Unexpectedly, the Fox Man said angrily: “Impudent, it’s me who is asking you a question, not you who is asking me! My Aunt Ruo Xi once instructed me not to let you wander around Skyfox Region. You have already crossed the border today, go back quickly, or else I won’t be polite anymore. “

Ruo Xi’s original intention was good. If Mo Xiaolang left randomly, not only would he enrage the Nine-tailed Sky Fox, he would also be killed accidentally. It was just that the man in front of him seemed to hold onto the feather as an arrow.

Mo Xiaolang was not angry at all, his life is on the line, he cannot act recklessly, and he said: “The woman I am travelling with was captured by a snake girl called Yu Chang to a place called Qian You Valley, I want to go and save her, if you can contact Ruo Xi, you can help me out, but when she finds out, she definitely won’t stop me.”

In order to save Su Yan as soon as possible, Mo Xiaolang had humbled himself.

He didn’t expect that after he finished speaking, the other party’s white fox tail would suddenly whip over, knocking Mo Xiaolang to the ground. The Fox Man stared at him with incomparable indifference, and said: “Is it that half demon? Don’t waste your efforts. I was the one who let her in, you think you can save his? You still want me to notify Aunt Ruo Xi? You are too naive, little thing. Do you think you can be counted as a spring onion in our Skyfox Region? “You are worse than dog s.h.i.+t.”

His condescending att.i.tude and scornful words caused a terrifying change to occur in Mo Xiaolang’s heart.

In his mind, he unceasingly imagined the scene of Su Yan painfully struggling within the medicinal cauldron, and then, he saw the cold expression and expression of the man. The two images merged together, forming an incomparably huge impact, causing Mo Xiaolang’s head to rumble as if it was about to explode.

“Let me tell you, in ten breaths, disappear before my eyes and return to your place. There will be no other examples.”

Fox Man said disdainfully as he flexed his nine snow-white fox tails.

At this time, Mo Xiaolang silently stood up. His berserk expression suddenly became incomparably quiet, and only one of his eyes seemed to have changed. Within it, a black aura was continuously being emitted.

Fox Man turned around and laughed: “What? You still want to fight me? “

“No, I’m going to kill you.” Mo Xiaolang stretched out his hand and grabbed his own neck; he was no longer able to control himself, and this sentence was practically blurted out from his mouth. Furthermore, when he said these words, he was actually smiling, as if he was saying something insignificant.


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