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Chapter 2379 – Slaughter Heavenly Diagram

In the vast Demon G.o.d Area, there were vast mountains everywhere. The domain of the demon race was much more vast than that of the human race, and also much more desolate.

The Demon G.o.d Area had a large number of mountains, with lush vegetation and lush greenery. The mountains stretched for tens of thousands of miles. In the past, the demons had all taken over the mountains, and each of them had their own territory.

But right now, the entire Demon G.o.d Area was enveloped by a red glow. It was unknown where the gathering demon army came from, but they rolled over the mountains, heading towards the Eastern Dragon G.o.d Domain in a majestic manner. It was as if the billions of people in the entire Demon Clan were all heading towards the Dragon G.o.d Domain!

What filled the skies and covered the earth were their roars, noises, and the sound of their footsteps. It simply could not be stopped. The entire demon clan was in an uproar, and their blood and Qi were flouris.h.i.+ng. They had completely turned into the world of wild beasts.

Below, there was a group of black iron bulls with blood-red eyes. They pa.s.sed by a dirty lake, splas.h.i.+ng large amounts of water. The water was also mixed with blood.

In the air above the lake, a young man suddenly appeared. This was a man dressed in an embroidered white robe and dressed in an extremely meticulous manner. His appearance wasn’t that cold, but rather that he was extremely pleasing to the eye.

He was an anomaly among the demons.

This was because he seemed to be the only one who was still conscious. He was not controlled by the archaic Giant Demon race.

Looking at the east, the young man chuckled and said, “This is really a big commotion. Never had this grandson been so busy and depressed. A peerless hero is about to be born! Haha!” This is really an unprecedented opportunity to become famous. “

Under such circ.u.mstances, only he himself could smile so happily.

He crossed the lake and continued to head east.

“However, no matter how powerful he is, I will still have to take action this time. I am the true savior of the world. Haha, just thinking about the fact that I want to save the common people makes me a little excited!”

“I’ll tell the boss about it this time. It was a big surprise to you.”

All along the way, he kept mumbling to himself.

In the far east, Long Chen was still within the’s Divine Kingdom and had been entangled with the two Demon Masters for a few days already. Because the two of them had no desire to fight, they had been fleeing, so there was no great danger.

With Five Dragon Cities being so large, it could cause several hundred thousand Dragon Fighter to simultaneously turn into dragons. As long as they didn’t transform into dragons and were squeezed in, even without using the Divine Kingdom, they could be squeezed in by a hundred million.

Now, according to the news from the Slaughter Dragon City, they were almost done. The fifteen Dragon Emperor s first brought everyone into the G.o.d’s Ancient City of their respective territories, then brought the G.o.d’s City to the Five Dragon Cities, protected by strong experts and even left the Emperor Blood Dragon Emperor himself. They fought for every second, thus their speed was very fast.

They had moved everyone into the Dragon Slayer City before the demon clan army had even made it to the Dragon Slayer City.

In addition, out of the other four Dragon Cities, the Life Dragon City was the safest to the east, so they were naturally the fastest to prepare for it. Destiny Dragon City and the Everlasting Dragon City were about the same, in the end, the Swallowing Dragon City faced a huge pressure, but with the help of one of the Life Dragon City s, they finished their preparations.

Up until now, the human race had suffered a temporary loss of around ten million people, and the demon race was even more numerous.

But thankfully the fifteen Dragon Emperor s had chosen the way things were now. Otherwise, if they allowed so many Spirit Demon beings to rush in, there would at least be a hundred million deaths. At least until now, the fifteen Dragon Emperor s had saved them.

Next, he had to defend the Five Dragon Cities with his life!

Every time they headed towards a city, there would actually be no one inside. After a round of destruction, they would continue to rush forward aimlessly, scattering throughout the entire Dragon G.o.d Domain.

However, they were still unable to find the person in the end.

There were very few who were able to head in the direction of the Dragon City. After all, they were in a state of spontaneous attack, and no one was leading them.

The danger of slaughtering a Dragon City should be second only to devouring a Dragon City.

This was because the Monster race was located in the northern part of the starry sky. It was the easiest for them to travel from the northern part of the starry sky.

Without the restrictions of the Heavenly Flame Abyss, they would be able to pa.s.s through a large number at one go.

After having chased for four full days and seeing that it had no effect, the Demon Lords Jiuhuang and Tiangou actually stopped their attacks first.

“You two cowards don’t even have the courage to fight, what kind of Dragon Emperor are you calling them?!”

Yes, the two of us will go first. We will go and call the other great demon lords and the Ocean Emperor over to go to your Dragon Slayer City and see how you guys are going to flee then. If you run, then I will destroy the Dragon Slayer City that you have lived in for thousands of years.

The two Demon Lords looked at each other and laughed.

The rainbow-colored divine bird and the overflowing shadow of the Tengu instantly disappeared. In the blink of an eye, they were no longer visible. Only now did the two Dragon Emperor s and the millions of humans in their Divine Kingdom heave a sigh of relief.

“Return to Slaughter Dragon City at full speed!”

They did not know how terrifying Nine Phoenix and the rest would be the next time they came, nor did they know where the future of Slaughter Dragon City would be, nor did they know the fate of everyone present. They only had one way, and that was to defend with their lives!

“Don’t worry everyone, as long as the three of us Dragon Emperor are still alive, the Dragon Slayer City will not be destroyed. Everyone, don’t forget, we Ultimate Dragon s have two lives!”

The Ten Thousand Killing Dragon Emperor comforted everyone.

They brought a group of people and quickly returned to the Slaughter Dragon City. With their speed, they quickly reached the city, and by now, all the people from the northern region had entered the city, waiting for the return of the two Dragon Emperor s.

This wasn’t just a return, this was the beginning of the final guardian.

After experiencing this battle, everyone had thought it through. This was their only mission, no matter what the reason for this riot was. As members of the human race, they had to protect their own lives, protect the weak lives of their people, and fight for the survival of their race.

“Even if I die, I will no longer be afraid, because there are so many people accompanying me.”

This was what Long Chen heard from their words.

As they moved forward at high speed, they were originally rather close to the Dragon Slayer City. In less than a day, the two Dragon Emperor s had already pa.s.sed through the sea of blood and arrived above the Dragon Slayer City.

The Slaughter Dragon City was different.

What Long Chen saw was that the entire Dragon Slaying City was densely packed with people. They sat on the ground, on the roofs, and with a single glance, he could tell that there were at least a hundred million people there.

In actuality, the Dragon Slayer City at this time had a total of around five hundred million people.

As for the elderly, women and children of the human race, they should still be in the strong’s Divine Kingdom. The younger portions of them are the younger parts of the human race’s future, so they definitely cannot partic.i.p.ate in the war.

Once the slaughter of the Dragon City was over, the elders of the Nine Palace Calamity could bring them to safety. Since everything was prepared, they could only wait for the two Dragon Emperor s to return.

When the two Dragon Emperor s and the millions of elite warriors returned to the sky above the Dragon Slayer City, the hundreds of millions of people started to clamor.

“First Dragon Emperor!”

“Second Dragon Emperor!”

They stood up excitedly as if they had seen hope. Their eyes were filled with reverence.

“Everyone, I believe what should be said has already been made clear to you, we have no way out, we can only fight on our backs, our fate, the future of our human race is now in your hands, we have encountered too many powerful enemies, their numbers are too great, this will be a heavy blow to our human race, but I believe, as long as we work hard, as long as we have the courage, we will definitely be able to overcome this obstacle, and let our Divine Dragon bloodline continue on for countless of years!”

The Dragon Emperor’s voice was hoa.r.s.e, but he was full of power. What he feared the most was not being weak, but that everyone lacked courage.

“From today onwards, we will defend Dragon City to the death, fight for survival, fight for the continuation of our bloodline, fight for the inheritance of our human race that spanned ten million years, fight for countless of our ancestors, fight for the generations to come! Everyone has an important mission, and we are not afraid of death, we are afraid of useless death! “

The cheers of over a hundred million people, what was that like?

Amongst the hundreds of millions of people in the northern territories, the strongest hundred million were all gathered here. They were all at least as powerful as the Nirvana Tribulation Realm and could go through tribulation anytime and anywhere.

However, their tribulation was insignificant compared to this one.

“Now that everyone has returned, let’s find a spot. We need to use the power of the previous generation and begin setting up the ‘Slaughter Heavenly Diagram’. This is our only hope! “

The two Dragon Emperor brought millions of elite troops and blended into the crowd. Millions of teams went to search for their families and friends, but the Dragon Slayer City was already so full that even b.l.o.o.d.y Blaze did not have his own s.p.a.ce. He could only stand together with everyone.

Long Chen was also in the crowd, but he followed the two Dragon Emperor s.

“Killing Diagram? What was this thing? Did it need over a hundred million people to support it? Is there such a magical thing? “

Dragon Emperor turned his head and said: “Don’t you know about the Celestial Slaughter Art? There was also the Eternal Heaven Diagram, the Heaven Diagram of Destiny, the Heaven Devouring Diagram, and the Heaven Diagram of Life. Oh right, you haven’t been in the Dragon G.o.d Domain for very long, so it’s normal for you to not have heard of this legendary item. “

After pausing for a moment, the Dragon Emperor explained: “The Slaughter Heavenly Diagram, as long as it is not a part of the city, everyone can contribute their power to it. When the formation was set up, everyone would be connected to the Slaughter Dragon City, and the three of us, the same as the Slaughter Heavenly Diagram, would be able to protect the entire city.” After a short pause, the Dragon Emperor explained: “The Slaughter Heavenly Diagram, as well as the others, would be able to protect the entire city.”


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