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Chapter 2418 – Seven Stars Ancient G.o.d

Even Long Chen himself never imagined that his Seven Stars Tribulation would occur after he awakened the Nine Phoenix City and swallowed the fragments of the Primordial Giant Demon.

Now was the time to need him. Although the Sky Street’s power was terrifying at the time of the tribulation, without Long Chen, the battle could only continue in a deadlock.

And only Long Chen was able to wake up one peak ranker after another.

Furthermore, the Seven Stars Tribulation was an important tribulation, and it was nothing much to the peak experts present. However, Long Chen’s tribulation had always been terrifying, and the last six tribulations were about the same as his Nine Palace Calamity.

Of course, there were also benefits.

If Long Chen was able to overcome this calamity and no accidents happened, his strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds. At that time, with his abilities, he would definitely be able to produce a terrifying effect, and might even cause the entire battle to win!

Therefore, Yang You said: “Before Long Chen’s tribulation is completed, we will use all our power to protect him and not give him any chance!”

“Yes sir!”

Everyone knew the importance of Long Chen’s tribulation this time.

So they were all ready.

Right now, the only danger was on the side of the Celestial Slaughter Art. The Tyrant Divine Emperor and Tengu viewed this place as their only hope, and thus used all their might to attack, while the human elites placed all their hopes on Long Chen!

Every battle was destined to be a contest of willpower.

Whoever could last until the end would be the victor.

Looking at the situation now, they believed that the hundreds of millions of elites in the human race could restrain Divine Emperor and Tengu. All they had to do was hold them back.

The reason why Jiuhuang did not make a move was partly because he wanted to protect Long Chen, but also because he was worried about the return of the severely injured Evil Spirit Beast from before. He would definitely return, but the question was when.

When everyone was ready, Long Chen had already prepared.

“Boss, I’ll head back to the Slaughter Heavenly Diagram first.”

The kitten couldn’t help, so he went straight back.

Crossing tribulation with only Long Chen and Ling Xi was one person, so Ling Xi was unable to help. Everything depended on Long Chen.

“Brother Chen, everyone is waiting for your victory. Me too, I believe that the miracle you did so, can definitely be done this time!”

No matter what, Ling Xi would always give him a hundred support.

“I don’t know what will happen, but you can rest a.s.sured.”

Long Chen could roughly feel a terrifying pressure coming from the depths of the starry sky. This calamity was even more terrifying than his last six tribulations, if he could pa.s.s through it, he would definitely be able to suppress the strong experts of Dragon Emperor level, and might even become the third in the world.

Only second to Spirit King and Yang You!

If there was an enormous leap forward, then this tribulation would prove to be extremely difficult, even starting from the Seven Star Tribulation. His Eight Trigrams Calamity and Nine Palace Calamity, were most likely something that came from the premise of rus.h.i.+ng to kill him!

Just when his world was at its quietest, he had arrived!

Long Chen was currently in this starry sky, but under the gaze of everyone, he suddenly disappeared from his original location, leaving behind a lump of b.l.o.o.d.y mist. That could be considered a type of location.

If he failed, he would never come back.

This ball of blood fog could not be destroyed by other people. If someone else moved, that person would very likely die from the backlash from the heavenly tribulation. However, Long Chen did not care if he survived the Seven Stars Calamity or not, he would never be able to come back.

Now that the Great Demon Lord, the Sovereign of the Seas and the Holy Witch were under the control of the Ancient Giant Demons, it was inevitable that someone would throw away their life just for the sake of killing Long Chen.

When Long Chen left, the battle became even more intense.

The human race members used their pa.s.sion and perseverance to launch an unprecedented counterattack. They wanted to at least hold on while Long Chen disappears and wait for his return!

Regardless of whether they were strong or weak, all of them were partic.i.p.ating in the battle at this time. They all shared the same conviction and expectation!

Long Chen himself never thought that the situation would evolve to this extent. He had already become everyone’s last hope.

If he didn’t return alive, then all of his dreams and goals would be destroyed! Because of him, the human race would also eventually fall into a situation where they would never be able to return!

Thus, he could only live on!

Regardless of what tribulations there were, there was only one thing in his heart, and that was to kill!

He had never had a good impression of Eighteen Major Tribulations. Although their existence gave people power, it also created countless deaths. In the entire history of the Immortal G.o.d Realm, at least half of the people died from Eighteen Major Tribulations!

Everyone wanted to become a G.o.d, but no one had ever succeeded.

Long Qinglan also wanted to become a G.o.d, but in the end, he failed. Long Chen was his hope!

He didn’t know how far away this place was from the Dragon Sacrifice Continent. He couldn’t even see any continents around him, and only saw stars the size of ten of chaotic star field’s planets. However, these stars were completely empty.

After arriving here, Long Chen finally realized just how enormous this entire world was.

In the past, he had thought that the Dragon Sacrifice Continent was the entire world. But now, he realized that he was wrong.

At least in this place, he couldn’t see the Dragon Sacrifice Continent.

He suddenly remembered that when he had entered the War G.o.d’s War G.o.d’s Tomb, he had moved from that mural to a place like this one. However, at that time, a strange beast that was as large as a continent appeared, and the reason why he could see its true appearance was because Long Chen was actually very far away from this beast. It was as if he had lowered his head to look at Dragon Sacrifice Continent when he was almost at the Immortal G.o.d Realm.

Of course, there were no giant beasts here, only countless empty planets!

But Long Chen knew that the Seven Stars Tribulation was about to descend!

The terrifying pressure that came from the G.o.ds was even more terrifying than the Ancient Giant Demons. Of course, Long Chen had not truly met the Ancient Giant Demons, but he was sure that this was the power of G.o.ds!

The Seven Star Tribulation came from the ancient seven star ancient G.o.d!

Who exactly is this Seven Stars Ancient G.o.d? No one knew that they would never appear. Only when a warrior reached the six tribulation of reincarnation and was about to cross over to the Seven Star tribulation of reincarnation, they would appear!

Everyone would suddenly come to a vast starry sky and see them without any emotions. These were the seven true G.o.ds that possessed G.o.d-like strength, but they seemed to have no mind, no thoughts, and only the desire to kill. In reality, compared to the Demon Lords who were currently fighting, this Seven Stars Ancient G.o.d was more like a puppet.

A puppet on a mission.

So, people believed that they were not true deities. They were only a part of the laws of the world. They weren’t even living beings, and were only rules. Just like the Purgatory Flame Star Beast and the Giant Thunder Beast of the Ninth Heaven in the Nirvana Tribulation.

Now, when Long Chen raised his head, he could see that in this boundless starry sky, there were actually seven stars that were incomparably bright.

This was the ancient seven star ancient G.o.d!

Their light grew more and more intense, and also more and more intense. The direction they were heading in, was obviously towards Long Chen!

Until the very end, when even Long Chen was unable to open his eyes, as his entire body was drowned in this incomparably scorching light. Only at this moment, did he truly realize that this calamity might actually be able to kill him.

In actuality, regardless of whether they were Ultimate Dragon s or not, if anything in the world were to be destroyed by the Eighteen Major Tribulations, it would be impossible for them to be reborn.

The Eighteen Major Tribulations was above all else.

What Long Chen was facing now was the third to last tribulation!

In his heart, he was deeply shocked. The might and pressure these seven divine beings gave him was simply too terrifying. The tribulations of the other seven stars ancient G.o.ds would definitely not be as terrifying as his own.

When he felt that the surrounding light rays had dimmed a bit, but the pressure was even more terrifying, making him want to kneel down, he opened his eyes.

He looked around, only to see that there were seven Divine Spirits, surrounding him, each of them were about tens of thousands of metres away from Long Chen, each of them were more than a kilometer tall, their bodies were glowing with a strong star light!

This is a G.o.d!

Long Chen looked carefully, and saw that every single G.o.d had a different appearance, but they were all extremely handsome or beautiful. Their skin looked like the purest of jade, without any impurities, like Yang You’s dragon’s purity. Whether it was the headdress, attire or boots, they were all extremely luxurious and complicated. Faintly revealing a vast power, like a small pendant, giving Long Chen the feeling that even the Limitless Dao Artifact could not compare to them.

Seven Star Ancient G.o.ds, approximately four men and three women. The men were all valiant and the women were devastatingly beautiful. Every minute detail was considered perfect!

Their gla.s.s-like eyes were currently staring at Long Chen, and as expected, they were not affected at all. But what was terrifying was that their eyes made Long Chen feel his scalp go numb, and his spine turn cold.

Every single one of them possessed immense power, and they felt that they could easily kill any single Dragon Emperor, or even just think of a way out. However, with how powerful they were, it was clear that when they were attacking him, they would not use their full power. Otherwise, any one of them could tear Long Chen apart!

Without any warning or warning, the Seven Star Tribulation began.

With a casual flick of their hands, streams of starlight that were like swords flashed across thousands of kilometers in the blink of an eye, arriving in front of Long Chen in the blink of an eye, bringing about an almost fatal crisis to him!

Battle, begin!

To Long Chen, this was a battle!


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