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Dragon-Blooded War God is a web novel completed by Feng Qing Yang, 风青阳.
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Chapter 2492 – Risks

After some preparation, the first huge adventure began.

Long Chen had now moved to Zheng Zilong’s Divine Kingdom. It was just like his personality, like the environment of the devil planet, a black barren land.

Desolation, desolation.

Zheng Zilong brought Long Chen back to the G.o.d Burying Mountain and started moving deeper inside. At this point, everyone held their breath. Of course, the most dangerous one was still Long Chen. This time, he was really going to do it under the eyes of the Ancient Giant Demon, and he even wanted to take down a Demon Lord without anyone knowing.

If it were any other place, this adventure would have been nothing at all.

However, this was near the place where the ancient Giant Demons were sealed. If one was even the slightest bit careless, they might be surrounded by all of the demons and even wake up the ancient Giant Demons, causing them to lose their lives.

One failure, eternal regret.

However, he had a lot of confidence this time, so Long Chen had a lot of courage to face it.

“When I see him again, I will think of a way to trick him out of it. He will take good care of me, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. However, you still need to move more quickly. “

“Got it.”

Long Chen closed his eyes and rested his mind, the G.o.d Slaying Sword remained in his hand.

“Let’s just say that I found something strange in my territory. It was supposed to be a sword, but I couldn’t hold it. He should believe me. After all, in the world of demons, everyone is influenced by the ancient Giant Demons. There is no such thing as deceiving each other. “

Zheng Zilong said in a deep voice.

He was much more stable than w.a.n.g Ming, and Long Chen trusted him a lot.

With Zheng Zilong here, he would soon reach his destination after teleporting into the G.o.d Burying Mountain. As long as he failed by even a tiny bit, the price he had to pay was unimaginable. Long Chen had already thought it through, no matter what price he had to pay, he had to try, otherwise, after these four months pa.s.sed, he would not have the chance to try again!

Thinking about the people in the Immortal G.o.d Realm who still looked forward to his success, Long Chen was filled with confidence and conviction! Those were the wishes and wills of countless people. They were all concentrated on him now.

The mountain was covered with demonic figures and was filled with cold wind. A group of devils pa.s.sed by Zheng Zilong. They were very free to do anything they wanted, but they were very respectful when facing a little devil lord like Zheng Zilong and didn’t dare to move forward.

The deeper they went, the denser the demon fog became. Because of the Ancient Giant Demons’ presence, anyone here would feel fear in their heart. If they listened carefully, they would even hear the terrifying breathing of the giant beast and its heartbeat …

Every beat was like a deafening explosion.

At this point, Zheng Zilong was also a bit nervous. He was no longer under the control of the Ancient Giant Demons, so he was unable to resist the terrifying fear that came from the Ancient Giant Demons. The deeper he went, the more anxious he became.

“Calm down.”

Long Chen reminded him.

Zheng Zilong’s back was cold and he was covered in cold sweat. He raised his head and looked at the dense demonic energy. He took a deep breath and said, “Okay.”

After adjusting his position, he continued to delve deeper.

They quickly arrived at their destination. But, to Zheng Zilong, after losing the will of the ancient Giant Demons, being able to approach them alone was truly a terrifying matter.

“Can you do it?”

Long Chen could not help but ask.


Zheng Zilong stabilized his emotions for a moment and said: “There are already quite a few little devil lords around. I know Lin Mo’s location, it’s not far ahead. We’ll head over right now.”

The place they were at now, was much deeper than the place Long Chen had entered alone last time. They had to continue going deeper to find the Great Demon Lord Lin Mo now. Fortunately, the surroundings were very wide. Basically, all the Demon Masters of large and small sizes were cultivating, so they didn’t encounter any Demon Masters along the way.

The Little Devil Lord met a few and looked at each other. Then, they scattered and didn’t find any trouble with Zheng Zilong.

“They entered the Demon Lord’s territory.”

Zheng Zilong reminded him.

Not long after he left, a shadow appeared in the black fog ahead. It was hard to see its appearance clearly, only a pair of blood-colored eyes could be seen very clearly in the darkness. The shadow said in a high-pitched voice, “Little Devil Lord, why did you break in here?”

Zheng Zilong immediately replied, “Reporting to the Great Demon Lord, I have something that I need to ask Great Demon Lord, Lin Mo. I am the Little Demon Lord under his command!”

Although he answered calmly, it was obvious that Zheng Zilong was bearing an unimaginable pressure. What they didn’t expect the most was that when he was no longer affected by the ancient Giant Demon’s will, it would be difficult for him to withstand the Giant Demon’s pressure with his own willpower.

That was an existence comparable to a real G.o.d!

“Lin Mo? “Go ahead.”

That black shadow was a Demon Lord, and it just happened to pa.s.s by. Fortunately, he didn’t make things difficult for Zheng Zilong. She probably had a good relations.h.i.+p with Lin Mo as well.

“Thank you, Great Devil Lord.”

Zheng Zilong let out a breath of relief. At this time, the black figure had already disappeared. Zheng Zilong continued to delve deeper and finally found Lin Mo in a quiet and pitch-black valley.

Long Chen was ready.

Opening his eyes, he saw a white-haired old man, the most eye-catching feature of his body was naturally his blood-red eyes, which were extremely sharp. He had a thin eagle nose and thin lips, and a high nose bridge, which exuded a strong, malevolent, and b.l.o.o.d.y aura. He was dressed in an ancient black robe, and his skinny body seemed to possess terrifying strength. His entire being was like an eagle, and even though he was old, his killing intent was extremely powerful.

“Zi Long, what’s the matter?”

Lin Mo’s b.l.o.o.d.y eyes turned, staring at his big subordinate.

Zheng Zilong hurriedly knelt in front of Lin Mo and said: “Senior, I found a mysterious sword in my territory that I couldn’t take away. Senior took care of me the most, so I came here to tell senior.”


Lin Mo’s bloodshot eyes were surging like a sea of blood. Streaks of blood lines appeared on his eyes, twisting around his face like snakes, making him look even more sinister. After hearing this news, his heart was very calm.

“It seems like this old fellow isn’t easy to deal with.”

Long Chen had been brewing the Karma Emperor Sword at every moment.

If he could, he definitely wouldn’t choose to fight here, because this place was too close to the place where the Ancient Giant Demons resided. If he were to go past this place and go past a few tall mountains, then that would be the Ancient Giant Demons’ Abyss.

If anything happened here, even the tiniest bit of it could be heard or detected by the core of the mountain. It was very likely that the ancient Giant Demons would be alerted when the time came.

However, looking at the situation now, Zheng Zilong might have failed, this was Long Chen’s intuition. Although he had persisted till now and still believed in him, there were some things that surpa.s.sed his current strength, such as the pressure to fight the Ancient Giant Demons.

Since it was an adventure, then there must be danger. It may seem early in the morning, but Long Chen was already prepared for it!

At this time, Lin Mo nodded his head, his eyes still bloodshot as he said: “Alright, I will go with you, lead the way.”

Zheng Zilong thought to himself, the mission is finally complete. He stood up in excitement and said, “Senior, please come with me.”

As he spoke, he turned his body and walked in front. He noticed that Lin Mo had also followed behind and did not seem to suspect him at all.

However, at this time, Long Chen’s heart was the most tense!

Right at this moment, Lin Mo’s eyes surged with a crimson color. He suddenly increased his speed, and in an instant, he arrived behind Zheng Zilong. He extended both of his hands, and with a ripping sound, broke Zheng Zilong’s arms!

“Zi Long, the smell on your body is a bit strange today.”

Lin Mo licked his tongue, and said coldly behind him.

Even though he was in pain, he did not make a sound. He knew that at this time, he naturally knew that today’s plan had failed, and that Lin Mo was much more sensitive than he had imagined.

What did failure mean?

Before Zheng Zilong could think further, before he even had the chance to mourn, Long Chen rushed out from his Divine Kingdom at this moment.

He acted decisively, seizing the opportunity and not hesitating at all.

The Karma Emperor Sword came out, engulfing the heaven and earth. With a swing of her sword, she brought Zheng Zilong and Lin Mo into the Karma King Realm. This time, because Lin Mo had placed all his attention on Zheng Zilong, Long Chen seized this opportunity and pulled Lin Mo into the Karma King Realm without any danger!

In this most dangerous moment, he had grasped very well, even if it was sooner or later, he might not be able to pull Lin Mo in so easily.

To strike at such a close proximity to an ancient Giant Demon, even a Karma Royal Sword would require courage!

And the one facing him was the great devil lord, not the little devil lord!

The Great Demonic Lord was also a pinnacle expert. He was an existence at the peak of the world, so none of them were that easy to deal with.

The Karma Emperor Sword swept out, golden and black Karma filled the air, trapping Lin Mo within this boundless world.

Zheng Zilong was startled, he never thought that Long Chen would actually dare to make a move here. In that crucial moment, he reacted, tore off both his arms, broke free from Lin Mo’s grasp, and escaped to the side!

“Who are you!” Lin Mo’s b.l.o.o.d.y red eyes instantly revealed endless killing intent!

In this Karma King Realm, everyone felt the same way. Lin Mo was a man who was too ferocious in the past, and in this judgement world, he was the one who suffered the most. It was as if there were ants crawling all over his body, and the power in his body was weakening rapidly.

This was the core of the mountain!

Long Chen felt that it was a waste of time to even say a single word. This time around, he had gathered all the power of the Sword Realm as one, the Karma King Sword and the Karma King Realm combining together. As he swung his sword, the Karma King Realm also shook and disappeared. The power of the sword was limitless, but Long Chen had shown mercy, if not, with Lin Mo’s previous crimes, this sword would be able to kill him!


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