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Chapter 2602 – Lunar G.o.d s.h.i.+p

He didn’t know how long he had been cheering at the top of his lungs.

Long Chen could only let go of the sword and spirit sword. Previously, when they were fighting, with the support of so many living beings, he was able to barely unleash the two Creation G.o.d Equipment that were above Genesis. But now, the battle had ended, and even if his power was still surging, he was already tired in his heart.

The Lingxiang’s twin swords floated around him, and two Rainbow b.u.t.terflies flew out, staring at each other. Ling Xi’s little b.u.t.terfly was still completely confused, and did not know what had happened, but it had already become Ling Xi’s Destiny’s Heroic Spirit.

This victory was truly unbelievable. It was terrifying!

Even now, there were still a lot of people who were in a state of disbelief.

“Big brother!”

At this time, Long Chen heard Mo Xiaolang’s voice. He turned around and saw Su Yan and him walking over from the starry sky. Mo Xiaolang held Su Yan’s hand tightly, as if he was afraid that he would lose her again.

Finally, they were reunited.

“d.a.m.n, doesn’t that mean I’m left alone?” The kitten was stunned for a moment in the Divine Kingdom.

Long Chen swept up two flames of life, igniting them within his body. Although it was not possible for them to recover completely in an instant, the significance of the fire of life was in their health and he believed that it would not be long before they could recover to their perfect condition.

Long Chen could tell that her body had been transformed by the devils, and he had already become one of the Immemorial Giant Demons, but it was different. He had heard Mo Xiaolang talk about him devouring the stone tablet before, and he had also seen a stone tablet in the body of the soul-controlling demon. It was obvious that this stone tablet was the greatest secret of the Immemorial Giant Demon.

This was all given to her by the Demon Lord out of carelessness. Of course, as long as she continued forward carefully, without needing to consume it, she would be able to recover back to her peak state as a Demon King in the future.

Long Chen was genuinely happy for Su Yan.

Like this, in the future, Mo Xiaolang would not have to worry too much about her.

This wasn’t luck. She had painstakingly acquired it, but during this period of time when she was under the control of the neo-demons, who knew how much suffering she had suffered, or how much struggle she had to put up in her heart!

Therefore, all of this was what she deserved.

Long Chen couldn’t help but smile at them.

Everything seemed to be over, and now they had to return to their hometown, the Dragon Sacrifice Continent. The people there probably thought that Long Chen and Mo Xiaolang had transformed into the Ancient Giant Demons!

However, there were still a few matters that had yet to be resolved in the Ling Ji Ji Xing.

“Big Brother Long Chen!” Su Yan’s eyes were filled with tears. She had always treated Long Chen as her own brother.

“It’s over. From now on, we will stand together and not let anyone bully any of us.” Long Chen also had many apologies to her, which could be considered as him bringing this girl to the Immortal G.o.d Realm.

Fortunately, everything was beautiful.


Su Yan nodded heavily.

He and Mo Xiaolang had personally seen Long Chen defeat the Ji Yuan Sky Demon on the battlefield. Of course, their collaboration in this battle with the devils was also very exciting. Under the situation of Su Yan being suppressed, they had revealed a rare wisdom, which was the key to victory.

Nuwa underestimated Su Yan too much. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have died.

“We still have to think of a way to go back. After all, the Heavenly Demon Genesis has entered the Deadth Realm, and the G.o.ds.h.i.+p is no longer here.” Ling Xi said from within the Divine Kingdom.

Long Chen told everyone to come out from the Divine Kingdom, so it was rare for the five of them to meet again.

In the past, they had gone to the Immortal G.o.d Realm, and that had been five people.

Right now, there were five people as well.

What was rare was that even though the five of them experienced many great tribulations, they were all fine and unharmed. Moreover, they climbed to the peak and became FiendG.o.ds. All of these experiences still made people sigh in envy.


But when Ling Xi appeared, the fifteen divine G.o.ds who had just recovered a little and were heading towards Long Chen were instantly stunned.

All of them looked at Ling Xi with dumbstruck expressions.

This was the first time he had seen Ling Xi. He shook his head and said: “I’m not from the Sphinx, but my appearance and temperament are quite similar. But she was young. However, all the power that is related to the Sphinx on Long Chen’s body comes from her.

Su Jian had already suspected before, Long Chen did not seem to be someone who possessed the power of the spirit essence, why did he suddenly have it? Indeed, there was a s.h.i.+eld behind him.

The fifteen divine G.o.ds came out from their shock and stood before the five of them. With the Holy Lord at their head, they bowed deeply and said, “The five of us represent all the living beings in the Lingsu Star Sea and deeply thank the five of you. You have helped us to survive through such a great tribulation and save all of you. If any of you have any orders or requests, feel free to tell us! “

Long Chen shook his head, and said: “Everyone, what I have done, is not only for the Lingsu Star Sea, but also for my world. At the same time, the Ancient Giant Demons came to this world because of me, and they caused a certain amount of loss to the Lingsu Star Sea. But I don’t think any of you would care about these things. From now on, I would prefer if we could be friends and advance or retreat together. “

The Holy Lord couldn’t help but laugh, “There’s no problem at all. Two talented youngsters, their accomplishments in the future are limitless. We can’t even curry favor with them.”

“It’s the three young geniuses.” The kitten added.

“Right. Right. The three of you.” Everyone began to laugh. The solemn atmosphere had finally relaxed.

Su Jian spoke up at this moment, he had been observing Ling Xi the entire time, and said: “Strange, you have the blood of the Sphinx in you, it is extremely dense, but it is split into two parts, and it has not fused with you for the time being. Logically speaking, you should be a person who received the inheritance of the Sphinx, the Sphinx. You brought your spirit sword and left the Lingsu Star Sea.

These things had to be resolved.

Long Chen explained: “In the Dragon Sacrifice Continent, there is a Spirit Race, with a total of about 2 billion people, they are from your Lingsu Star Sea.”

Then, he explained the two spirits, the Pure Maiden and the Psionic Imperial, and how Ling Xi had obtained the inheritance of the Pure Maiden and the Psionic Imperial Lord.

“A virgin? Spiritual Saint? “He is not the G.o.d of our Lingsu Star Sea. We used to only have one Divine Emperor,” the Sacred Monarch muttered.

Everyone was puzzled.

“It was very simple. The Sphinx was split into two, but no one knew what happened next, so it disappeared. left behind the Spirit Race in the Dragon Sacrifice Continent. ” The kitten said.

What he said was exactly what the crowd had guessed.

Long Chen said: “It might be so. As for how we obtained the Spirit Sword, that will have to start from the moment Ling Xi and I met. “

Of course, he did not go into details, but simply gave a brief explanation.

“The spirit essence of your Sword Soul Imperial Palace is very likely to be related to the Sphinx. This lady must be a disciple personally chosen by the Sphinx. She still hadn’t gotten everything that the real Sphinx had left behind. But he has even more legacies. If he disappeared from the Dragon Sacrifice Continent, then he must still be in the Dragon Sacrifice Continent … I have to go to the Dragon Sacrifice Continent to find everything he has left behind. ” Su Jian suddenly said.

The Lingin G.o.ds was stunned for a moment. The Holy Lord said, “Lord Su Jian, didn’t you want to stay in the Lingsu Star Sea to protect us?”

Su Jian said, “Don’t worry, no one should know about my appearance this time. After all, Lingsu Star Sea is a remote place. Moreover, I no longer have the power of a ‘Hun Yuan Ranked’. Furthermore, my Spirit Sword was severely injured, I must go there and find the reason. “

Lingsu Star Sea had not encountered any problems in the past tens of thousands of years, so this time, it could be considered rather rare.

Long Chen had thought that Su Jian would stay after the battle.

He did not expect it to follow him.

The good thing was that he could still unleash even more power. The bad thing was, without the support of the Lingsu Star Sea, he could only use both swords once or twice. He definitely could not be as strong as he was now, when he had defeated the Heavenly Demon.

Of course, if he could wait until he became a Divine Spirit and had the Infinite Divine Art, then it would definitely be much better.

Since that was the case, Lingin G.o.ds could only agree.

However, Long Chen knew that the most important thing had yet to be resolved, and in fact, this was the crucial point. Therefore, he fearfully asked, “Everyone, we do not have any Creation G.o.d Equipment that can travel between planets.

There was a small category of Creation Divine Artifacts, which were specifically used to travel through the starry sky. They were extremely fast, had a stable structure, and contained the power of laws; they could travel through the starry sky.

Although the Primal G.o.ds.h.i.+p had declined to its limit, its speed was still very fast.

Hearing this question, the Lingin G.o.ds looked at each other, and they quickly came to a decision. The Holy Lord said, “To tell you the truth, our Lingsu Star Sea does indeed have a Creation G.o.d Equipment that can allow everyone to return to the Dragon Sacrificial World. As for borrowing it, I don’t think so. It’s not something that’s too precious, so I’ll just give it to you. “

Long Chen was pleasantly surprised.

The issue of returning had finally been resolved!

Roughly fifteen minutes later, the G.o.d Creation Art appeared in front of Long Chen.

The third stage was the same as Mo Xiaolang’s Fire G.o.d’s Gourd, but it was not used for combat, but for interstellar travel.

The third stage, would normally require the power of a Divine Monarch to activate. Long Chen had barely reached this stage.

“This Creation G.o.d Equipment is called the ‘Wind Moon G.o.ds.h.i.+p’. It was left behind by the Sphinx and has not been used for tens of thousands of years. I doubt we will ever use it again, so I will give it to you.”

The Holy Lord was very generous.


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