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Chapter 270 – fairyland G.o.dly guard

Yin Mengyao could see Long Chen, but she could not see Yin Mengyao at all. After defeating Azure Dragon Ancestor and killing him, the most important thing to do now was the matter of the fairyland G.o.dly guard.

The departure of the Lingwu Family represented the decline of a super power that had dominated the Source Spirit City for many years. But Long Chen was the rising star of the Source Spirit City. Of course, Long Chen would not stay in the Source Spirit City, this place was already not enough for him to grow.

Biyang Royal City should be such a place. The surrounding countries were around the same size as the Canyang Kingdom, and were far from the same size as the Ten Great Saints. However, the current Long Chen, was an unreachable existence, and around the Canyang Kingdom, there weren’t any more formidable Demon Beast Mountain Ranges. Only the Biyang Royal City and the Inverse Wonderland were the most suitable places for Long Chen to go to.

Even if he did not become a fairyland G.o.dly guard, Long Chen would still return to one. The fairyland G.o.dly guard only gave Long Chen a legal status.

At this time, Long Chen had defeated the Azure Dragon Ancestor, and the shock that it brought to everyone still did not go over. Everyone was looking at the young man with calm eyes, and they all sighed in admiration!

In the history of the Source Spirit City, there had never been someone who could reach Long Chen’s current level!

At this time, Primordial Emperor led the rest of the Beast Soul Hall to the side of the Ninth Prince. Their eyes were flickering as they looked at the Ninth Prince. They knew that the time for the Ninth Prince to make his decision had come. The most nervous of them all was Yan Danqing. In his opinion, fairyland G.o.dly guard had expended a lot of effort to obtain this, but now he actually wanted to give it to Long Chen. How could he be willing?

How could the meat that he had obtained be s.n.a.t.c.hed away just like that, and then given to Long Chen?

At this critical moment, Long Chen raised his head and looked at the Ninth Prince on the city gate tower. He opened his mouth, and said word by word: “Your Highness, I have already defeated Azure Dragon Ancestor.

Before the Ninth Prince could say anything, Yan Danqing was the first to panic as he said with a gloomy face: “Bulls.h.i.+t! The one who received the inheritance of the Burning Sky Secret Realm was me, who do you think you are? “

“Of course I’m not a big deal, but you are my defeated opponent, so who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to be a fairyland G.o.dly guard? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll embarra.s.s the citizens of Source Spirit City by going to the Biyang Royal City? Everyone, am I right? ” Long Chen said with a faint smile, then released his voice to ask everyone.

After defeating the Azure Dragon Ancestor, Long Chen had gained an unprecedented popularity, so when he said those words now, among the Source Spirit City, as long as there were spectators, most of them would cheer: “Right!”

“Make Long Chen a fairyland G.o.dly guard!”

Long Chen’s current strength far surpa.s.sed Yan Danqing’s. Even if he went to Biyang Royal City, he would be able to s.h.i.+ne even brighter, and as for Yan Danqing, there was a large possibility that he would embarra.s.s everyone there.

This earth-shattering roar caused Yan Danqing’s face to turn ashen, and his entire body to tremble. Even the Primordial Emperor beside him had an unsightly expression on his face.

“Prince, since the rules have been set, I hope that you won’t break them.” “According to the rules, the person who obtains the inheritance of the The Devil Emperor of the Burning Heaven is Dan Qing.” The Primordial Emperor said seriously to the Ninth Prince.

“Who said that only Yan Danqing obtained the inheritance?” Then, he turned around, looked at Long Chen with appreciation, and said in a clear voice: “Just now, Long Chen used the Nine Revolving Fire s.h.i.+eld, which was a famous offensive skill that belonged to the The Devil Emperor of the Burning Heaven. This also means that Long Chen also obtained the inheritance of the The Devil Emperor of the Burning Heaven, and Long Chen is stronger than Yan Danqing, so I have decided, the fairyland G.o.dly guard, is Long Chen!”

When the Ninth Prince said this, the people of Source Spirit City immediately cheered. Beast Soul Hall and Lingwu Family were the super powers of Source Spirit City, and they normally oppressed these civilians, but Long Chen was closer to them. Naturally, they supported Long Chen.

After finally becoming the fairyland G.o.dly guard, Long Chen heaved a sigh of relief. However, the news that the Ninth Prince had said that he had obtained the The Devil Emperor of the Burning Heaven’s inheritance had made him a little worried.

“Nonsense, Long Chen didn’t even get his hands on the Nine Revolving Fire s.h.i.+eld?” Yan Danqing said anxiously.

“Then where do you think his Nine Revolving Fire s.h.i.+eld came from?” the ninth prince retorted.

“You …” Yan Danqing originally wanted to say that it was you who gave it to him, but the matter of the Nine Revolving Fire s.h.i.+eld and the other things being in the hands of the Ninth Prince had already been settled.

“Yan Zhibai, it seems like you don’t want the City Lord’s Mansion’s location anymore, right?” He then smiled at Long Chen and said: “Come up, stand below, how are you acting?”

The Ninth Prince’s words caused Primordial Emperor to shut his mouth completely. He knew that since the Ninth Prince had even said those words, there was nothing left to discuss about the fairyland G.o.dly guard anymore. However, it was a good thing that he still had the position of City Lord’s Mansion. Only then did he feel slightly comforted in his heart.

Primordial Emperor had lived for so many years, he naturally knew when to lower his head.

However, Yan Danqing did not know that when he heard about the matter of the fairyland G.o.dly guard from his own ears, his breathing had become heavier and heavier, and his eyes were bloodshot. If not for Primordial Emperor stopping him, he would have lost his mind.

“Dan Qing, let’s go back.” After saying this, the Primordial Emperor cupped his hands towards the Ninth Prince and said: “Your Highness, since this matter is over, we will take our leave first.”

“Yes.” The ninth prince didn’t even look at him and nodded. In the Ninth Prince’s eyes, the value of a Primordial Emperor was not even a tenth of Long Chen’s.

Primordial Emperor’s expression was calm as he led the rest of the Beast Soul Hall to leave. When he turned around, his eyes flashed with hostility and killing intent. Today was the most aggrieved day of his life, and the one who caused it, was Long Chen.

It was only after they had walked down from the city gate tower that Yan Danqing and Primordial Emperor recovered from their anger. Primordial Emperor said with a tinge of emotion: “Danqing, this time it’s grandfather who’s useless.

“Grandfather, I’m fine.” Yan Danqing said in a bland voice. No one knew that under his calm demeanor, he was concealing such a divine rage.

At the very least, we have the authority of the Source Spirit City. From today onwards, our Beast Soul Hall will flourish, and at that time, you will be able to get more resources! Surpa.s.sing Long Chen is also not a dream! ” Primordial Emperor affirmed.

“I know, grandfather. I want to go and relax by myself to calm my mind. You can go back first.” Yan Danqing said.

He nodded and said: “Go, remember to come back early. From today onwards, I will personally guide you on the way, I have already prepared enough Tianhe Dan s to help you break through your Milky Way Realm!”


It was true that he wanted to find a place to calm down, so that he would have the mood to continue training. In fact, within the entire Source Spirit City, there weren’t many people who had seen Yan Danqing’s true appearance, so for a moment, no one recognized him.

Suddenly, Yan Danqing saw a beautiful figure within the crowd.

“Before I entered the Burning Sky Secret Realm, I had carefully looked up the information on Long Chen and Mo Xiaolang. Isn’t this woman their foster sister, the Yin Mengyao who belongs to the outer clans of the Lingwu Family?” Seeing that this girl was actually alone, the hatred in Yan Danqing’s heart started to roll once again, little by little.

“Grandfather gave my sons and mothers Jade Fire Crystal to me. Last time, Burning Sky Secret Realm did not use it, so this time, it should be. Long Chen, you’re being ruthless to me, so don’t blame me for being ruthless to you!”

After Beast Soul Hall left, the people of Morning Star Merchant Union all knew that it wasn’t proper for them to stay here. Then she took her leave. However, their emotions could not calm down for a long time. On the way home, tens of thousands of people were discussing about Long Chen’s achievements today, and the battle that happened outside Source Spirit City today, was sweeping across the entire Source Spirit City with a speed that could not be overheard, and then, through the mouths of merchants, it was spread to other places.

At this time, Long Chen was standing in front of the Ninth Prince with the little wolf.

It could be seen that not only was the Ninth Prince’s ident.i.ty and strength, even his brain and intelligence were extremely high. Long Chen admitted that he was no match for him, and his heart was filled with fear, but that did not mean that he was afraid.

“This Ninth Prince is able to make me a fairyland G.o.dly guard. He clearly values my potential. However, a place like the palace was a gathering place for conspiracy in this world. People who grew up in this kind of environment were more or less, and their thoughts were more or less difficult to figure out. “Luckily this ninth prince has no enmity towards me.” Long Chen thought in his heart.

“Long Chen, I want to ask you a question. Nine Revolving Fire s.h.i.+eld, where did you get it from?” The ninth prince went straight to the point. Seeing that no one was around, he immediately asked this question.

“I discovered this battle skill on the walls of the The Devil Emperor of the Burning Heaven’s mausoleum. It was in the sea of fire outside the mausoleum.” Long Chen pretended to hesitate before saying it again.

Regarding this, before Long Chen used the Nine Revolving Fire s.h.i.+eld, he had already thought about it. He insisted that it was like this, could the Ninth Prince still search his Cosmic Bag?

“So that’s how it is …” The ninth prince laughed, as if he believed his words. He sized Long Chen up from head to toe, and said: “All kinds of battles are not bad, and the talent to cultivate techniques are also not bad, and your weapons are not bad either. There are also Earth Rank pets, but their Zhen Qi realm is still a little low.

Long Chen secretly remembered, this was the Ninth Prince’s evaluation of him.

What I value is your potential, fairyland G.o.dly guard belongs to the entire Imperial Family, and belongs to my royal father. However, don’t you think that in the fairyland G.o.dly guard, there are a few of my trusted aides who can report some small news that would be a very wonderful thing to do? “” Yes, my lord. The ninth prince smiled faintly.


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