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Chapter 2759 – The Truth of the G.o.ds and Demons

Mysterious Dragon Jade.

Long Qinglan handed over the most important thing to him.

It could suppress other ancestral dragon-inherited blood.

Every kind of inherited blood essence of the Ancestral Dragon was the world’s most terrifying treasure, and Mysterious Dragon Jade was actually able to suppress them.

Moreover, the current Dragon Jade Dao Seal had saved her life many times.

The other Dao Seals were all formed by Long Chen after absorbing the Inherited Blood Essence. Only the black Dao Seal in the middle was formed by the Mysterious Dragon Jade.

But when mentioned the Mysterious Dragon Jade, Long Qinglan also shook his head with a bitter smile and said: “This is the last thing that the first Ancestral Dragon left behind, and that is also the moment we approach him. He told us that this is something that can fuse all the Ancestral Dragons together into one, the hope for the rebirth of ten thousand worlds. From what we heard, we guessed that he wanted us to let one person inherit all the inherited blood essence. “From what you see, at least for now, you’re right.”

So it was something left behind by the first ancestral dragon.

Therefore, he was still mysterious.

What was this, to actually be able to combine the Ancestor Dragons, the hope of rebirth of ten thousand worlds?

Compared to the fact that he had obtained five types of inherited blood essence, it was even more meaningful. There must be some deeper secret he was unaware of, just that Long Chen did not know about it yet.

“During the battle back then, there were five Ancestral Dragons that disappeared permanently around the Dragon Sacrifice Continent. They were: Time, Fate, Karma, Life, and Slaughter. We already know the location of these five inherited blood essences, but 100,000 years ago, they did not exist. It was only when the Heaven Swallowing Dragon was in deep sleep and the ancestral dragon’s blood essence appeared that we began our plan. At that time, I had comprehended the laws of this world and arrived in the future, so I came here. I’m glad to see that you have already inherited the blood of five Ancestral Dragons! We’ve found the direction of hope! “

In other words, the inherited blood essence of the other Ancestral Dragons no longer existed in the Dragon Sacrifice Continent.

Especially the first and second place.

Seventh and ninth, respectively, were the Seventh Ancestral Dragon. Seventh Ancestral Dragon was the dragon of Heavenly tribulation and disaster. The Ancestral Dragon in charge of the ‘Primordial Dragon Calamity’, as well as the rules for the Divine Dragon’s promotion system. In the The Age of Dragons, this dragon was the controller of the tribulation. In fact, Long Chen had seen this dragon before, his entire body was a grayish black, covered in Evil and Disaster Qi, his body was slender like a centipede, with over ten thousand dragon claws on his left and right, and over ten thousand rotten dragon wings on his right. He had two dragon heads, the one on the left was the ‘Sky Calamity’ and the one on the right was the ‘Disaster’. The head of the Calamity Dragon didn’t have any flesh or blood; it only had a dragon bone. He looked extremely ferocious.

“The Black Jade Dragon’s head is something left behind by this Ancestral Dragon. Perhaps it was a part of his corpse, but he was certain that the ancestral dragon’s blood essence was not within it. After all, this place was simply too obvious. This Ancestral Dragon’s real name is: Yu Zhouhonghuangwanjielong. The third stage of the ninth rank, ‘Great Desolate’, refers to this divine dragon. “

There was also a divine dragon ranked ninth, behind the Archaic Blood Spirit Dragon. It was a dragon of illusions and transformations. He was in charge of all the illusions and transformations between the heaven and earth. It could transform into the sun, moon, and stars, or it could transform into a mosquito or a sandstone.

His true strength was the weakest of the Ancestral Dragons, but he was proficient in Escape, Change, and Hallucination. He controlled the change of day and night, the endless changes of the world. Its main body was that of a colourful divine dragon, and the color of its body could change at any time. She was the most beautiful divine dragon in the world, her entire body like a gem or gem.

This dragon is called Shadow Dream Charm Dragon.

He could even replicate the shapes and rules of other Ancestral Dragons, but that was to a certain extent. Before the era was over, Shadow Dream Charm Dragon could replicate nearly all the Ancestral G.o.d of Creation s and then control the world they created.

Until now, when Long Chen finally figured out all of the Ancestral Dragons apart from the first and second Ancestral Dragon.

From time to time.

Of course, the Heaven Swallowing Dragon rejected them. Its nature was different from the other nine Ancestral Dragons.

Other than the first and the second, what Long Chen did not obtain was the seventh place Yu Zhouhonghuangwanjielong and the Shadow Dream Charm Dragon.

Of course, unless he killed the Chaotic Heaven-Devouring Dragon, he wouldn’t be able to obtain his inherited blood essence.

In fact, he had to be willing to give away his blood essence.

“Then what about the other two Dragon Attendants? Number one, and second ancestor’s Dragon Servant? “

Long Chen realized this problem.

At that time, they directly partic.i.p.ated in the most core battle because the two of them surpa.s.sed us and reached ancestral realm. However, back then, only nine Ancestral Dragons were a threat to the Heaven Devouring Dragons and the overlord of the Heaven-Devouring Tribe, so there is a certain chance that they survived. However, I just don’t know where they went, and if you are able to find them in the future, they might be able to give you the greatest amount of guidance. “

So that’s how it was.

No wonder only the seven of them were struggling in this apocalypse.

If they were still here, with those two leaders, Draconis officinalis Hance would not have been reincarnated.

He had sacrificed himself.

Until now, Long Chen basically knew everything he wanted to know.

Now that he knew the riddle of the Divine Dragon Annihilation that caused his hatred and anger, he knew the plans of the seven Dragon Servants.

However, Long Qinglan seemed to have something else to say. He stared at the old tree outside the window and said: “Actually, there is something that you should really want to know.”

Long Chen’s mind was in a mess, his thoughts were not very clear.

He knew too many things that shocked him.

Long Qinglan continued, “In the future, you should think less about the battles before the Era. Think about the Ten Great Ancestor Dragon, the Heaven Swallowing Dragon and the Heaven Swallowing Clan. After all, for a very long period of time, you will still be facing the FiendG.o.ds of this Allworld. Do you know that the rules of the Heaven-Devouring Tribe are being followed in most parts of the Allworld? For example, the Dragon Sacrifice Continent. The rules of the Ten Great Ancestor Dragon were definitely not so cruel before, and it was much easier to become a G.o.d now. It is impossible for ordinary people. Do you know where those billions of people who died in the Eighteen Major Tribulations and turned into dust, where did they go? “

Long Chen shook his head.

He actually knew that the Lingsu Star Sea’s rules were still their own little rules, but the Dragon Sacrifice Continent had its own Eighteen Major Tribulations.

“They have all entered the bodies of the G.o.ds, becoming the power of the G.o.ds. Right now, the Dragon Sacrifice Continent is corresponding to the Primordial G.o.ds, so in actuality, for the past tens of millions of years, all of the people in the Dragon Sacrifice Continent who died in the Eighteen Major Tribulations became the nourishment of the G.o.ds! “


Of course Long Chen didn’t know.

When he was still weak, he did not know that the Eighteen Major Tribulations was set up by the Heaven-Devouring Tribe.

There were actually a lot of people who had low cultivation and had yet to cross Eighteen Major Tribulations within the thousand year time limit, especially tens of thousands of years ago.

How much nourishment had the G.o.ds absorbed in such a long period of time?

“Before the era, when people died, there was reincarnation, and the number of living beings was a stable number. The power of the entire world was also stable, but now, in the entire ten thousand worlds, the number of living beings became fewer and fewer. The number of living beings became weaker and weaker, and the number of experts became fewer and fewer. Actually, this is a very gentle method of devouring for the Heaven-Devouring Race. Their vitality was greatly damaged during the battle earlier in the era, so they could only rely on gentle devouring to do it, but the most important thing I want to say is that in the entire Myriad Realms, all the G.o.ds and Demons are p.a.w.ns of the Heaven-Devouring Race. The G.o.ds and Demons control the myriad realms, and they rely on their Eighteen Major Tribulations to absorb the soul and strength. In the end, there are a total of three levels in the Ten Thousand Worlds right now. They are the mortal spirit, the FiendG.o.d G.o.d, and the Heaven-Devouring Race! “

When FiendG.o.ds absorbed the power of mortals, mortals were like livestock to FiendG.o.ds.

However, to the Heaven-Devouring Tribe, the FiendG.o.ds were merely p.a.w.ns and wolfdogs. The amount of food they ate would require them to spit it out before the Heaven-Devouring Tribe could do anything.

This was one of the forms Long Qinglan talked about, in the entire era of the Heaven-Devouring Tribe, to gently swallow all of the realms.

“In the span of a single era, the weakness of the Dragon Sacrifice Continent was in fact a microcosm of the entire Ten Thousand Worlds. The battles that the Dragon Sacrifice Continent experienced only destroyed them a little faster than other worlds. As long as the rules of the Heaven-Devouring Tribe remain in force, the ten thousand realms will not be able to escape the fate of being completely swallowed. “

Speaking to this point, Long Qinglan could not help but be excited.

These enemies were destroying everything. They were not as fierce as before, but they were even more terrifying. This was because this type of silent devouring and nibbling made people even more defenseless.

Long Chen could not help but ask: “It seems like the rules of the Heaven-Devouring Clan only gradually descended upon the Dragon Sacrifice Continent after that huge battle. That is to say, Di Jun and the others had initially believed in becoming a G.o.d. What’s going on with the G.o.d corpses in Spirit Sea? “

Long Qinglan obviously knew that he would ask this question.

Long Chen had too many doubts in his heart.

He explained, “Actually, the G.o.ds of the Ten Thousand Worlds are all existences that existed before the era. It’s just that at that time, they were still very weak and were unable to truly know what happened. Moreover, after the nine Ancestral Dragons disappeared, tens of millions of years ago, within a single day, all of the divine beings in the Myriad Realm had disappeared. They were all devoured by the Heaven-Devouring Tribe. The Heaven-Devouring Tribe had a ruler named ‘Divine Devil Giant Beast’.

“The Divine Devil Giant Beast devoured all of the divine beings, but then ‘revived’ them. For example, the Primordial G.o.ds of the Dragon Sacrifice Continent experienced this process. During the process of devouring and living, their thoughts, wills, memories, as well as the structure of their divine bodies had all undergone changes, a change that they did not know about. Later on, all the divine beings returned to their original world, just like Di Jun and the others, and left due to the destruction of the Dragon Sacrifice Continent. “

“Anyway, that process had made them extremely chaotic, and even now, all of the G.o.ds did not know about the existence of the Divine Devil Giant Beast, nor about the existence of the Eclipse Tribe. They thought that they were in control of the ten thousand worlds, but in reality, they were just a medium for the Heaven-Devouring Race to devour. They were even fighting against a small part of the devils, but they didn’t know that in reality, the devils were created directly by the ‘Divine Devil Giant Beast s’. They were lives equivalent to a G.o.d created from the Divine Devil Giant Beast’s devouring of the divine dragon. The devils knew that the Heaven-Devouring Tribe existed. For example, the Heavenly Demon that you met before. “

“The G.o.d and devil can both be considered to be the descendants and heirs of Divine Devil Giant Beast, but they were not convinced of this. Their ident.i.ties were just different. Their common function is to provide for the Heaven-Devouring Tribe. “


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