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Chapter 2829 – Furious Blood Demon Art

This was a devil.

FiendG.o.ds did not form a part of the mountain. The ratio of Deities to Deities was, of course, greater than FiendG.o.ds.

Mo Xiaolang cultivated the demonic way, and was also a demon. The number of demons in the Allworld was not as great as the number of Deities.

Of course, the and Demon King were different from each other.

A normal demon spirit, like Mo Xiaolang, had only experienced the transformation of a black world’s tree into a demon, and didn’t have the form of a Primordial Demons. It was only then that Long Chen found out that the group of Primordial Demons that had been sealed on the devil star was indeed a very special group of Primordial Demons.

Mo Xiaolang this kind of demon, was actually a type of G.o.d. If they were to be subdivided, they were more like G.o.ds, and not Primordial Demons s. The devil that Long Qinglan had once told him about, the devil created by the Devouring Sky Clan, should be the Primordial Demons.

For example, the hundred thousand demon spirits in the G.o.d Slaying Sword were demons that were close to G.o.d. not Primordial Demons. The Primordial Demons was like a different kind of creature.

Of course, their names were also Archaic Giant Demons.

Long Chen received the G.o.d-Slaying Sword, the Demon Suppressing PaG.o.da. After all, the death of Great Monarch Donghua a few days ago had caused a huge uproar in the entire Divine Spirit Realm. If there was not sufficient preparation, the sudden appearance of these two Hun Yuan grade G.o.d Creation Equipment in the Battlefield of Divine Devil would bring about a great deal of disadvantage for Long Chen.

“I came to challenge you on behalf of the ‘Blood Frenzy’.”

The moment Mo Xiaolang walked out, the muscular man with bloodshot eyes and a body as st.u.r.dy as a gray boulder, growled at with a voice as if he was rubbing steel. When he headed towards the wooden house, no one dared to stop him. It was clear how high this person was on the first floor.

obviously did not care about a Demon King with only initial state.

However, because this was the first time he had seen a demon in the boundless universe, he had only looked at it a few times. Actually, there wasn’t anything strange about it. There was a huge difference between him and the Ancient Giant Demons, for example, when compared to Su Yan’s current body, there was a huge difference. Mo Xiaolang’s devil and Nuwa’s devil were completely different.

“Blood Frenzy!” He seems to be serving the Star Alliance. Someone from Fan Qing, this guy can at least make it to the tenth floor. Old Pig’s expression was ugly. He knew with just his b.u.t.t alone that Fan Qing, this narrow-minded guy, had already taken his revenge after just a short while.

“Brother, don’t let Mo Xiaolang fight with him. This guy is ruthless, his opponent has been tortured very miserably, and he can be considered a terrifying person in the next few floors. To be honest, if I were to meet him myself, I would even have a headache.”

Old Pig said nervously.

The surrounding Divine Kings s all retreated, they were all paying close attention to the commotion, obviously they were very interested.

“No worries, you’ve underestimated my brother.” Long Chen, Yang Lingqing and the rest were already outside of the Divine Demon Heavenly Star. Honestly speaking, there was no suspense in such a battle, but Old Pig and the hundreds of gathered Divine Kings did not believe them.

“There are a few among these people who are Perfection Divine Kings, and their backgrounds aren’t small, but Xue Kuang wouldn’t go so far as to go after them for no reason. Could it be that they have offended the Star Alliance?”

“This is going to be a good show.” I’m afraid that the black-haired teenager is too pitiful. To be able to become the opponent of the Blood Wild Demon King and receive the attack of his’ Blood Enmity Art ‘, he will not be able to recover until ten thousand years have pa.s.sed. “

When Blood Frenzy made the application in front of the wooden house, the other G.o.d Kings spread out to watch. They were prepared to watch this battle.

At this time, among the two Divine Kings that were fighting on the Divine Demon Heavenly Star, one of them had lost. In truth, they were also aware of the situation here and wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.

“Next battle!” Mo Xiaolang against Blood Frenzy, since both sides did not have the time to ask for it, they could just go ahead and do it. Please descend upon the FiendG.o.d Heavenly Star. “

Very quickly, the voice spread throughout the first level of Battlefield of Divine Devil.

“Blood Frenzy?” Upon hearing this name, many of the Divine Kings who were still cultivating in their training rooms all came out, and quickly, a lot of people gathered in the Battlefield of Divine Devil on the first level.

Close to a thousand people, and all of them had Taizhen Deity Realm, it was truly spectacular! There were even some who came down from the upper floors to watch the battle!

Without saying a word, Mo Xiaolang rushed to the Divine Demon Heavenly Star, and landed on the huge planet. This place was hard enough, it was enough to resist their Divine King level attacks. Outsiders couldn’t affect the battle either.

“Victory and defeat must be decided in the battle of Battlefield of Divine Devil. It is not counted as having conceded before the victor is decided. I request the two of you to do your best in battle. If one of you is found to be secretly releasing water, then you will be imprisoned for a thousand years. “

Such words came out from the wooden house again.

Maybe it was Mo Xiaolang’s first time coming here, so he gave him a reminder.

This rule was different from ordinary battles.

It could even determine life and death!

The appearance of the seal meant the start of the battle!

“Blood Frenzy!” “Blood Frenzy!” In an instant, hundreds of Divine Kings started shouting, their terrifying voices shaking the entire Battlefield of Divine Devil.

The atmosphere became tense and fanatical.

Hearing Long Chen’s words, Old Pig’s heart felt a lot more at ease. Seeing that Mo Xiaolang was so skinny, yet that Blood Frenzy had such a monstrous battle intent and blood energy, like a fierce beast or a lamb, with such a huge difference in aura, it was very difficult for him to believe that Mo Xiaolang could stop this Blood Frenzy’s crazy killing intent.

Just when the G.o.ds were roaring their hardest, Blood Frenzy bellowed out without a second word, the blood traces on his body shone with a sinister light, vaguely forming a picture of a blood skull. Sharp claws grew out from the fingers on his hands, and like a ferocious tiger, he charged towards Mo Xiaolang!


In the blink of an eye, the two sides collided with incomparable intensity. The G.o.ds only felt a flash below them, and a scorching heat wave pa.s.sed through the seal and rushed outside. It was flames! The G.o.ds lowered their heads, only to see a flame explode right in front of Blood Frenzy’s eyes. The power of the explosion instantly swept across more than half of the entire FiendG.o.d world!


Xue Kuang let out a miserable howl and crashed into the inner wall of the seal. His entire body was charred black as it trembled uncontrollably.

Below, the flame energy instantly disappeared and Mo Xiaolang stood in place, his position still the same as before. To him, it was like playing a game.

“Thank you.”

He cupped his hands and smiled.

It was clear that the outcome of the battle was clear, although Xue Kuang was not dead, his entire body was charred black, his divine body was severely injured, and he did not have any strength to fight in a short period of time. If Mo Xiaolang wanted to kill him, he would not even have a chance.

“They are all Divine Kings of the initial state! Yet there is such a disparity, a miracle! ” Old Pig was ecstatic, he clapped heavily, breaking the silence in Battlefield of Divine Devil. This was Mo Xiaolang’s first battle, so it could be considered Long Chen’s first battle with his team! From today onwards, their charge would definitely cause the Battlefield of Divine Devil to tremble!

“In this battle, Mo Xiaolang won, rise to the second level!” The voice of the person announcing the results from the wooden house trembled. It was obvious that he was shocked by the result.

The seal on the Divine Demon Heavenly Star was lifted.

When Mo Xiaolang returned, he said: “Even though the first section is a bit simpler, but according to this Battlefield of Divine Devil’s rules and mechanisms, those who are at the top dozens of floors and above, must all be peak experts. Furthermore, they are all people who specialize in battle and are the elite of the Realm of the G.o.ds! To be able to fight against them, the amount of help he would receive would be enormous. This Battlefield of Divine Devil is indeed a good place. “

He had personally experienced it, so what he said was naturally the truth.

Long Chen laughed, then said: “Then from now on, the three of you can try again, but you all have to follow Xiao Lang, and can’t run around, once Xiao Lang reaches that level, you all can follow him to that level, don’t speed him up, understand?”

Yang Lingqing and the others also wanted to go and play, so they all nodded, and even Zhu Xi became obedient.

“Take it easy, don’t make too much noise.” Long Chen said to Mo Xiaolang.

Coming here, of course he had to let them go and train themselves. As for himself, he needed to stand from a contemplative standpoint to observe the Battlefield of Divine Devil, to observe the situation here and his own situation.

While they were talking, Divine Kings could not accept the fact that the Blood Frenzy had been defeated so quickly.

“To be able to do this, that youngster should at least be able to fight with the G.o.d King Perfection!”

“That’s right! Probably similar to the other three girls. However, why did they all focus on the Divine Lord? It’s strange, how can a Monarch appear in public? “

News of Long Chen and the others quickly spread through the entire first level of Battlefield of Divine Devil. Someone arrived outside the wooden house and asked: “Sir, may I ask how the Divine Lord is able to strut around the king level Battlefield of Divine Devil like this?”

“Who said he was a Monarch? It’s just that you’re blind. “

It was only after these words were spoken that everyone realized that this seemingly insignificant Divine Lord was actually the most mysterious figure among them all.

Of course, new Divine Kings from the myriad realms would often come here, and among them, were Extreme Realm G.o.d King. As long as this level came, it was basically all the way up, and it would only stabilize after killing dozens of levels. If they had the strength, it wouldn’t be strange for them to fight their way to dozens of levels.

In the next few days, Yang Lingqing, Su Yan, and Zhu Xi fought their first battle and followed Mo Xiaolang up to the second floor. The strength that they displayed was about the same, so it was not surprising. According to their strength, they should have at least killed their way up to the thirtieth floor.

After that, it would depend on how much they had.

They all needed to be tempered, especially Yang Lingqing, who had just come into contact with a Celestial King level battle. She also needed experience, and Long Chen was unable to protect them forever. Thus, he completely let them go to battle by themselves. If they were in trouble, of course they would tell him.

Long Chen stayed on the first floor for a while, Old Pig had already taught him some rules and he would be leaving first. He was already quite familiar with the Battlefield of Divine Devil, so he began to make preparations. Challenge the Divine King Ranking!


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