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Chapter 307 – The Fall of the Dragon Emperor

After such a long period of time, the Immortal Beast tide had finally come to an end. The fairyland G.o.dly guard s of the intermediate realms all came out of their protected areas and took care of this mess. Relying on the special nature of the Spirit Devouring Demon Pupil, Long Chen bypa.s.sed many of the fairyland G.o.dly guard, and after roughly two hours, she finally returned to the Eighteen Regions.

Eighteen Regions was also attacked by the tide of Immortal Beast and it was currently in a mess. A dozen or so Earth Grade spirit medicines to protect had already disappeared without a trace, probably completely uprooted by those Immortal Beast.

After reaching the 4th level of the Milky Way Realm, Long Chen’s eyes became even more reserved, and his strength became even more powerful. Although there was no Astral River forming in the Inverse Wonderland, but Long Chen had forcefully made a breakthrough.

At that time, he was in the same group as Yu Chong, so when he came back this time, he was afraid that he would clash with Yu Tao in any way. Long Chen had already made up his mind in his heart, he believed that as long as bit himself to death, he would have no choice in this situation.

Thus, Long Chen openly returned to the base area, and when some people saw that he was actually still alive, they were immediately shocked, and immediately called for everyone else to come out. Amongst the Eighteen Regions, most of them were the strong and st.u.r.dy men of the Heavenly Wolf Gang, and currently, they surrounded Long Chen one by one.

Yu Tao’s face was so dark that blood was about to drip from it, he stood right in front of Long Chen, and a burst of killing intent surged towards Long Chen. Looking at the fearless Long Chen, he was about to ask a question, but Long Chen first asked a question: “Why are you not seeing Zhang Yuanteng? Where’s Zhang Yuanteng? “

Previously, when Zhang Yuanteng went back to the protected area, he had to ensure his safety before rus.h.i.+ng to the Advanced Fields. Now that he had returned, he keenly realized that basically everyone was still here, but Zhang Yuanteng was missing.

Yu Tao sneered, he did not answer him, but asked with a cold tone: “Long Chen, do not care about what Zhang Yuanteng, I will ask you now, what about my brother Yu Chong!”

“Yu Chong?” Long Chen laughed disdainfully: “When the Immortal Beast tide arrived, he had already run away without a trace. He still hasn’t come back yet? Could he be weak and was eaten by Immortal Beast? “

“What did you say!” Yu Tao raised his eyebrows, his entire body was filled with Evil Qi, he approached Long Chen step by step, and spoke with a cold voice: “Long Chen, don’t pretend to be stupid! When the Immortal Beast tide happened, Yu Chong was clearly with you, but why was it only you that returned now, and he still didn’t? “

Hearing his words, Long Chen laughed even harder. His unbridled laughter made Yu Tao’s eyes turn darker and darker.

“Yu Tao, it’s not like you don’t know your brother. Last time, when we met two mackerel, he was so afraid that he immediately scuttled off to find you, not to mention this time’s Immortal Beast tide. For such a weak and cowardly person like him, if we were to say that he was directly killed midway, I would definitely believe it!” Long Chen didn’t back down in the slightest as he confronted Yu Tao t.i.t for tat.

“Bulls.h.i.+t, I think you should blame the Immortal Beast for killing him?” Yu Tao’s eyes flashed with a cold light, as he probed.

Long Chen had already expected that he would say such a thing. If Long Chen was feeling fl.u.s.tered at this moment, Yu Tao would be able to see it with a glance, so he had already planned it well, and how should he perform. With an ice-cold face, he replied with a question: “If what you said is true, then where did Zhang Yuanteng go?

Long Chen was truly a little worried since he still hadn’t seen him. Although the relations.h.i.+p between the two wasn’t deep, Zhang Yuanteng had given Long Chen a lot of help. Long Chen always knew how to repay favors. When he saw that something might have happened to Zhang Yuanteng, blood energy immediately surged in his brain, causing his blood to boil and his eyes to slowly fill with blood.

Seeing Long Chen suddenly reveal such a vicious look, not a single bit of guilt in his heart, Yu Tao started to believe that Yu Chong’s disappearance had nothing to do with Long Chen anymore. He was naturally very concerned about his own little brother’s life and death. Right now, the Immortal Beast tide had just pa.s.sed and they could finally go look for Yu Chong, so Yu Tao instructed the others: “You guys search throughout the entire Eighteen Regions to see if there are any traces of Yu Chong. As for Long Chen, you better stay here well.

Under Yu Tao’s instructions, the rest of the people who had just finished their work all went out to look for Yu Chong. In the base area, only Long Chen and Yu Tao remained.

“Can you tell me where Zhang Yuanteng went? “At that time, he rushed to the Protected Area and you went there as well. I can’t believe that you didn’t know what happened!” As he said that, Long Chen clenched his fists tightly. He realised that after leveling up his 4th level of the Milky Way Realm, his desire to kill had become even stronger. had inherited the Primordial Blood Spirit Dragon’s blood essence, so his personality would gradually be affected. Furthermore, after he had used the Blood Refinement Method again and again, his personality became more violent and difficult to control, which made his performance even more obvious.

“Zhang Yuanteng? I am too lazy to pay attention to such a small character. Long Chen, he honestly told me, what happened to my brother? ” Yu Tao did not give in at all.

From Yu Tao’s words, Long Chen could tell with his keen senses that something had indeed happened to Zhang Yuanteng.

Thinking of this, Long Chen felt a wave of blood energy rus.h.i.+ng into his brain, gradually blurring his mind.

“Yu Tao, I ask you again, you were the one who killed Zhang Yuanteng! Is that right? ” When he was three steps away from Yu Tao, Long Chen’s eyes turned blood-red, and the veins on his neck bulged.

Yu Tao had not threatened Long Chen when he saw that Yu Chong had gone missing. Now that Long Chen had actually threatened him, how could Yu Tao, who was once a horse bandit, endure such a thing? Long Chen actually dared to be overbearing in front of him, but for any reason, he was courting death!

“Scram!” Yu Tao roared, and slapped towards Long Chen! Before Long Chen had levelled up, he would definitely not be able to dodge this slap. If the slap landed on his face, half of Long Chen’s face would definitely get swollen!

“You want to make a move?” At this point, Long Chen was one hundred percent sure that Zhang Yuanteng had died because of his relations.h.i.+p with him. Long Chen still clearly remembered that when Zhang Yuanteng talked about his dream, he said he wanted to bid farewell to the boredom of Anti-Central Army and begin his real life. He said that his goal was seventh level of the Milky Way Realm and that he wanted to become a core fairyland G.o.dly guard. Because of Long Chen, all of his dreams had turned into bubbles!

How could Long Chen not blame himself? How could he not be angry!

It was so much so that when he used the Blood Refinement Qi and reached the 4th level of the Milky Way Realm, his killing intent grew exponentially. After what happened, Long Chen felt his head spinning, he stared straight at Yu Tao, his entire body was filled with fighting intent!

With a light flash, Long Chen dodged Yu Tao’s slap. Powerful blood energy began to erupt from his body, and his eyes turned bloodshot!

“So what if I attack you? As the Prefectural Elder, although I am unable to kill you, Long Chen, I can at least cripple you! “Originally, I wasn’t prepared to touch you, but you actually dared to point fingers at me. You are simply courting death, even if I have to go against the will of His Highness, I will teach you a lesson today!”

“Do you think you are qualified to teach me a lesson?” After Long Chen flashed past his slap, he gradually raised his head. What he could see was that even though he did not transform into a dragon soul, his eyes had already turned blood-red.

“Kill him!”

“To dare provoke the supreme you, kill him!”


Long Chen did not say a word, and pounced towards Yu Tao. In the process, he had already taken out his green dragon halberd, and in the short distance, Long Chen had already sped up, turned into a blood arrow, and rushed towards Yu Tao!

This time, he didn’t even use the Dragon Soul Transformation!

The Dragon Soul Transformation was Long Chen’s greatest advantage in killing people beyond his cultivation level. Long Chen had not used it yet, but that was because he was confident in his ability to kill Yu Tao without using the Dragon Soul Transformation!

“Azure Dragon Battle Method, the fall of Dragon Emperor!”

A streak of blood crazily rushed towards Yu Tao, who was just inches away from him!

Long Chen actually dared to make a move, which surprised Yu Tao. In his impression, Long Chen only had Second Stage of the Milky Way Realm, a mere Second Stage of the Milky Way Realm, yet he actually dared to make a move on his own fifth level of the Milky Way Realm.

Long Chen made the first move, and things became much easier. With that, even if Long Chen was severely injured, or died, the responsibility would not rest with Yu Tao. After all, in the fairyland G.o.dly guard, offending one’s superiors was not a small crime.

In a place of strict hierarchy, no one was allowed to disobey the orders of the lower cla.s.s.

In Yu Tao’s opinion, Second Stage of the Milky Way Realm’s attack was at most a low-grade Earth Rank battle skill. He directly threw out a punch, thinking to directly send Long Chen flying!

If it was any other Second Stage of the Milky Way Realm, any combat skill that used Earth Stage Medium would also be casually blown away by Yu Tao’s punch. But Long Chen was different! Not only was he not a Second Stage of the Milky Way Realm, he was also a 4th level of the Milky Way Realm. This was not an ordinary battle skill!

Simple, simple, and straightforward, was the fall of the Dragon Emperor.

In such a close proximity, the outcome of the battle was instantly decided. Even though Yu Tao had used all of his strength in the later stages of the battle, Long Chen’s green dragon halberd had still directly cut off half of his neck, leaving him with half a head in a daze!

Blood gushed out!


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