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Chapter 3351 – Soul-rebirth

Chapter 3351 – Revival of the Dead

As the leader of this incident, the Seven Slaughter Star Ancestors had been controlled.

The six Dragon Guards attacked at the same time, and he had no chance to escape.

With the help of the six Dragon Attendants, Long Chen could be considered to have returned as the king. Now that the battle was over, the Ancestral G.o.ds no longer dared to move. It was very obvious that the eleven Ancestral G.o.ds were still supporting Long Chen. Adding Long Chen’s current power, it was equivalent to nearly twenty Ancestral G.o.ds. As for their side, the Seven Slaughter Star Ancestors was already under their control, so the remaining twelve were simply unable to overturn the heavens.

This was their defeat.

This was the time to take advantage of victory and defeat and completely solve the problem of future troubles. As the leader of the Seven Slaughter Star Ancestors, Long Chen had to make an example to him and punish him!

As for the other Ancestral G.o.ds, to be honest, those who supported Long Chen would probably not feel safe. After all, this showed that Long Chen had a lot of power.

Now, both sides had gathered together. It could be said that the respective powers of both sides were obvious at a glance.

Surrounded by all the Elder G.o.ds, Long Chen said in a clear voice with a stern expression, “Everyone, even though someone has appeared today and taken the lead in breaking the rules and order of the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance. But now, I declare that this person’s plan has failed! The Ancestral G.o.d Alliance still exists, and the two treaties of the Ancestral G.o.d still exist! It was still the iron law. Today, it can only be considered as an internal adjustment of our Elder G.o.d Alliance, allowing our entire Alliance to become more mature. Here, I have an important proposal! “

In the end, the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance was only an excuse to suppress them. Now that Long Chen had the power and people’s hearts, he could control the entire Ancestral G.o.d Alliance! Now that the Dragon Servant had returned, he said directly, “Firstly, I am not an Elder G.o.d, but am able to enter the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance. This means that as long as I possess a strength equal to that of an Ancestral G.o.d, I am qualified to partic.i.p.ate in the management of ten thousand worlds, and am qualified to partic.i.p.ate in the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance. Therefore, naturally, these six elders of mine also possess such qualifications. Of course, in the future, any existence at this level would have the qualifications to do so! If the five imprisoned Elder G.o.ds are able to repent, they would be qualified to do so as well. “

Long Chen forced this decision, and it was not a matter of voting. Right now, Long Chen was in control of the entire situation, and as long as the elders who supported him did not stand against him, he was in control of the situation. Long Chen only needed to remember one thing, what he did, was to not make the elders who supported him feel disgusted. Obviously not, because they all had the same goal.

Today, Long Chen’s performance was obvious to all. He risked his life to fight, just to protect this Primal Chaos Realm.

“I refuse to accept this!”

When Long Chen suggested this, no one had any objections in the beginning. However, at the end, the Ice and Snow Elder G.o.d who was in the opponent’s camp had the courage to say it out loud. In an instant, Long Chen and the other elders’ gazes all landed on him.

The Frost Elder G.o.d was under tremendous pressure. He said, “I don’t suspect them. They don’t have the power of an Elder G.o.d. They have no right to partic.i.p.ate at all.”

Although he said this, he did not have a very strong confidence in himself.

Beside Long Chen, the Slaughter Dragon Attendant who looked similar to him said, “This is simple. Come out and I’ll fight with you.”

Simple and straightforward.

The Snow Ancestral G.o.d knew it was going to be like this. He was not afraid, so he snorted coldly and walked out, provoking, “Don’t try to cause trouble. I’m not afraid of you at all. Aren’t the six of you just joining forces?”

He knew very well that if these six were allowed to join the Elder G.o.d Alliance, they would be completely suppressed in the future. Although Long Chen would not target them, but as part of the Ancestral G.o.d of Creation, there were still people supervising him, so they were not comfortable in their hearts.

“Let’s go!”

Slaughter Dragon Attendant and Snow Ancestral G.o.d went to the outskirts of the city and began their battle. The World Essence emerged from Snow Elder G.o.d, and the ice spear s.h.i.+ned with a cold light. However, the other party’s Slaughter Dragon Attendant s had very similar temperaments to the Seven Slaughter Star Ancestors s. They were both ice-cold to the bones.

“Everyone, I think the reason why they have joined is to re-establish the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance. I was originally the guardian of the Myriad Realms. Before your arrival, you didn’t mean to rule over all realms. Being the ones to rule over all realms isn’t one concept, the former is your ambition while the latter is your responsibility. I stand here for my duty to fight against the destroyers of the rules, and I hope you will trust me. If I really need this person’s ambition, I would have dominated this entire realm long ago. “

Long Chen had to explain this to the Ancestral G.o.ds who were supporting him.

“Long Chen, don’t worry, we know what kind of person you are. We’ve heard your story. For example, once upon a time, there was an ancient Giant Demon. It was you who turned the tide and allowed this world to survive.

Ancient Wooden Saint’s Ancestral Dao.

With her gentle voice, Long Chen felt more at ease.

“Seniors, I will definitely not disappoint everyone.”

Their support and love was also Long Chen’s fortune.

At this time, the Slaughter Dragon Attendant and the Snow Ancestral G.o.d had officially started fighting! Judging from the situation, the two were likely evenly matched. Slaughter Dragon Attendant was definitely not an opponent of the Snow Elder G.o.d before the era, but they were able to enter a stalemate today.

Furthermore, Long Chen felt that the Slaughter Dragon Attendant was suppressing him. However, at the very least, he was able to unleash a strength that was comparable to that of an Elder G.o.d.

All of the Elder G.o.ds present could understand this.

Roughly fifteen minutes later, the two parties were still fighting pa.s.sionately. After Slaughter Dragon Attendant was released, he started to attack viciously with a cold expression. He was basically no different from when Long Chen was displaying the power of the Primordial Blood Spirit Dragon. It had even suppressed an Elder G.o.d of Ice, causing him to be in an extremely sorry state!


Long Chen bellowed, stopping the battle.

The Slaughter Dragon Attendant withdrew his hand in time and quickly returned to Long Chen’s side. Although the Ice and Snow Ancestral G.o.d was unwilling, no one supported him and he could only return dejectedly. This battle had proven that the Dragon Attendants were no weaker than the Elder G.o.ds who were missing the world origin.

Of course, he had also lost his memory.

“In that case, I now announce that out of the original twenty-five members of the Alliance of Ancestral G.o.ds, six have increased, making a total of thirty-one people. That should be thirty. This was because the Seven Slaughter Star Ancestors had taken the lead in instigating others, disrupting the balance of the Myriad Realms and the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance, bringing about such a devastating blow to the Primal Chaos Realm. So, I suggest imprisoning Seven Slaughter Star Ancestors for a hundred thousand years! What do you guys think? “

Although they had not destroyed a world, the number of lives lost to the Seven Slaughter Star Ancestors s was definitely more than ten million.

Actually, it was needless to say. Half of the Elder G.o.ds had agreed, and the six Dragon Attendants had also agreed. The opinions of the remaining twelve Elder G.o.ds were no longer important. Seeing such a scene, Long Chen was very satisfied. He first had the Dragon Attendants bring him to the ancient tomb of the Dragon G.o.d, and said: “Since it’s like this, Seven Slaughter Star Ancestors will temporarily be disqualified from partic.i.p.ating in the Alliance of Ancestral G.o.ds. From then on, the Elder G.o.d Alliance had a total of thirty people. Everyone should remember that the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance is an alliance between us that jointly protects the ten thousand worlds, but it definitely won’t restrict your freedom. We exist together in a world, so we must have order! Is there anything that is not satisfied with today’s decision? “

For now, they couldn’t punish these twelve Elder G.o.ds; after all, this was a group crime, not an individual crime. If they were all imprisoned, one, they might not know if they would be able to imprison them, and two, they would cause the Elder G.o.ds supporting them to feel fear.

Regarding Long Chen’s request, all the Elder G.o.ds had nothing to say. A defeat was a defeat, and should be suppressed. Right now, the structure of ten thousand realms was a dead end. Even if they were all Ancestral G.o.d of Creation, they could not do as they pleased in the future. They discovered that they had really underestimated this descendant.

“This time, considering that everyone has been instigated and has not done any damage or fuss, but the alliance treaty is here. If anyone dares to challenge the rules of the Alliance of Ancestral G.o.ds in the future, we welcome all of you to a hundred thousand years of imprisonment.”

When the other party had left, Long Chen’s words had given them a deterrence.

Seeing that he had lost his power, Elder G.o.d Stormwind did not say anymore and left gloomily. With his lead, the other Ancestral G.o.ds also returned to their own worlds. didn’t have the time to send the twelve of them back to their world.

The remaining Elder G.o.ds all let out sighs of relief.

“This time, I still have to thank everyone for coming over to help.”

“You’re too courteous, we also want peace and quiet from the bottom of our hearts. From the looks of it, the situation is really bleak.”

The Elder G.o.ds were talking about the Primal Chaos Realm. That clash had caused great damage to him. At this time, Hundun Shenwu came forward, half-knelt in front of everyone, and said with grat.i.tude: “I thank all of you Elder G.o.ds for saving me!”

After experiencing such ups and downs in his heart, being reborn from his death, Hundun Shenwu’s voice was choked with sobs.

His grat.i.tude was especially directed towards Long Chen.

“Get up.”

Long Chen was also very guilty of the Primal Chaos Realm’s casualties, but he had no choice, the Ancestral G.o.d of Creation was too strong.

Long Chen did not say much and landed on the Primal Chaos Realm. He did not hesitate to exhaust all of his strength to enlarge the Life Recovery Melody, and engulf the entire Fire Dance Continent.

The jade-green flames danced across the entire Fire Dance Continent.

Under the song of the Soul-Returning Melody, the dark green flames moved rhythmically. In this song, the dead were reborn and the wounded were healed. In this disaster, Long Chen was the savior.

The flames made him s.h.i.+ne.

The various Ancestral G.o.ds looked at the rolling Fire Dance Continent, then looked at Long Chen. Actually, one’s will was very simple, Long Chen showed no intention at this time, he loved this world deeply.

As he said, he was a guardian, not a ruler.

To a certain extent, supporting Long Chen was also helping themselves. It was easy for two great Elder G.o.ds to destroy each other’s world, but now that Long Chen had established the Elder G.o.d’s Alliance and the lessons of the day had come, who would dare to destroy the other’s world?

Who would dare to kill?

The rebirth of dead souls was a miracle of life!


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