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Read Dragon-Blooded War God Chapter 3871 The Dragon Soul Of The State Of Zhou

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Chapter 3871 – The Dragon Soul of Zhou

This dragon roar seemed to come from the underworld, it was mixed with an incomparable momentum, bringing a violent dark cold current to attack.

Even the hurricane barrier left behind by Uncle Ya was instantly destroyed by this wave of chilling cold!

The terrifying might of the Divine Dragon swept out from below the cliff like billowing waves or rolling dark clouds. Under this shock, the young girl, Ji Yexuan, was actually unable to endure it, and fainted on the side of the cliff.

Seeing that, Jiang Shen Wu was shocked, even Ji Yexuan had fainted from the Qi aura, how was he still alright?

When he came back to his senses, he discovered that there was a layer of Devouring Power protecting him. Not only did it continuously devour the dark cold currents, it also prevented the divine dragon from entering.

“The power of devouring is actually so tyrannical?”

Jiang Shen Wu’s heart stirred. He carefully felt for a moment and found that the deterrence of the divine dragon was completely blocked. It didn’t affect him at all.

The genius, had fainted from the shock of the dragon’s might, this surprised Jiang Shen Wu.

“I wonder how Uncle Ya is doing …”

Jiang Shen Wu thought that since the Divine Dragon’s Deterrence and Dark Cold Stream were useless against him, there was no need for him to wait at the top of the cliff, it was better to go down and take a look. After all, his main goal in coming to Evil Dragon’s Ruins was to find out if there were any corpses of the Dragon Fighter’s’ ‘.

The precipice wasn’t too steep. With Jiang Shen Wu’s strength, he could easily jump down little by little.

Not long after, he arrived at the bottom of the cliff. He discovered that this place was a burial ground for countless demon beasts. The bones of countless of demon beasts had been buried here for an unknown period of time.

This was a deep pit filled with the bones of demon beasts. After Jiang Shen Wu came down, he was shocked to discover that under the mysterious and dense might of the Divine Dragon, even the Nirvana Tribulation Realm’s green mask Uncle Ya was stunned and fainted in this deep pit.

As for the Snow Sky Fox, it seemed to be holding onto a spiritual herb in its mouth. At this moment, it was also lying unconscious in the deep pit.

“He actually fainted from that divine dragon’s power. Is it really that strong?”

Jiang Shen Wu felt a bit strange, but he had the protection of the Devouring Power, so he naturally couldn’t feel anything.

And other than the power of devouring, it was as if the divine dragon’s might was faintly suppressed by the divine dragon blood in his body. The moment it touched him, it was completely blocked out, unable to affect him in the slightest.

“No matter what, let’s take that Spirit Gra.s.s first.”

There was nothing to be embarra.s.sed about. In any case, everyone had already fainted. No one would know what he was doing here.

The stalk of spirit gra.s.s in the mouth of the Snow Sky Fox should be the culprit behind this incident.

But as for what exactly happened, Jiang Shenwu didn’t know.

However, before he could pick up the Spirit Gra.s.s, the ground that he was standing on suddenly began to tremble. He looked around and saw that the entire pit was filled with the bones of demon beasts.

“This is the Dragon Fighter’s Dragon Soul!”

Seeing this, Jiang Shen Wu’s heart suddenly jumped.

Dragon Fighter’s Dragon Soul was a very rare thing, only those above Sky Dragon Realm would have a remnant of the Dragon Soul after their deaths. Furthermore, the higher the rank of the divine dragon blood, the longer the Dragon Soul would stay, and according to the Evil Dragon’s Ruins’s legends, this Dragon Soul should have existed for at least three hundred years.

“It really is at least of Saint Dragon rank!”

Jiang Shen Wu clenched his teeth.

When the dragon soul’s shadow appeared, even he could feel a strong pressure pus.h.i.+ng him back.

Gradually, the illusory image of the divine dragon soul became more and more complete. It was a terrifying existence that was more than three hundred meters long, with a dragon head like an Asura, and a pair of dragon soul eyes that seemed to be like the pupils of h.e.l.l.

The Dragon Soul was formed from the divine dragon blood after the death of Dragon Fighter, so it had a part of the will of the Dragon Fighter before it died. At this moment, Jiang Shen Wu could clearly feel the killing intent of the Dragon Soul.

This killing intent was directed at all the existences that had barged into the Demon Beast Cemetery!

“Even someone as powerful as Uncle Ya couldn’t survive the Dragon Soul attack!”

Jiang Shen Wu gritted his teeth, at this time, he realised that in the Demon Beast Cemetery, there were still many corpses of Divine Dragons, and some even had Sky Dragons. It seemed that many Dragon Fighter who came to explore had died.

However, for some unknown reason, Jiang Shen Wu wasn’t too afraid of this dragon soul.

At this moment, the black dragon blood that was flowing within his body seemed to be boiling. The devouring power condensed around his entire body and actually formed a net that engulfed him, sweeping towards the dragon soul!

It was time to counterattack.

The Devouring Power was not controlled by Jiang Shen Wu. Instead, it was launched a counterattack towards the gigantic dragon soul. This was beyond Jiang Shen Wu’s expectations.

Did the black dragon blood make its move again?

However, there wasn’t any sound that echoed in Jiang Shen Wu’s mind.

The only time that Jiang Shenwu had heard the Black Dragon’s voice was when he had encountered the demonic dragon’s saliva. Now that the voice did not appear, perhaps it was because the dragon soul in front of him was not at a high enough level to make it appear?

In any case, Jiang Shen Wu didn’t need to do it himself.

He watched as the giant net formed by the Devouring Power suddenly enveloped the dragon soul. Black smoke continued to come out from the areas where the two sides had made contact. The majestic dragon soul was actually being corroded by the Devouring Power.

This Dragon Fighter named ‘Zhou’ had an extremely fierce temperament after death. Just by looking at the many corpses of demon beasts and Dragon Fighter’s corpses in the deep pit was enough to know.

However, when faced with the Devouring Power, it was like a little sheep that had encountered an old wolf. It had no ability to resist and could only continue to be devoured by the Devouring Force.

The terrifying might of the dragon soul struggled, roared, and the dragon cry sounded out from the Evil Dragon’s Ruins, spreading out in all directions. The roar was filled with pain and despair, causing some of the nearby Wandering Dragon Warrior to feel terrified upon hearing it, and all of them returned to the nearby cities, not daring to stay outside.

“He really can swallow this dragon soul. I wonder where the corpse of ‘Zhou’ is. Could it be in this deep pit?”

As Jiang Shen Wu thought this, he wasn’t able to confirm this at all.

Seeing the dragon soul being continuously eroded and decayed by the devouring power, his mind was preoccupied with other aspects. He quickly ran to the unconscious Xue Tian Hu’s side and took out the stalk of spirit gra.s.s in his mouth.


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