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Chapter 3937 – Violent Bear

Jiang Shen Wu stepped onto the life-and-death arena.

The reason he came to life-and-death arena was naturally to devour specific power. He chose a Great Rock Bear from the very beginning.

This was a extremely strong Goblin Beast with pure blood and very strong primordial blood. Its strength was equivalent to that of the Sky dragon essence blood and it had the second level of the Sky Demon Realm. It was equivalent to the second level of Divine Martial Realm.

“Sky Demon have Inherent Skills, just like the previous Golden Dragon Lion. They used their Inherent Skills to defeat Xia Tianhan and Yue Yang.”

Jiang Shen Wu was very cautious.

Even though he had defeated the Zang Xijian, he did not let his guard down against it at all. He was very clear that the fighting strength of this Great Rock Bear was much more than that of the Zang Xijian, because this demonic beast had already won thirteen consecutive battles in life-and-death arena.

According to the rules of the life-and-death arena, those who challenged this Great Rock Bear must not exceed the second stage of Divine Martial Realm, and the inheritors of True Dragon Blood must not exceed the fourth stage of Divine Martial Realm. As a result, up until now, thirteen of the Dragon Fighter s had failed the challenge and died in the hands of this Great Rock Bear, becoming its food.

Now, as the blood of the dragon of the First Stage of the Divine Martial Realm, Jiang Shen Wu had come to challenge the Great Rock Bear, and had garnered the high attention of the life-and-death arena.

Before he led Jiang Shen Wu to pick his opponent, the life-and-death arena’s butler had told Jiang Shen Wu that he was worried that something might happen to him in the life-and-death arena. After all, he was the young man that the Saint Dragon Xi Tao thought highly of.

However, Jiang Shen Wu had promised repeatedly that he would definitely not die, and had even told him the truth of how he defeated the Zang Xijian today.

“If I win, I’ll get one million Dragon dollars and half of the guest’s reward. If I fail, I won’t be able to keep my life, right?”

Jiang Shen Wu confirmed the rules, and then chose the Great Rock Bear as his opponent.

He was first led by the life-and-death arena’s steward to the cage of martial arena in the middle of the life-and-death arena.

This was a giant cage surrounded by a st.u.r.dy cage, it was to prevent battles on the martial arena from harming the dignitaries of the spectator stand.

Jiang Shen Wu was brought to this ma.s.sive cage, just like an ornamental animal.

“Today, the one who came to our life-and-death arena was the Prince Consort of the Xi Residence, Little Brother Jiang Shen Wu. His current cultivation is First Stage of the Divine Martial Realm, and her opponent is the Great Rock Bear that won thirteen consecutive rounds, ‘Brother Tu’!”

This Great Rock Bear is called Brother Tu.

In the life-and-death arena, every beast had a similar code name, because this code name could stir up the mood of the audience and cause them to crazily throw money at it.

When the life-and-death arena’s manager introduced Jiang Shen Wu and his opponent, the thousands of people there immediately started shouting crazily.

The battle today was simply too exciting, it was actually the rumored future son-in-law of the Xi Residence, Jiang Shen Wu!

Recently, news about the future son-in-law of the Xi Residence had already spread across the entire Dragon Prison City. Even the ordinary warriors who had not awakened into the Dragon Fighter knew Jiang Shen Wu’s name, and knew that Jiang Shen Wu had defeated the other party in the duel with Xia Mansion Xia Tianhan.

Moreover, the Clan Martial Meet had been in full swing recently. The news of Jiang Shen Wu defeating Meng Tianxing yesterday had just spread out, shocking everyone.

However, to the entire Dragon Prison City, the clan compet.i.tion was still too small in scale, and the news spread rather slowly. Today’s news about Jiang Shen Wu defeating the Zang Xijian was not known by most people in the city.

Therefore, they had an estimate of Jiang Shen Wu’s strength. Wasn’t he the blood of the dragon from First Stage of the Divine Martial Realm?

“It’s not that surprising, since this brat is about to become the future son-in-law of the Xi Residence, why would he come to the life-and-death arena to seek death due to lack of money?”

“Hehe, he might still be seeking death, but it is said that this kid has created many miracles. Maybe he will be able to kill that Great Rock Bear today.”

“You said that Brother Tu will lose to him? Losing to a brat with only First Stage of the Divine Martial Realm? Don’t be ridiculous, this is impossible! “

“That’s right. This young master knows the strength of Brother Tu. No matter how strong this Jiang Shen Wu is, he won’t be a match for Brother Tu.”

Everyone was discussing with one another. The majority of them did not believe that Jiang Shen Wu was even a match for the Great Rock Bear ‘Brother Tu.

And Jiang Shen Wu’s “son-in-law of the Dragon Prison City” introduction made Xi Yuying’s face turn slightly red. She never thought that this kind of news would spread so fast that the entire city would already know about it.

However, the truth was, this matter was completely illusory.

Holy Dragon Xi Tao had this plan, but it was completely uncertain. As for Jiang Shen Wu and Xi Yuying, they did not really care about it, and many times these kinds of things happened naturally, so there was no need to be so entangled.

It was very obvious that the life-and-death arena was using this matter as an explosive point of this battle.

This piece of information was enough to motivate the audience, causing them to spend money, money, and more money!

“It’s actually a Great Rock Bear, can Jiang Shen Wu defeat it? A second stage Sky Demon Great Rock Bear and it had already killed thirteen Powerful Dragon Fighter s. Its strength is probably even more terrifying than the Zang Xijian. “

Jiang YueNing could not help but feel a little worried.

“Don’t worry, since he has chosen the Great Rock Bear as his opponent, he will definitely be able to defeat it.”

Xi Yuying actually had some confidence in Jiang Shen Wu, but in reality, her heart was a little chaotic, and it was hard for her to calm down. After all, this was the life-and-death arena, and the number of Dragon Fighter that died every year was simply countless.

To say that Jiang Shen Wu could defeat that Great Rock Bear with ease, even Xi Yuying himself did not believe it.

However, from the opponent called Great Rock Bear, she seemed to know Jiang Shen Wu’s goal, which was the power of devouring. He was going to use it against the strongest opponent in Monte family, Meng Chou.

“No matter what power Jiang Shen Wu devours, he seems to be more familiar with and resistant to that kind of power. But, he actually has set his sights on Meng Chou, the Genius dragon martial artist who will very likely obtain the number one position in the Clan Martial Meet! “

Xi Yuying was shocked.

She never imagined that Jiang Shen Wu would have such a high goal in mind. He wanted to take first place in the Family Martial Meeting.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen Great Rock Bear as his opponent.

Currently, the fifth day of the Clan Martial Meet’s preliminaries was still ongoing. But, Jiang Shen Wu was already preparing for the semifinals and the semifinals. It could be seen that Jiang Shen Wu had great ambitions.

However, Xi Yuying was the only one who vaguely knew that Jiang Shen Wu could devour his opponent’s power and increase his resistance to it.

Because she had been with Jiang Shen Wu for a long time, she was able to see through this special characteristic of Jiang Shen Wu’s talent. Besides healing, the power of Devour could also enhance one’s defense, but this defense enhancement should be temporary.


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