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Chapter 3956 – Ancient Body Peak

After the 10 battles continued and all of them ended, the top 10 rankers of the family Martial Meeting were finally decided.

Among them, there were a total of five blood of the dragon s, two blood of the dragon s and one True Dragon Blood inheritor of Sixth Stage of the Divine Martial Realm.

Finally, there was also Jiang Shenwu. He was the one with the lowest cultivation among the group.

However, no one dared to underestimate Jiang Shen Wu. Just by looking at how Jiang Shen Wu easily defeated Ji Yuefeng, they could tell that Jiang Shen Wu was definitely not weak. Even if he could not compare to Zang Feng, the strongest opponent, he would still have the strength to fight.

Of course, in the past, no one thought that Jiang Shen Wu would be number one, and now even less so.

“I bet that Jiang Shen Wu won’t make it into the top five of the second round.”

“That’s right. Those that can enter the top 10 are all geniuses from the various great clans. With Jiang Shen Wu’s strength, he is probably at the bottom of the 10.”

“It doesn’t make sense that the Holy Dragon Xi Tao would fall for such a kid. Without the Dragon Rank Dragon Soldier, this kid would never have made it to this step.”

Many people were extremely envious of Jiang Shen Wu. The main reason was that when he was chosen by Holy Dragon Xi Tao, not only did he give away a Dragon Rank Dragon Soldier, but he also wanted to marry his own daughter to Jiang Shen Wu.

But what they didn’t know was that all of this was something that Jiang Shen Wu had fought for with his life.

He had made a bet with Holy Dragon Summer Flame to defeat Xia Tianhan in the end!

As for Xi Yuying, this matter was still far from him, and at the moment, Jiang Shen Wu had never even considered it.

“He will be the opponent of the second round’s top ten, Gu Clan, Ancient Body Peak!”

In next to no time, their opponents had drawn lots.

Jiang Shen Wu’s opponent was a genius from the ancient family clan, the Ancient Body Peak!

Jiang Shen Wu had observed this person before, and knew that his main method was the Refinement Realm Dragon Skills.

Amongst the seventeen clans of the Dragon Confining Domain, the Gu Clan was the only clan that was proficient in body-tempering type Dragon Skills. They attached great importance to body-tempering type Dragon Skills, and basically all the Dragon Fighter s would cultivate a certain kind of body-tempering type Dragon Skills.

This Ancient Body Peak was a pract.i.tioner of body-tempering Dragon Skills. Its Divine Dragon Body’s defense was extremely terrifying, and it was definitely not inferior to Jiang Shen Wu’s magic crystal!

“Both sides are powerhouses of the Body Refinement Realm, and the Ancient Body Peak’s Fourth Stage of the Divine Martial Realm is three levels above Jiang Shen Wu’s martial arts realm. If the disparity between the talents of both sides is too great, Jiang Shen Wu will definitely lose this match.”

Many people in the crowd couldn’t help but think this way after learning of the result of the drawing of lots.

But Jiang Shen Wu didn’t think so.

“Just relying on the Body Refinement Realm’s Dragon Skills is absolutely impossible to defeat me in one fell swoop. That way, he can use the power of devouring to gradually weaken the Ancient Body Peak and make his strength become weaker and weaker!”

Jiang Shen Wu thought.

His greatest strength was not in his defense, but in his devouring ability!

Furthermore, the Ancient Body Peak’s innate strength was the power of the Earth Element’s main defense. It was very easy for Jiang Shen Wu to deal with it. After all, he had swallowed the Great Rock Bear’s huge rock power, so he had enough strength to resist the Earth Element’s innate strength.

Moreover, in this battle, he might even be able to devour the innate strength of the Ancient Body Peak, allowing him to continue increasing his resistance towards the power of the Giant Rock. This, in turn, would allow him to become more confident in fighting Meng Chou later on.

Just now, when Meng Chou had destroyed the Tree Sect’s Secret Map’s array formation, the strength that he had displayed was too terrifying. With Jiang Shen Wu’s current state, it would be difficult for him to block Meng Chou’s full power attack.

Coincidentally, he had arrived at the peak of the Ancient Body, which would allow him to level up a bit more.

Like before, Jiang Shen Wu was the first to enter the stage.

A 10 to 5 battle had already attracted many people to watch. In particular, this was likely the last match of Jiang Shen Wu.

From the start of the Clan Martial Meet, Jiang Shen Wu had given everyone too much shock. And this shock, could very well end in this battle and draw a conclusion, so countless people held their breath, not wanting to miss a single detail.

The body of the ancient peak was well-proportioned, and it seemed to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with power.

His expression was resolute as he stepped onto the martial arena. Clasping his fists and saluted Jiang Shen Wu, he became serious and waited for the battle to begin.

Among the seventeen clans of the Gu Clan, the overall strength of the Gu Clan was mediocre. It was not enough for the Ancient Body Peak to enter the top ten of the Martial Meet. He still wanted to improve, and it would be great if it could become the top five.

In fact, the Ancient Body Peak was secretly delighted.

This was because in the top 10, if his opponent was anyone else, his chances of winning weren’t high. But against Jiang Shen Wu, this was much better. At the very least, Jiang Shen Wu should have fully displayed his full strength.

As for the others, most of them still had their trump cards.


As the host announced the start of the battle, the entire Ancient Body Peak suddenly activated the divine dragon blood in its body. An Ancient Cliff Giant Dragon roared.

Although a reminder did not represent one’s true strength, a Divine Dragon Body’s physical strength would be greater the higher the reminder level. For example, a Sky Dragon’s physical strength was stronger than a True Dragon’s.

This was going to be a brutal melee!

Jiang Shen Wu transformed into a Dark Dragon, rising up and going straight for the Ancient Body Peak.

The two Divine Dragon Body s clashed in midair and a terrifying energy exploded out in that instant. The two Divine Dragon Body s were very powerful as they had both cultivated body-tempering type Dragon Skills!

After three years of settling down, he had already reached the Dragon Rank. In terms of defensive strength, he was not much weaker than Jiang Shen Wu’s magic crystal. After all, his martial arts cultivation was much stronger than Jiang Shen Wu’s.

“So powerful!” We must borrow the power of the Heavenly Saint Halberd in order to tie with him. “

Jiang Shen Wu had just met his opponent when his heart skipped a beat. He knew that this Ancient Body Peak must have a very powerful strength. Although his chances of winning against it weren’t small, the other side might also have some trump cards.

This was the first time he was facing off against a blood of the dragon with Fourth Stage of the Divine Martial Realm, so he definitely could not ignore it!

The Ancient Cliff Dragon’s entire body was covered with a layer of dark gray rocks. When it collided with Jiang Shen Wu, it simply did not move an inch; it was as firm as Mt. Tai.

This was the defensive skill cultivated from the body refining Dragon Skills, and was not condensed from the innate strength of the opponent!

“Let’s first try our best to attack.”

Shadow Dragon Tooth Transformation!

Quiet Shadow Dragon Fang condensed from all over Jiang Shen Wu’s body, and with the power of the Heavenly Saint Halberd, he attacked the surface of his opponent’s dark gray rock defense with his own golden power. In the next moment, an astonis.h.i.+ng power exploded forth!

The opponent’s dark gray rock surface finally showed signs of damage, but in the next moment, the opponent’s innate talent quickly appeared and repaired the surface layer of the rock defense.


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