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Chapter 4196 – Travelling

After a night of rest, the black-robed maiden killer still hadn’t woken up.

Jiang Shen Wu didn’t know the specific reason behind this, but he had no choice but to bring the unconscious woman along with him on the road.

According to their current pace, it would take around a month to go from Praying Phoenix to Dragon City.

During this month, the Princess Fire Phoenix had always been following Jiang Shen Wu.

They traversed the desolate countryside midway. Occasionally, they would obtain some heavenly and earthly treasures that contained quite a bit of the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Jiang Shen Wu did not take all of these treasures for himself, but gave a portion of them to the Princess Fire Phoenix, so that she could recover her b.u.t.terfly Fire Phoenix Dragon’s inherited blood essence as soon as possible. If she did not have the support of these treasures, it would take her several years to recover to her peak condition.

It had been far too long. Jiang Shen Wu couldn’t bear to see her continue to grow weaker like this.

Moreover, after she absorbed heavenly materials, Jiang Shenwu could also choose to absorb a portion of the b.u.t.terfly fire Phoenix dragon’s inherited blood essence. That way, he would be able to permanently increase his resistance to fire-attribute power.

Ever since they had left the Praying Phoenix, they had not encountered any problems.

And because there were some special marks on the bodies of the Princess Fire Phoenix s along the way, some of the demonic beasts did not attack them.

“This is the mark that my friends in Xunhuanlin left for me previously. This is the mark that was deemed by the beasts as my friend.”

Princess Fire Phoenix stretched out her hand. On her slender and snow-white wrist, there was a unique mark.

Jiang Shen Wu hadn’t realized this earlier.

But that was a good thing for him.

“The mark can only be maintained for a short period of time. After a year, it will disappear, but at least within that year, there won’t be any demon beasts looking for trouble with me. Even if I intrude into their territory, they won’t attack me.

Princess Fire Phoenix looked at the mark on his wrist. He still somewhat missed that time in Xunhuanlin.

Every time her father took away the b.u.t.terfly fire Phoenix dragon’s inherited blood, she would be extremely weak, and would then go to the Xunhuanlin to meet some demon beast friends, such as the little fox and the beautiful demon beast, etc.

However, she knew clearly in her heart that since Jiang Shen Wu had already cured her, and was able to start a new life after leaving Praying Phoenix, she would not be able to stay together with the beasts in Xunhuanlin forever.

It was not that she looked down on the Goblin Beast, but she had always been a human and a Dragon Fighter. She couldn’t possibly stay with the Goblin Beast forever, right?

She also wanted to become stronger. She had a dream in her heart, and that was to be able to become the Emperor of the Praying Phoenix, the same as her. After all, she had the same inherited blood essence as her.

Once she stepped into the Dragon Emperor Realm, she might be able to return to the Praying Phoenix and turn it into an even more powerful nation …

This was her dream.

One month later.

The two of them turned into dragons and flew into the Azure Dragon Country, bringing the girl in black with them.

After arriving at the Azure Dragon Country, he was not far from the Dragon City of the East Emperor.

In the Dragon King Kingdom’s territory, Jiang Shen Wu had once been forcefully imprisoned for half a year. Although he had made up for his grievances later on, he had still taught Jiang Shen Wu a lesson, letting him know that no matter what he did in the future, he had to be careful.

“What happened before she woke up?”

Jiang Shen Wu frowned.

From time to time, he would size up the black-clothed female It had to be said that the’s appearance was extremely good, and was considered one of the best beauties in the world. Furthermore, her appearance was pure, and seemed to be not one bit inferior to Princess Fire Phoenix.

Currently, other than her body being a little weak, there were basically no other problems. Her degree of weakness could not even compare to that of Princess Fire Phoenix.

However, she was unable to wake up and did not know what was going on.

Once they were within Azure Dragon Country, Jiang Shen Wu became even more anxious, bringing the two girls with him to Dragon City, the Eastern Emperor.

Finally, another seven days had pa.s.sed. Jiang Shenwu had already seen the mighty and majestic Divine Dragon floating in the clouds above him. It was none other than the Dragon Martial School of the Eastern Emperor!

No matter when Eastern Emperor Dragon Martial School saw it, they would always be incomparably shocked.

Especially now, when the Princess Fire Phoenix saw the Eastern Emperor Dragon Martial Academy, she felt a surge of pride. This was the place where the real Dragon Fighter resided, the place where they could nurture their supreme divine dragons!

When she was in the Praying Phoenix, the b.u.t.terfly Fire Phoenix Dragon’s inherited blood became weaker and weaker. When she thought back to it now, her days had been completely dark.

At this moment, in the instant she saw the Eastern Emperor Dragon Martial School, the shackles in her heart were finally broken. She was finally convinced that she had arrived at a new world.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Shen Wu brought her along as they flew, in the form of a Dark Dragon, towards the Dragon King.

That was the location of the Eastern Emperor Dragon Martial City.

On one hand, this was the place where the Dragon Fighter was most concentrated. On the other hand, it was also the place where the Dragon Fighter was most concentrated. The trade for the resources needed for cultivation was the most flouris.h.i.+ng.

On the other hand, every year, there would be a test run in the Eastern Emperor’s Dragon City.

As long as one was not older than a certain age, they had the qualifications to partic.i.p.ate in the Eastern Emperor Trials. Young Dragon Fighter who pa.s.sed the Eastern Emperor Trials had the chance to enter the Eastern Emperor Dragon Martial Academy and become a student of the Eastern Emperor Dragon Martial Academy!

This was the only other possibility for him to join the Eastern Emperor Dragon Martial Academy other than going through the various Dragon King Kingdom’s Sacred PaG.o.das.

Therefore, no matter if it was Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter, there were many Dragon Fighter in Dragon City that wanted to join the Eastern Emperor Dragon Martial School.

In order to join the Eastern Emperor Dragon Martial Academy, there were even some Dragon Fighter who would stay here to cultivate all year round, staying here for dozens of years!

In the end, if they did not even get the chance to, they could only leave, but these dozens of years of experience were extremely precious to the Dragon Fighter. As long as their talent was not too bad, it was very likely that they would be able to step into the realm of the Dragon Emperor.

Eastern Emperor Dragon Martial City.

East of the city.

With Princess Fire Phoenix in his arms, Jiang Shen Wu personally carried the girl in black to an elegant inn.

Because Princess Fire Phoenix was very weak, even Dragonforming was difficult. Thus, it was often Jiang Shenwu who carried her in the air.

After regaining his human form, it was simply impossible for the Princess Fire Phoenix to carry the girl in black again with his weak and fragile body. So he could only let Jiang Shen Wu do the job himself …

When he had carried the young girl into the city, he had attracted the attention of many people along the way. However, Jiang Shen Wu hadn’t even bothered to look at him.

He felt the young girl’s soft and delicate body in his embrace, and the faint fragrance that came from her constantly. In the end, he had the urge to burst out with youthful vigor, and this urge could not be avoided.


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