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Dragon-Blooded War God is a web novel completed by Feng Qing Yang, 风青阳.
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Chapter 473 – Silver Spear Wax

The seven black arenas were all about to show the final victor, but Ring One had caught most of the attention, because there were Long Chen and Zhao Wuji.

Even the seven great demon kings didn’t want to miss the battle between these two youths.

And at this time, Zhao Wuji, who was in a confrontation with Long Chen, was already the one who could not endure it any longer. If not for Long Chen, he would have definitely won three consecutive victories, so he incomparably hated Long Chen and wished that he could swallow him alive.

So not long after Long Chen knocked the two Fourth Level of the Heavenly Completion Stage warriors off the stage, Zhao Wuji started to attack. In the second trial, the strongest move he used was the Di Wu Ji Finger, but at this moment, he actually took out a silver spear from his Cosmic Bag!

Long Chen looked carefully, the silver spear looked similar to the green dragon halberd, its entire body was covered with fine silver scales, the sharp tip gave Long Chen the feeling of a gloomy and cold poisonous snake.

“The divine weapon of the Heaven Stage Medium, the Silver Snake Spear! My Zhao Family’s spear arts are unparalleled in the world, and that Di Wu Ji Finger is an evolved form of the spear arts, it’s a Heaven Stage High Rank combat skill! Once I master the supreme existence of my Zhao Family’s spear arts, how could your Jiang City’s sword formation be my match? “

After he finished speaking, his silver spear turned into a silver thread and rushed towards Long Chen with a speed that was almost as fast as Long Chen’s Traceless Demon Shadow.

“This guy’s gun is pretty good.” Long Chen praised in his heart. The figure of the Traceless Demon Shadow moved swiftly and his body immediately turned into numerous afterimages, appearing faintly in the middle of the black stage. Even the shadow of the Demon Emperor Sword could not see through it.

“Pretending to be ghosts?” Zhao Wuji let out a cold laugh. He had moved Long Chen to the limit and was very smart, so he chose to stay still and not change his mind. At the same time, he p.r.i.c.ked up his ears and listened to the surrounding sound of the wind.

“Here?” Zhao Wuji suddenly sneered, the silver spear in his hand suddenly leaped out like a swimming dragon, silver long snake s gushed out from his silver spear one after another.

“Breaking the River of Qi!”

It could be seen that this was a combat skill from the Heaven Stage Medium. Zhao Wuji was worthy of being called a genius, even though he managed to learn the same battle skill from the Heaven Stage High Rank, he still wasn’t able to slow down the battle skill from the Heaven Stage Medium!

“His perception is quite keen. It seems like the Traceless Demon Shadow no longer has any effect on experts at this level.” Long Chen deeply understood that the rules for elimination in this world were extremely cruel. The Traceless Demon Shadow that was previously the strongest movement technique was easily broken by someone when it reached the Holy Martial Empire.

Everyone’s progress was very fast, if the speed of progress did not exceed everyone’s, then they would be easily eliminated. The Traceless Demon Shadow was previously Long Chen’s treasure, but now it could only be considered a combat skill that could barely be used.

Only those supernatural abilities called Blood Refinement Qi were able to forever defy the heavens, and accompany Long Chen far away!

Facing Zhao Wuji’s crazy move, Long Chen chose to retreat, Zhao Wuji aimed for the opportunity, and refused to forgive him. With a move, he rushed towards Long Chen, pus.h.i.+ng him to the edge of the black stage.

“As expected, Zhao Wuji’s family background is a bit behind. Although that Long Chen seems strong, in truth he suffered from a loss due to his Innate Qi and was suppressed from the very beginning.”

“With just a mere Heavenly Completion Stage Level 1, no matter how strong your body is, it’s fine to deal with ordinary people with Fourth Level of the Heavenly Completion Stage, but if you meet Zhao Wuji, it would be a tragedy.”

Behind the arena, the great demon kings were all discussing.

As they spoke, the situation had reversed.

Honestly speaking, other than the aspects of Zhen Qi, Long Chen was much stronger than Zhao Wuji in many aspects. For example, Long Chen could complete a huge reversal from Zhao Wuji’s silver spear just by using an elementary heaven cla.s.s battle skill like Devil Dao Supreme Sword!

When Long Chen suppressed him, he found an opportunity. He directly used the Devil Dao Supreme Sword to cut off Zhao Wuji’s momentum, and at the same time, he released another Devil Dao Supreme Sword!

In his hands, the Devil Dao Supreme Sword seemed to be endless. Although his single attack was not strong, every single strike combined together like a torrential storm that completely overturned Zhao Wuji, leaving him unable to react!

“You want to fight me with such a small trick? I think you should go back and drink your milk! ” Long Chen laughed arrogantly, the current situation was completely opposite from before. Under Long Chen’s attack, Zhao Wuji was forced to retreat continuously, the way he retreated was much more miserable than Long Chen.

And Long Chen’s insult, made Zhao Wuji incomparably embarra.s.sed and angry!

He had always been proud of himself since he was young. Today, not only did Long Chen suppress him, he also made him feel humiliated.

“Oh? You’re going to go berserk? ” Long Chen had already reached a perfect state of mind towards the little guy. He could already tell from Zhao Wuji’s eyes that the compet.i.tive Zhao Wuji was already preparing for the Di Wu Ji Finger at this moment.

“Looks like this kid doesn’t believe in the judgement of the heavenly magic pillar, to actually choose to fight me head on. This is truly inconceivable.” Zhao Wuji almost fell off the stage because of this. With great difficulty, he managed to stabilize his body, the true energy in his body erupted as his fingers suddenly thrust forth. It was like a vortex, in the middle of the vortex, a bright, starlight arrow suddenly appeared!

“Di Wu Ji Finger!”

As Zhao Wuji explosively shouted, all of the attacks rushed towards Long Chen. To the outside world, it was as if Long Chen had been completely engulfed by Zhao Wuji’s attacks in an instant!

“Dead?” Such a thought instantly appeared in the hearts of many people.

But that thought did not last long, it was broken by a sharp sword light, following that, sword beams that formed the array formation quickly surrounded Zhao Wuji, as though they were covering the entire sky, Zhao Wuji did not have any chance to dodge. Seeing the sword light from everyone, all of the sword beams had sword runes transforming them, the sword energies quickly changing between sword energies.

In just an instant, the Di Wu Ji Finger, which was also a Heaven Stage High Rank offensive skill, was completely destroyed by Long Chen’s Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Sword Formation, and the might of the Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Sword Formation directly descended onto Zhao Wuji’s body. This happened in a very short period of time, but Zhao Wuji was completely terrified!

Zhao Wuji had never thought that he would actually die in a selection battle. To him, this selection battle was only a place where he would show his talent, and not a place where he would bury his bones.

However, he had no way to defend against Long Chen’s Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Sword Formation. That sharp sword beam had already completely pierced through his clothes, and very possibly, in the next instant, he would be cut into pieces by Long Chen’s Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Sword Formation!

“Father!” “Mother!” Zhao Wuji’s heart was in chaos, his mind a complete blank. At this moment, his heart was filled with ten thousand disbelieving regrets and despair, but at this point, everything was fate.

Long Chen was also hesitating on whether or not he should kill Zhao Wuji. In an extremely short period of time, a lot of information flashed through his mind.

Thinking about it, the Demon Emperor Sword whizzed towards Zhao Wuji’s direction.

Just at this time, a fiery hot gust of wind directly blew Long Chen away, the overbearing force did not estimate Long Chen at all, and shook him until he almost fell off the stage. Luckily Long Chen used his Demon Emperor Sword to block the attack at the critical moment, otherwise, he would have been injured this time!

“Who is it!” Long Chen stood still and hurriedly looked over. He saw a tall man with ugly skin and scarlet red skin coldly floating in front of Zhao Wuji, looking at him with that ice-cold gaze. It was as if Long Chen had fallen into an ice cave.

“The power of the Earth Martial Stage is within reach, it is indeed extraordinary!” Long Chen was secretly shocked in his heart. He was not a foolish person, of course he would not rush up to argue with someone who was clearly one of the seven great demon kings. Instead, he politely cupped his hands and asked: “On this stage, it should have been my disciples partic.i.p.ating.

He performed very well, even the Scarlet Ghost King would not be able to stab him.

Everyone was also thinking, why did the Scarlet Ghost King suddenly make a move when they saw that Long Chen was about to win? And judging from how Long Chen was pushed back just now, the Scarlet Ghost King seemed to be clearly biased towards Zhao Wuji.

The hearts of the youths who had just become Ancient Devil Region were a little unsettled, and they hurriedly waited for Scarlet Ghost King to answer. As for the others, they also looked over, and at this time, the other groups had almost finished their battles. Of the seven great Demon Kings’ direct disciples, six of them had already decided on their rankings, and Long Chen was the only one left.

On the other hand, Long Chen had defeated Zhao Wuji with an absolute advantage, just like in the previous two stages. Although everyone was a little shocked in their hearts, it wasn’t something that was difficult to accept.

Therefore, after Long Chen asked this question, basically everyone’s eyes were on Scarlet Ghost King.

Zhao Wuji, on the other hand, had a deathly pale face.

“Why did I do it? Do I need to talk to you, kid? ” The Scarlet Ghost King said coldly.

Since the other party came to be so arrogant, Long Chen was not afraid of him, and said: “Of course, Master is the one who is superior, the one whom I respect and respect, every Earth Martial Stage Ranker, I, Jiang City, admire him in my heart, but I heard that the Ancient Devil Region is a place with rules, and while we are following them and fighting on the stage, the Demon Lord is going to destroy them, I still do not understand, Master is a truly important person, I believe he will not argue with me because of my words, right?”

This time, most of the people in the audience were baffled. If Long Chen was eliminated, and Zhao Wuji became the arena master, they would not feel at ease anymore, and everyone would know that Long Chen’s strength was definitely above Zhao Wuji’s.


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