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Chapter 502 – Deceit

As expected, just as Scarlet Ghost King was about to make a move against Long Chen, the originally seated Duke Qing Li appeared in front of Long Chen. For Long Chen to be able to stand behind the Qing Li King safely, this feeling of being covered by others, was truly pleasurable, especially for a beautiful and mature woman like the Qing Li King.

“Scarlet Ghost King, you came to my The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep and attacked the direct disciple of my Pure Li King. What do you mean by that, do you want to start a fight between the two Demon Kings?” The Duke of Qing Li looked at his Scarlet Ghost King coldly.

“Direct disciple? This Jiang City, how could she be your direct disciple? You can only accept one direct disciple a year! ” Seeing that she could not make a move, the Scarlet Ghost King immediately roared.

“Do you really not know or are you just pretending not to know?! Originally, the disciple I accepted was Huangfu Qi, but after verification, Huangfu Qi is an important figure in the Huangfu Family. How could he possibly become my disciple? After she leaves, I can naturally allow Jiang City to become my direct disciple. This is my freedom, how can your Scarlet Ghost King have any objections? ” His face was covered in a thick layer of frost.

“Good!” Let’s not talk about whether he is a direct disciple for now. You should already know the reason why I came here today. Even if he is your direct disciple, he can’t kill my Scarlet Ghost King’s direct disciple! If I come here today, Jiang City will pay with her life! ” The Scarlet Ghost King did not want to fight with King Qishui. After all, a big fight between two Demon Kings would not benefit anyone, and they might even be punished by the Demon Emperor.

However, regarding Long Chen, he had to take his revenge today!

He intended to raise Zhao Wuji to be the second Ying Shaotian. At that time, the two great geniuses of the Scarlet Ghost King would definitely be able to suppress the other king palaces, which was why he had handed the Nine Heavens Thunder Sigil over to Zhao Wuji to protect his life. He did not expect that the moment the Nine Heavens Thunder Sigil was given away, the news of Zhao Wuji’s death would spread.

After hearing this news, Scarlet Ghost King was so heartbroken that he vomited blood. He quickly brought Ying Shaotian to his side and rushed to The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep to take revenge for Zhao Wuji.

Although Zhao Wuji was his direct disciple, Duke Qing Li had also said it here, and Long Chen was no longer a normal disciple. If he was a normal disciple, he, the Scarlet Ghost King, could kill whatever he wanted, but if it was a direct disciple, which Demon King would let his direct disciple be killed as he wished?

Since she had even said that, then from today onwards, Long Chen’s ident.i.ty would undoubtedly be that of a direct disciple of the Duke of Qing Li. This way, he would have the qualification to directly enter the Third Demon World, and of course, as a high-level disciple, he would also be able to go to the Level 7 of the Heavenly Completion Stage.

At this time, the Scarlet Ghost King was about to pay with his life.

It’s not that your direct disciple is a human, it’s just that my direct disciple is not a human. Fighting between disciples, it’s very common for Master to appear, that’s right, Zhao Wuji was indeed killed by my direct disciple, Jiang City, but do you know what happened? Jiang City, tell me, what exactly happened? “

Long Chen was neither servile nor overbearing, and directly narrated the events that happened last night from the very beginning. Scarlet Ghost King clearly knew in his heart that ever since Zhao Wuji had arrived at the Fifth stage of the Heavenly Completion Stage, he had practically come to find Long Chen every single day in order to get revenge. Thus, even though he believed Long Chen’s words, it did not mean that he would believe it on the surface.

“Bulls.h.i.+t!” If the Nine Heavens Thunder Sigil was used, how could a little fellow like you hide? Your words are completely full of loopholes, and I see that there’s something fishy about my disciple Zhao Wuji’s death, no? Could it be that someone was planning an ambush? Just to kill him? ” Scarlet Ghost King said coldly, those cold eyes, were like a sword piercing towards Long Chen.

“Scarlet Ghost King, what do you mean?” The Seep King said angrily.

“What do you mean? Let me speak the truth, my direct disciple is dead, so no matter what, you have to say something, or else my Scarlet Ghost King will not let this go easily. The Scarlet Ghost King spoke in a low voice, not backing down at all.

At this point, the Scarlet Ghost King had already made it clear that no matter what happened, the end result was that Zhao Wuji died in Long Chen’s hands.

“You want an explanation? That’s good, then I, the Duke of Qing Li, will accompany your Scarlet Ghost King in a match. It’s been almost five years since we’ve fought, so don’t think that I’m afraid of you! ” A cold light shone from the eyes of the Duke of Qing Li. Scarlet Ghost King did not give in at all. She had more guts than Scarlet Ghost King, and if Scarlet Ghost King wanted to say, she would say it even more directly.

“You and me? “Alright!” Hearing the Duke of Qing Li’s words, the Scarlet Ghost King burst out into laughter. He then stopped and said gloomily, “Good, you are the King of Qing Li. If you have the guts, well, if I don’t beat you up today, I won’t be able to quell my anger! The battle between the two Demon Kings, this is Ancient Devil Region Sky News! “

The conflict between the The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep and the Duke of Qing Li rapidly intensified as the Scarlet Ghost King and the King Qing Li locked gazes and their auras continued to rise, causing the other three people in the vicinity to feel a little uncomfortable.

At this time, he smiled slightly and said: “Please listen to me: The two of you are people with great statuses in Ancient Devil Region, if you were to fight recklessly, it will definitely affect Ancient Devil Region’s reputation and even her position. Today, it is a grudge between the younger generation, so I think the younger generation should settle it, what do you say?”

Long Chen’s pupils shrank. From Ying Shaotian’s words, Long Chen already felt that this fellow seemed to be difficult to deal with …

As expected, after hearing his words, the Duke of Qing Li and the Scarlet Ghost King stopped fighting. The Scarlet Ghost King was very satisfied with his direct disciple, which was even more so than Zhao Wuji.

Ying Shaotian laughed, then looked at Long Chen and said, “Previously, didn’t Master not believe that this Jiang City could handle the Nine Heavens Thunder Sigil? My single attack could almost match the power of a Nine Heavens Thunder Sigil. Then if I attack with just one, if Jiang City is able to withstand it, wouldn’t that mean that what he said was true? In other words, if what he said was true, then this Junior Brother had challenged others last night and even used a method of To be honest, she was bringing shame upon herself. It was only right that she died!

This Ying Shaotian was truly a clever and tactful person. He caught a key point in the conversation between Scarlet Ghost King and the Duke of Qing Li, and the goal was to use his Eighth level of the Heavenly Completion Stage to attack Long Chen, but he said that it was watertight.

It had to be known, that with his strength, how could the Long Chen from one day ago be able to handle it? When he directly killed Long Chen in one move, he could have said that he did it unintentionally.

With regards to the wisdom of this disciple, even Scarlet Ghost King had admiration for him. He laughed loudly and said, “What Shaotian says makes sense. Duke Qing Li, does your disciple dare to accept the test? If he doesn’t dare, it means that he was lying just now. If that’s the case, then don’t blame me for being rude! “

Of course the Qing Li King was hesitating. Ying Shaotian’s words were just too awesome, even she didn’t know how to respond. Letting Long Chen take on one of Shaotian’s moves, wasn’t that simply courting death?

Just as the Duke of Qing Li was about to reject, Long Chen said lightly: “This method is very good. Since Brother Ying wants to verify, then come, but I’ll say it first. If I’m fine and block your attack, then I ask you to bring your master and leave the The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep. We do not welcome you here.”

“Jiang City!” The Duke of Qing Li and Liu Yiyi were both shocked. In their opinion, Long Chen agreeing like this was simply too impulsive, right? Liu Yiyi had seen Ying Shaotian’s strength before, and he was definitely stronger than her.

Ying Shaotian’s expression changed slightly. Everything that happened earlier was under his control, and it was just the first sentence from Long Chen, and it seemed that the situation had already slipped out of his control.

“Honestly speaking, if not for junior brother’s death, I would not want to come to The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep.” He could be considered to have agreed to Long Chen’s request. At least, Long Chen was able to catch it, so he and Scarlet Ghost King immediately turned around and left.

“Don’t worry.” After that, he directly dispersed the crowd and stood in the empty s.p.a.ce in the middle of the palace. He looked at Ying Shaotian with rapt attention, and said lightly, “Come, don’t waste time.”

Scarlet Ghost King and Ying Shaotian looked at each other, and only then did Ying Shaotian walk ten meters in front of Long Chen. He carefully examined Long Chen for a while, but didn’t find anything strange about him.

“In the selection battle, I have seen his performance before, but he was only barely able to surpa.s.s Fourth Level of the Heavenly Completion Stage. He was a huge difference from me, and should be pretending to be mysterious or something, but it just so happens that I can end his life. Who knows, once Master gets happy, he might bestow me something.”

As he thought of this, Ying Shaotian’s eyes turned cold. His true qi began to flow, and a slight wind caused his robe to flutter. For a moment, he looked like a divine general that had descended from the heavens.

Long Chen thought for a bit, and still did not use the Dragon Soul Transformation. Now was not the time to battle with Ying Shaotian, so revealing his true strength was not beneficial, so today, he could only send the two of them back.

At the side, Liu Yiyi and the Duke of Qing Li were watching with a worried expression. To the Qing Li King, Long Chen was his hope in one month. If Long Chen disappeared now, then The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep would suffer a huge loss.

At this moment, Ying Shaotian’s figure flashed, and his entire person rushed towards Long Chen like a crazy gust of wind. When he neared Long Chen, he frantically pointed his finger out, and the color of the sky changed instantly. The strong wind whistled, and that huge storm blew Long Chen’s long hair up into the air.


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