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Chapter 775 – Myriad Demons Spear

Following closely behind Situ Yao, Situ Yu walked into the center of Situ Yao’s residence. Along the way, Situ Yao didn’t say anything, so Situ Yu was a little nervous. Although he was very proud of what he had done today, he didn’t know what the older generation would think.

At this time, Situ Yao finally turned his head to look at him. In Situ Yao’s eyes, Situ Yu saw a trace of praise, and he relaxed a little. He knew that Situ Yao was quite satisfied with his performance tonight.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t know that Susu Xue actually followed Long Chen up, and the Broken Armor Arrow didn’t take Long Chen’s life either, which caused him to have the Sevenstar Monarch’s inheritance. Now, everyone knows, we want to obtain the Sevenstar Monarch’s inheritance, it is truly difficult, but it is even more difficult.”

Situ Yu was also depressed because of this matter. Although he managed to salvage the last bit of opportunity he had, it was truly too difficult to rely on this chance to obtain the inheritance of the Sevenstar Monarch.

“Grandfather, do you think there’s any possibility? If I defeat or even kill Long Chen after a month, the Patriarch will bestow his Sevenstar Monarch’s inheritance to me. After all, all of the elders of the eight great sects want this inheritance, so no one can subdue anyone. Situ Yu tried to guess.

“That’s a good idea, but if you want to accomplish it, you need to deal with a lot of unexpected things, and the Patriarch won’t let you kill Long Chen as you wish, but that Long Chen was clearly an impulsive person, and might even be able to kill him that day. Your performance tonight was extremely good, and exceeded my expectations, but you have to guarantee that you will be able to kill Long Chen as fast as possible in a month’s time.” Situ Yao said with a deep look in his eyes.

Situ Yu laughed and said, “Don’t worry Grandfather, I have recently come to the edge of the ninth stage of the Earth Martial Stage. If you help me a little during this period of time, I can definitely reach the ninth stage of the Earth Martial Stage a month ago and obtain the same realm as Grandfather!”

To be able to reach the ninth stage of the Earth Martial Stage at such a young age, he could already be considered an absolute genius. If Situ Yu were to continue cultivating like this, it was possible for the Situ Family to have an expert from the Heaven Martial Stage within ten years, and even reach the level of a Clan Chief at the second stage of the Heaven Martial Stage in his lifetime!

“Are you sure that you can reach the ninth stage of the Earth Martial Stage in one month?” Situ Yao asked in surprise.

Long Chen is at the sixth stage of the Earth Martial Stage. Although I don’t know what kind of strange method he use to actually be able to kill Chen Yang, I am already much stronger than him right now, not to mention that I will be at the ninth stage of the Earth Martial Stage in a month’s time. At that time, I reckoned that I would be able to kill him in one move. Situ Yu said as he looked at Situ Yao with antic.i.p.ation.

“You mean, you want the Myriad Devil Spear?” Situ Yao smiled and said.

“The Ten Thousand Devil Spear is the strongest weapon in my Situ Clan, the only primary weapon of the imperial clan. With the Ten Thousand Devil Spear in my hand, I can definitely kill Long Chen the moment I attack. The Myriad Manifestation Demon Spear has become hundreds of millions of bodies, which is something that little Long Chen can resist. ” Situ Yu said complacently, at the same time he looked at Situ Yao with antic.i.p.ation.

“Long Chen is only at the sixth stage of the Earth Martial Stage, and his true essence is causing him to be far from being able to use the ‘Three Thousand Star Domain’. If the ‘Three Thousand Star Region’ were to act out, I naturally wouldn’t let you take the Ten Thousand Devil Spear, which is not something that can compare to this Legendary Weapon. But since Long Chen can’t use the ‘Three Thousand Star Domain’, then take this Ten Thousand Devil Spear.”

“Thank you, Grandfather!” This grandson will definitely work hard, kill Long Chen, and s.n.a.t.c.h the ‘Three Thousand Star Region’ for grandfather to use! ” Situ Yu said with incomparable excitement.

The grandfather and grandson duo looked at each other and laughed. Their laughter was filled with unbridled madness.

“Grandfather, since it’s like this, then we won’t waste anymore time. I’ll go cultivate and try my best to reach the ninth stage of the Earth Martial Stage in the shortest amount of time. I’ll then give everyone a pleasant surprise!”

In one night, Long Chen told Su Yan everything he knew, and that telling Su Yan that this was not his goal was actually just to find someone to talk to. In one night’s time, he had already resolved all the worries in his heart, and at this time, Su Yan had also understood Long Chen as a person. It couldn’t be denied that she felt that she had a good impression of Long Chen, but his good impression of Long Chen was insignificant in regards to their previous relations.h.i.+p.

So tiny that even Su Yan herself could only hide it deep within her heart, and didn’t dare to take it out again.

She had already shed a lot of tears, but she still couldn’t help but go comfort Long Chen, and said: “Big brother, you don’t have to worry. With your abilities, you will definitely be able to find Big Sister Ling Xi.

Long Chen laughed helplessly, he did not know why he would tell a little girl this, so he said: “Yan Er, I have only told you about this matter, you cannot tell others, just let them laugh at me.”

“Of course not, this is a secret between us, hehe” Su Yan snorted, and said a little happily. To her, Long Chen had only told her but not her elder sister. To her, this was already enough.

“The reason why I told you all of this is because I don’t want to make you sad. If I was still alive, one day, I would have left you, this place.” Long Chen said to her clearly.

He did not want the little girl to miss him for too long one day when he suddenly disappeared.

“Mm. Alright.” Su Yan nodded her head obediently and said.

Su Yan was already very satisfied with Su Yan being able to understand so. After explaining everything to her, seeing that Long Chen and Sanxue had understood everything, the little girl would probably not feel sad anymore.

Actually Long Chen didn’t know, that at this moment, she was feeling even more sad, it was just that she didn’t explain it clearly.

Yan Er, I still need to duel with Situ Yu in a month, I will be going to cultivate. In a few days, I will be feeding you blood and drinking it, haha. “

“Brother, are you sure you won’t leave me within a hundred days?” Su Yan asked nervously.

“That’s for sure, because that’s my promise. I think that Situ Yu, that brat, wants to kill me, so even if it’s for you, I can’t die in his hands.”

“Really?” Su Yan laughed happily again.

After chatting for a while longer, Long Chen finally left the place. At this time, the sky was completely bright, and the things that happened last night quickly circulated in the entire Greenwood Sky City. Along with the arrival of the many warriors, this news gradually spread throughout the entire Archaic Graveyard, and it was estimated that in a few days, all of the experts in the Archaic Graveyard would know that this youth called Long Chen had obtained the inheritance of the Sevenstar Monarch, and then become the son-in-law of the Clan Leader of the Demon Clan, Bai Lan.

At that time, Bai Lan would probably be envied and hated by the other Patriarchs. After all, getting the inheritance of the Sevenstar Monarch so easily was something that anyone would be envious of.

During the day, the sun would appear and the light of the stars and moon would be suppressed. Long Chen also could not absorb astral qi s to cultivate the seven star body, but during this time, he would be able to consolidate his knowledge on seven star body and other astral qi s.

In the following month, the seven star body and the Monolith of the War G.o.d were Long Chen’s main attacking directions. The most perfect state was that not only had Long Chen completely mastered the seven star body, but he was also able to comprehend the Monolith of the War G.o.d and reach the seventh stage of the Earth Martial Stage. That way, no matter what methods Situ Yu used, Long Chen would be able to defeat him.

As he progressed seriously, the night gradually arrived and the stars filled the sky as they once again appeared, scattering all over the green colored land. Long Chen took the opportunity to arrive at the top of the ancient tree at this time, and this time, he did not need Pure Snow to accompany him, because Long Chen knew, that Bai Lan was already protecting him in the shadows. Bai Lan was the strongest warrior in the Archaic Graveyard, and with his protection, Long Chen could have no worries at all.

This Bai Lan was indeed good to him.

This kindness, Long Chen firmly remembered it in his heart.

Sitting on a leaf at the peak, Long Chen silently started to circulate the Seven Glorious Star Incantation. Very quickly, starlight filled the air, completely enveloping his body within the starlight.

“The astral qi’s destructive aura is much scarier than the gold eating qi, and what I want to do is to absorb the astral qi into my body, let it hone its own body, and transform the astral qi into its own strength, allowing its own body to obtain absolute strength, thus forming the seven star body. This seven star body is a middle level Emperor level battle skill, it is extremely powerful!”

However, the more powerful the battle skill, the more difficult it would be to cultivate in it, and the more powerful the battle skill, the more powerful the battle skill, the more difficult it would be to cultivate in it.

Advancing forward bravely was the true reason!

Therefore, Long Chen was not afraid in his heart!

With Long Chen’s body, how could he withstand the astral qi?

He would have to rely on the Seven Glorious Stars for this. The Seven Glorious Starry Spell, the Seven Glorious Starlight that Long Chen had cultivated earlier, was not completely useless. Using this Seven Glorious Starry Spell, Long Chen was able to activate the astral qi in the middle of the starry sky.


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