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Chapter 976 – The Ye Family’s Powerful a.s.sault

“Even if I don’t really care, there are a lot of people who want it. If this is spread out, not to mention the people from the Nether Palace, even the people from other places or the Eastern Emperor Region will rush here. At that time, even if I do not want to open it, I will be forced to. If this news were to spread, it would not be beneficial to my Ye Clan or the Su Clan.

“So, the G.o.d Slaughtering Tomb must be opened. The Su Family people will definitely come and discuss about the G.o.d Slaughtering Tomb in secret. At that time, we will see what exactly they want to do so that they will be willing to return my brother to me.” Ye Xuan said.

“With a weakness in your hands, the more you act as a s.h.i.+eld for Ye Xuan, the more the other party will take advantage of you.” Long Chen reminded.

“But, what can I do? My parents are already old. In a few decades, he will probably be my only family.” Ye Xuan shook his head, and said with grief in his eyes.

Long Chen also wanted to sneak in to save Ye Xuan, but with so many A powerful warrior of the Divine Martial Realm s appearing, under the powerful scan of the opponent’s divine sense, Long Chen basically had nowhere to hide. Forget about Long Chen, even if he was in the Su Family’s territory, he would not be able to save Ye Xuan completely.

“Su Zhen is very smart. He knows the inner workings of my Ye family.” Ye Xuan suddenly lowered his head and said.

“What’s going on?” From Ye Xuan’s words, it seemed like the Su Family was not very harmonious?

“I am the Ghost City’s Mayor by myself, you should know that although I am the Ye Family’s strongest warrior, and the Ye Family can only become a first-rate family because of me, in the Ye Family, I am not the direct descendant. The Patriarch’s position is for someone else. Of course, my Red Lotus Jade Pendant was pa.s.sed down to me by the previous Patriarch. For this reason, the current Patriarch is at odds with me. “

With just a few words, Long Chen could roughly guess what happened to Ye Xuan at the Ye Family.

“Our Ye Family has a lot of Third Stage of the Divine Martial Realm, and even the fourth stage, can be of help. But if they hear the news of the G.o.d Slaughtering Tomb, they would definitely urge me to open it, and might not even care about my brother’s life and death, but if I focus on my brother’s life, if I do not summon my family members over, Su Zhen is also afraid that I will go all out, and he does not even want to open the G.o.d Slaughtering Tomb, he just wants to save him. “But he knows that I will definitely call them over, because with just my strength alone, I can only restrain Su Zhen.”

“Therefore, Su Zhen is waiting. He does not want to discuss it with you, but wants to discuss it with your family members, because they are the ones who want to obtain the Killing G.o.d’s inheritance the most. They have common interests, but if you are not counted, they are not Su Family’s match!”

Su Zhen could be said to be one of those extremely cunning people.

Using the internal conflict between Ye Xuan and the Ye Family, as well as the hearts of the Ye Family members and Ye Xuan wanting to save Ye Xuan, as long as he had a strict plan, he could save many people.

“So what did you decide to do?” Long Chen felt chaos.

Ye Xuan laughed coldly, and said: “No matter how discordant it is, this is a matter of the family’s survival, I must call them over and show them my power, at that time, I will only focus on my little brother’s safety, but, my Ye Family’s inheritance, will not be easily taken away by anyone else, my little brother has his weakness, and they have it, but this Red Lotus Jade Pendant is also their weakness, other than myself, no one else is able to use it.


After he finished speaking, the railing in front of him was immediately broken by Ye Xuan.

“Long Chen, for you to be able to return this time and tell me such an important secret, you must have taken a lot of risks. Rest a.s.sured, there will be a day when I, too, will take revenge for Grandfather Dugu. ” Ye Xuan turned around, his intelligent eyes were filled with worry.

Long Chen waved his hand and said, “I am now half a member of the Ye Family. If you use it in my place next, you will definitely go through fire and tread water, and will not refuse to do whatever you say. Ye Xuan is my brother after all. “

Hearing this, Ye Xuan was moved.

In this moment of crisis, Long Chen seemed to be the only person he could speak to. With such a heaven defying talent, even if he could only use his brain for a short period of time, one day in the future, he would definitely blind others with his dog eyes. It was as though he had used his strength that was not even in the Divine Martial Stage yet to knock Su Xue out of the arena with her Divine Martial Stage.

“Alright then, follow me next. I can discuss anything with you.” “First of all, call them over.”

Long Chen nodded.

The two of them went down from seven-colored paG.o.da.

This beautiful lanterns party, this beautiful seven-colored paG.o.da, had already become not beautiful anymore. This was probably the last August 15th, light party that Ye Xuan would ever experience in his life.

After going back, Ye Xuan had already used the secret puppet bird to transmit all the information to the Ye Family. After getting the news, the Ye Family’s upper echelons were completely shaken, and amongst them, the Ye Family led the Ye Family’s more than ten experts, or at least at the peak of the Second Stage of the Divine Martial Realm, rus.h.i.+ng over to Ghost City from the Ye Family.

Of course, Su Zhen was not stupid enough to make a move on the Ye Family. Su Zhen’s att.i.tude was clear, he was here to work together with the Ye Family, and Ye Xuan was just a bargaining chip between them. At the same time, the person guarding the Crimson Lotus in the Blood Sea was also a bargaining chip for his Su Family.

Even if the Su family did not have the key, they still had the right to speak to the Ye family. After all, in the Nether Realm, they could not be considered the strongest person. If this news were to spread, it would not even benefit the Su Clan’s Ye Clan.

One day more than ten days later, Ye Xuan was sitting in the middle of the Zixuan Hall and Long Chen was also there. He had been cultivating in the Zixuan Hall for the past few days and Ye Xuan would occasionally teach him a little. Beneath Ye Xuan’s throne, Dugu Jun was the strongest person, while the others were either not strong enough or were not Ye Xuan’s trusted aides.

Long Chen was Ye Xuan’s direct disciple, and because of his special ident.i.ty and being a person who knew everything, he was able to stay by Ye Xuan’s side.

In this battle, basically, only Third Stage of the Divine Martial Realm could be used.

After the Ye Family arrived, Su Zhen and the others would probably come over after receiving the news.

However, to Ye Xuan, the Ye Family was also a problem.

The Ye Family’s Patriarch was around the same age as Su Zhen. His name was Ye Xizhi, and he was the Ye Family’s first female Patriarch in so many years. Although he was old, Ye Xizhi looked to be at most in his forties, with a graceful figure. She could still be considered a middle-aged lady. Ye Xizhi was one of Ye Xuan’s ancestors, and he was not a direct descendant of the Ye Family. He basically wasn’t blood related to Ye Xizhi. Furthermore, Ye Xuan was currently the most popular person in the Ye Family, but even though Ye Xizhi was the Patriarch, he wasn’t as popular as Ye Xuan. There were even people who said that they wanted Ye Xizhi to give up the position of Patriarch, and let Ye Xuan take it.

After all, Ye Xuan was the strongest.

Other than Ye Xizhi, the Ye Family had a lot of elders with Third Stage of the Divine Martial Realm. This time, they had sent out almost all of their forces, making a total of ten Third Stage of the Divine Martial Realm cultivators, three of whom were at the perfection-stage of the Third Stage of the Divine Martial Realm. As for the Ye Family’s patriarch, he was a martial artist with perfect Fourth Stage of the Divine Martial Realm.

Ye Xizhi also had a husband, who was a wandering pract.i.tioner who had been married into the family. Cultivation is the state where one enters the Fourth Stage of the Divine Martial Realm. Compared to Ye Xizhi, they were weaker by a level.

Two Fourth Stage of the Divine Martial Realm and ten Third Stage of the Divine Martial Realm. This was nearly all of the Ye Family’s strength.

This kind of strength was slightly less than that of the Su Family’s. However, it could be considered a first-cla.s.s family in the entire Nether Realm.

This group of people naturally attracted the attention of many people in Ghost City.

“He’s coming.” Ye Xuan had been waiting for this moment.

He and Long Chen walked out of the Zixuan Hall, and at this time, a dozen or so people had already slowly descended from the sky. Just like Ye Xuan, he was also dressed in a purple cheongsam. Under his thick makeup, he did indeed have a mature charm, but compared to Ye Xuan, he seemed to be more effective in doing things.

She was the current Patriarch of the Ye Family, Ye Xizhi.

Beside Ye Xizhi was her current husband, Teng Long. He was also a Fourth Stage of the Divine Martial Realm cultivator, but Teng Long was a tall and skinny old man who wore a set of tight black clothes. His hair was already snow-white, and he had a hooked nose.

Behind them, most of them were elders, a bunch of the Ye Family’s antiques.

Both of them met in front of the Zixuan Hall’s gate. Long Chen noticed that the expressions of the dozen or so people were extremely cold, and when they arrived, they all raised their heads to look at Ye Xuan, and then, Ye Xizhi led the way while the others followed her into the Zixuan Hall. When they arrived beside Ye Xuan, Ye Xizhi shot her a glance, and said: “Hurry up and follow me in!”

When everyone entered the Zixuan Hall, Ye Xizhi sat at Ye Xuan’s seat, and the others sat down on the sides, and Long Chen actually had no seats left, waiting for Ye Xuan to enter, Ye Xizhi’s eyes were lifted as a gush of killing intent surged towards him. He slammed the table and said coldly: “You have stayed here for so long, yet you don’t even know about the inheritance of my Ye Family, and have wasted your Red Lotus Jade Pendant! The Red Lotus Jade Pendant does not belong to you. It is something that only the head of the Ye family can own. Now pa.s.s this Red Lotus Jade Pendant to me, then we can study what happens next. “

Ye Xuan did not move.

Teng Long, who was at the side, was not as angry as Ye Xizhi. He laughed and said: “Ye Xuan, you are still young, and your will is not mature enough, so you are easy to be tricked. For important things like the Red Lotus Jade Pendant, let us keep them.”


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