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Scene of Carnage


When I told everyone that I was going to fight the Ogre King, everyone reacted.

“Huh? How did something like that happen!?”
Carlos had the most direct response.

“Ah, well, it is Ria.”
Lulu gave up.

“Yeah yeah, template template!” [TN: Template is something j.a.panese people say like how we say stereotypical fantasy things (and games, etc). Like elves HAVING to live in the forest and stuff like that.]
Serge was saying something that I didn’t understand the meaning of.



“Still, Nee-chan really likes to fight huh. Weren’t you born with a tail?”
“It wasn’t there when I was born, but it may grow here soon.”
Though if it did grow, it would be a lizard’s tail, not a monkey’s.

The rules are anything goes. Fainting, surrendering, death, or if you can’t stand up in a ten count you would lose. It was a dangerous decision. To the point that there were no observers, it was more ill-natured than a duel.
“Am I in charge of healing again…?”
“It’s different from when I fought Reyas this time. I might die.”
“No no no, I’d be troubled if you died!”
Carlos seriously tried to stop her, but Ria wouldn’t stop.

“No no no, that’s seriously dangerous Nee-chan.”
Saying that she would fight in the plaza, Serge also realized it.
Ogre King-san. Using Identify on him, he saw it.



Level 125.



By the way, Carlos is level 35, Lulu 32, and Serge 25.

“Levels aren’t everything.”
“No no no, you know, if it were a difference of 5 or 10 you could say that. But even his Skills are ridiculous you know?”



Heavy Weapons level 9.



“I see. Level 9 huh…”
“After Body Strengthening, Bone Strengthening, Herculean Strength, Intimidation, Roar, Robust Health, Strong body as well as all kinds of resistances, including high magic resistance, and also clearly having various fighting skills, doesn’t he have the strength of a last boss cla.s.s? If it were all of us we might somehow manage, but for your level?”
“I look forward to it.”
Ria smiled. It was a smile from the bottom of her heart.
What was fun about fighting weaklings? As for fighting with the chances against you, wouldn’t you want to fight seriously?
She was serious.



The crowed clamored. Leaving her leather armor and short sword with Lulu, as well as her magic bag since she would be troubled if it were to rip, Ria went to the center of the large plaza.

Already finished with his preparations, the Ogre King carried his weapon on his shoulder.

The Ogre King drew in a breath.

(I’m coming!)
A roar that shook the air emanated from the Ogre King.
More than half of the onlookers that came to watch fell out of fear, half of them fainting.

In an instant, Ria closed the distance. The Ogre King’s face warped in astonishment.
He didn’t sense her approach. No, he’d never seen movements like that.

It was an original way of walking martial art, something that you couldn’t sense start.
And without stopping, Quick Draw.

There was an intense metallic sound.
Both separated instantaneously.
The spectators couldn’t understand what happened.

The Ogre King’s warhammer fell down, damaged.

However, Ria’s katana was also chipped.
Even though she’d used her best katana just in case, she wasn’t able to perfectly cut through the thick metal lump.
She thought that she would be able to cut through the handle, but the Ogre King didn’t allow it. He defended with the thickest part.

Without hesitating, Ria swung her katana. The Ogre King intercepted it.

A continuous crashing could be heard.
Ria’s katana couldn’t be seen. However, the Ogre King stopped all of the attacks.
He swung the warhammer.
She dodged. Her clothes torn by her shoulder being just barely grazed.

(If only I had Nagasone Kotetsu.)
If it were that j.a.panese sword, it could cut through any lump of metal. If that were reinforced with this world’s magic, this would be over.
However, there were no j.a.panese swords in this world. There were something close, but the steel was different. Having said that, the strength of mithril katanas still wasn’t enough.

After preparing our weapons, the match started. I have no choice but to fight with what I have now. That’s the truth.

She opened the distance between them. It had finished before even a breath. However, in this short bout of offense and defense, her magic power and endurance were entirely diminished.
“You’re an interesting human. Of the times I’ve had enjoyment in my life, you’re the second since that man.”
“That man?”
I adjusted my breath, and in order to recover a bit, I spoke.
“A human man. He had considerable skill in the sword and magic. Of the two times I’ve lost in my life, one was to that human.”
I was amazed to learn that there’s a human that could beat this monster.
“What’s this person’s name?”
“I introduced himself as Ars. Since he’s in Krasli Kingdom, if you’re still alive when we finish this fight, you should go meet him.”
With that, the Ogre King grinned.
“Have you recovered?”
Ria’s High Speed Recovery skill helping her endurance and magic power was noticed.
“You’re pretty calm.”
“No, I’m just enjoying myself. Still, I have a trump card you know?”
“Then, how about… this!”

She drew closer.
And again, the repeated their bout of offense and defense.

Ria was just barely able to dodge, and there was just a small wound on the Ogre King’s skin.
The warhammer was slightly chipped from the first attack. This slight error in its balance impeded the exchange between him and his opponent.
Even so, she couldn’t land the decisive blow. Even if she cut a bit of skin, it was of no concern given ogres’ vitality.

And each time she exchanged blows with the Ogre King, the stamina of Ria’s katana decreased.



“How the heck is this happening? Ria is winning?”
Lulu wasn’t able to see the exchange of blows between the two. Even for Carlos, who’d trained in the sword and was better than the average person, it was the same.
“I think they’re even. However, using it like that, the katana is probably going to break.”
“You can see them?”
“I used acceleration magic on my eyes.”
Serge said so proudly, though the situation was bad.
In spite of narrowing the acceleration to his senses, the best he could do was follow the battle.
Compared to warhammers that smash to kill, katanas make use of slashes. Of course metal rods can be used to could exchange blows, but a blade will be crushed. Serge had such useless knowledge.



Of course, Ria also understood this.
Even if you ward it off with the side of the blade, avoiding it from hitting the edge of the blade, it would undoubtedly break sooner or later. The katana would become unusable.

She looked for a way out of the situation.
Magic? Useless. With the degree that Ria could use offensive magic, she had already used too much magic on body reinforcement.

If that’s the case, there’s no choice but to do it.

Forcing the katana’s trajectory, she drove it into the warhammer’s shaft.
With a clear sound, the sword broke.
The Ogre King brandished his warhammer, and she barely dodged it. There was a crater in the ground from the force of the impact, and the warhammer broke from its hilt.

The katana broke from halfway down. The Ogre King lost his weapon.
Aiming his right fist at Ria’s face, the Ogre King swung. The katana was light from being broken, and she swung to sever his hand.
Though the katana’s blade had been crushed, it still reached the Ogre King’s bones.
But the fist didn’t stop. The trajectory was shifted, but it hit Ria’s left shoulder.

The joint was disconnected, and bones were smashed.

The shock blew her away twenty or so meters. She lost her grip on the katana.

She was saved since she was thrown into the spectators. Ogre muscles were perfectly good cushions.

Even though I have pain tolerance, painful is painful. While healing myself with magic, I returned to the plaza.
The Ogre King easily pulled out the stuck katana and pulled up his fists vigilantly.

With that injury, he should be more or less restricted to his right hand.
Though Ria’s left arm wouldn’t move either. When the bones were smashed so messily, it wouldn’t be recovered by a simple heal.
“You damaged my strengthened body.”
“I strengthened my weapon with magic.”
When used against Reyas it could sever an arm through armor, but didn’t work on the Ogre King.

“Lulu! Katana!”
A human isn’t a match for an ogre without a weapon. Lulu threw the short sword she was looking after to Ria.
But the Ogre King wouldn’t stay silent seeing the opening.

Ria extended her hand to the air. Aiming at her, the Ogre King swung his left fist.



However, that was Ria’s plan.

The Ogre King who took a big swing was full of openings.
Without even looking at the short sword, Ria slipped into the ogre’s bosom.

(If this doesn’t work, it’s my loss!)
She stepped into his territory. There was a crater from the shock.
Pushing it out, her right palm hit against the Ogre King’s abdomen.
By using all of her strength, as well as rotating her hips, she pushed through the stubborn abdominal muscles.

First, several bones in her right leg broke from being pushed beyond their limits.

Her right arm broke. Her muscles ruptured, blood vessels exploded, and blood gushed out of her skin.

The Ogre King wasn’t moving. Neither was Ria.



After several seconds, the Ogre King fell backwards.

Although Ria had serious wounds, the girl was still standing. On the contrary, moving slowly, she picked up the knife that was thrown to her with her left hand.

However, she didn’t have the spare energy to end it. She couldn’t use either arm properly. It was all she could do to drag her feet and walk.
She continued to use healing magic, but wasn’t even able to stop the blood at best.

Lulu and Gig jumped out from the spectators. Carlos and Serge also followed.

“Don’t come!”
They stopped moving at Ria’s shout.
“It hasn’t been ten seconds yet.”
If you couldn’t get up within ten seconds, it was a loss.

After counting that much, Ria fell onto her bottom.
“Lulu, please treat him. Since I damaged his internals, it would be bad to leave it alone.”
“But aren’t you seriously injured too?”
“Only on the outside. It’s not a matter or life or death.”
Saying so, Lulu went to treat the Ogre King.
So Serge came here instead.
“Nee-chan, that last thing, was it Chinese Kenpo?”
“j.a.panese martial arts. It’s said to go through armor. It’s a technique for messing up the opponent’s insides. Well, I couldn’t use it in my previous life though.”
With Serge’s healing, her right arm recovered.
“Oh Lulu, please heal my left shoulder. It seems to be stuck in an odd shape from my recovery.”
Closing her eyes, Ria collapsed.
In her body, she felt cells being restored rapidly. However, that further took away from her endurance.

She managed to win somehow. An unprecedented feeling of satisfaction welled up.
Noticing the shadow that suddenly appeared over her face, the Ogre King was being supported on both sides and looking over to her.

“A fine warrior.”

There was a deeply satisfied ring to the Ogre King’s voice.

It was just a fight, and moreover neither had died, so there was delight.
They could fight again.

“If we fight again, it would probably be my loss.”
“Perhaps. However, you won this time.”
He obediently admitted his defeat. They smiled at each other.

Ria’s stomach growled. For a body to regenerate, it needed food.
Gahaha, the Ogre King laughed.
“Everybody, prepare a feast! For coming across a warrior!”

Everyone was excited and shouted in joy.



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