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Chapter 341: Happiness and Shock

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The first person to notice Ling Yun walking into the mansion was naturally Miracle Doctor Xue, who was already in the Xiantian Realm. Even before Ling Yun opened his mouth to shout, he already stood up from his seat in astonishment!

The worry and fake smile that Miracle Doctor Xue had on his face was instantly wiped off and turned into uncontrollable emotions and ecstasy.

Miracle Doctor Xue got up from his seat vigorously and wanted to subconsciously float to the entrance of the house to welcome Ling Yun.

However, he suddenly recalled that he was under many watchful eyes here. If he really did that, it would be universally shocking, which was why Miracle Doctor Xue forced himself to simply take a few quick steps forward. He stood firm and tall as he clenched his fists nervously, waiting for Ling Yun to walk into the living room.

Even so, Miracle Doctor Xue was one of the key figures in tonight’s event. Therefore, many people noticed his sudden actions and drastic change in expressions on his face.

Everyone in the living room was inevitably at a loss and puzzled because none of them had heard of this Ling Yun before. Who was this prince, which family did he come from? How could he cause the two major figures in tonight’s event to become so excited about his arrival?

Tonight’s birthday star, Xue Meining, actually shouted loudly that she wouldn’t come down unless Ling Yun was here!

And even though Miracle Doctor Xue was still polite to all his guests, those with a slightly better understanding of Miracle Doctor Xue could tell that something was off. They were able to tell that Miracle Doctor Xue had been absent-minded and was forcing himself to smile.

However, when he heard that Ling Yun was here, he didn’t even wait for him to enter the room. He immediately got up from his seat and wanted to head out to welcome him personally. This was simply too shocking.

One must know that out of all the guests here, there was only one table full of old friends which got Miracle Doctor Xue out of his seat to welcome them personally!

Moreover, Ling Yun’s appearance seemed a little inappropriate as well. Before he even showed his face or cared about what was going on in the mansion, he shouted that he should spank the birthday girl’s b.u.t.t?

Since when did the pearl in the palm of the Xue Family, Miracle Doctor Xue’s precious granddaughter, allow others to spank her b.u.t.t so casually? Moreover, Miracle Doctor Xue didn’t even look angry and was even emotional!

Adding everything up, it was enough to fill everyone’s appet.i.te. Everyone couldn’t wait to guess who Ling Yun was and where he came from. They wondered how unbelievably impressive this person must be to be able to receive such mouth-watering treatment.

Could his status be greater than Miracle Physician Valley’s young valley master Hu Shaobai, Long Family’s Long Tianyu, and Li Family’s Li Youmin?

Everyone was exceedingly curious, regardless of gender and age, and they turned to look at the entrance of the living room. Everyone was awaiting Ling Yun’s arrival to see who this impressive young fella was.

At the same time, on the second level of the mansion.

Xue Meining, who had just flipped out at her father, heard that familiar yet naughty voice. In that calm, collected, and unhurried voice, there was the indescribable unbridled tone. The same voice that disappeared from her life for a total of six days!

All Xue Meining could feel was a loud buzzing sound in her head as the blood in her body stopped momentarily. Her heart was cramped up and warmed up in the very next moment. Following which, she started trembling rapidly!

She was dumbfounded! Completely dumbfounded! She wanted to move but wasn’t able to move. She wanted to shout but wasn’t able to shout. Happiness came too quickly and too sudden that she couldn’t discern if what she heard was real. She thought everything was an illusion!

However, there was a voice that was shouting frantically in her heart, a voice so loud in her ears that her entire body was trembling!

Brother Ling Yun! It is Brother Ling Yun! Brother Ling Yun is here! Is he really back?

Only those who had lost something completely understood the happiness at hand! Only those who had experienced true desperation understood the happiness of getting someone back from death’s door!

“Ning Er, Ning Er…”

Naturally, Xue Chengye and Zhang Manyun heard Ling Yun’s voice as well. They looked anxiously at their own daughter, worrying that their daughter was overreacting. They were so frightened that Zhang Manyun hurriedly held onto the dazed Ning Er.

“Ning Er, did you hear that? Your Brother Ling Yun is back, so what are you still doing up here?” Xue Chengye reminded her own daughter.

“Really… Is Brother Ling Yun really back? This isn’t an illusion, right? Or am I dreaming…” Xue Meining started muttering to himself.

After confirming that Ling Yun went missing, Xue Meining never had a good night of rest. She was always awoken from her dreams when she saw Ling Yun returning. Sometimes, when she dreamt that Ling Yun got into trouble, she would wake up with tears of fear.

Zhang Manyun’s heart ached for her daughter as she gave her a slight pat on her shoulder before whispering, “This is not an illusion, not a dream! Your Brother Ling Yun is really back! Listen, he is already in the living room, talking to your grandpa…”

Xue Meining pinched her thigh viciously and immediately cried out in pain! She listened to the voice clearly, and incredible ecstasy flashed across her eyes!

“Brother Ling Yun!”

The little girl was no longer hesitant as she held onto the corner of her red evening dress and rushed out of her bedroom. However, she was pulled back by Zhang Manyun very quickly.

Zhang Manyun wondered when her precious daughter became so crazy over Ling Yun. She looked at Ning Er with her tender eyes as she pointed to the shoes that were prepared for her.

“Silly girl, why are you greeting guests barefoot while you’re in a nice dress?”

Xue Meining put on her gorgeous evening dress after being convinced by Zhang Manyun earlier on. However, because she wasn’t planning to head down, she never wore her shoes. Now that her mother reminded her, she realized she really was barefoot.

However, the pleasant feeling of surprise turned into worry and anxiousness very quickly. Because she had been bathing her face in her own tears over the past few days, her eyes were incredibly swollen like two peaches. Moreover, there were slight traces of blood in her eyes.

As Xue Meining put on her shoes hurriedly, she suddenly thought of her eyes. She cried out to her mother, “Ah! Mother, my eyes… How…”

Zhang Manyun smiled faintly. “This is simple. Just give me a while, and I will help you touch up…”

Ling Yun was just downstairs, and this little girl was desperate to see him again. However, she didn’t wish to let Ling Yun see her in this ugly state. Therefore, she could only control the excitement in her heart as she put on her shoes and waited for Zhang Manyun to put on some makeup for her.

However, this little girl had already rushed to the entrance of the bedroom and shouted, “Brother Ling Yun, please wait for me! I’ll be down in no time!”

Zhang Manyun didn’t know what to do about her own precious daughter and could only smile and shake her head.

Xue Chengye nodded towards Zhang Manyun as he turned around to go down first. He wanted to take a look for himself what kind of man could attain the approval of his own father and ‘hurt’ his precious daughter this much!

Ling Yun had already made his way into the living room.

The moment he entered the living room, almost everyone in the living room turned to look at him.

There were the looks of curiosity, suspicion, bewilderment, confusion… and of course, Miracle Doctor Xue’s shocked and emotional gaze.

However, what kind of person was Ling Yun? No matter how many people stared at him, he took his time and walked confidently towards Miracle Doctor Xue. There was a brilliant smile on his face as he said, “Grandpa Xue, I’m here to celebrate Ning Er’s birthday, but it seems like I’m a little late. You don’t blame me, right?”

Miracle Doctor Xue was shocked, mainly because he realized he could no longer discern what Ling Yun’s currently cultivation realm was. The current Ling Yun was as ordinary as the normal high school boy in the city. Other than looking a little more handsome, taller, and bigger, Ling Yun wasn’t much different from an ordinary boy.

“It’s good that you’re here, good that you’re here…” Miracle Doctor Xue was so excited that he grabbed Ling Yun’s hand, pulling him closer to have a closer look.

Miracle Doctor Xue thought to himself, Ling Yun lost his martial arts? Or… he surpa.s.sed my realm… Or he reached the realm where he could return to the most pristine state of being? This is impossible…

After Ling Yun cultivated his Yin-Yang harmony balance, the changes were simply too drastic!

Because of the exotic energy center, it didn’t matter whether Ling Yun was currently circulating his energy. As long as he didn’t display it intentionally, it would be hard for anyone to discern his cultivation level. Everyone would think that he was only an ordinary person.

Naturally, the most important change was the change in Ling Yun’s temperament!

Ling Yun’s eyes were much more gentle than before, as he was no longer showing off his ability. When he smiled, the brilliance on his face was pure and incomparable. He really did look like a suns.h.i.+ne boy from the neighborhood!

To meet again after a long period of separation, there must be a lot between the two to talk about. There were also many issues to discuss and ask the other party. However, they controlled their urges when they realized that they were in front of many eyes. All they did was exchange a few glances before exchanging conventional greetings.

At this moment, Xue Chengye came down from the second level. Miracle Doctor Xue didn’t let go of Ling Yun’s hand as he smiled and introduced him to Ling Yun.

Xue Chengye was Ning Er’s father, so Ling Yun was naturally very polite and respectful to him. He smiled and bowed respectfully towards Xue Chengye. “Uncle Xue, nice to meet you!”

“This kid is really good looking!” This was Xue Chengye’s first impression of Ling Yun.

He pretended as if nothing happened but was, in fact, sizing Ling Yun up throughout. Other than his crazy good looks, Xue Chengye was slightly disappointed not to have found anything else that was special about him.

Based on his good looks and the fact that he saved his father’s life once, this kid was able to make his daughter go all crazy about him…

However, Xue Chengye didn’t express any of these thoughts. He told Ling Yun that Ning Er would be down very quickly before telling Miracle Doctor Xue to show Ling Yun to his table.

Following which, Ling Yun arrived at the table with all the rich sons, and Ning Er’s birthday ceremony was about to begin officially!


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