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Chapter 763: Take Care of Princess Zi…

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The black devil dragon turned into a thick beam of black essence and flew more than 1,000 kilometers in the blink of an eye.

With Su Han in his arms, Hao Ren couldn’t chase after the devil dragon. He was injecting the abundant five-elemental nature essence continuously from his mystic crystal into Su Han’s palm, trying to activate her meridians.

If he stopped, her life would come to an end!

Meanwhile, that beam of black essence flew across the sky above the Kunlun Mountain toward East Ocean.

“Evil!” Voices of several cultivators came from the Kunlun Mountain.

Bright lights shot from the mountain, but none of them could block this high-speed beam of black essence.


The beam of black essence flew across the sky and East Ocean City before shooting into the ocean.

The people in the city felt like the sky dim for a few seconds before returning to normal.

Liu Yi was leading a team of soldiers and patrolling the nearby sea area of the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

At Hao Ren’s instruction, he had strengthened the guarding force around the East Ocean Dragon Palace. Later, Hao Ren didn’t withdraw his order, so Liu Yi continued with the tightened security around the dragon palace.

The news about Hao Ren’s success in planting the mystic crystal had reached the generals, and Liu Yi was happy from the bottom of his heart, knowing that Hao Ren’s realm increased a lot.

Boom! Suddenly a surge of thick black mist appeared and dashed toward the direction of the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

“Everyone! On guard!” Liu Yi raised his hands and tightened his grip on his Green Dragon Crescent Blade. While flying up swiftly from the bottom of the ocean, he hacked toward the black mist.

Although he didn’t know what the thick black mist was, he could sense the aura of a cultivator lurking inside.

The soldiers followed Liu Yi and threw out their long black spears.

The long spears were heavy and hard, and they were made with the iron essence from East Ocean. The soldiers of East Ocean could pierce a city wall as thick as five meters with ease when they threw these spears out.


With the brand-new Green Dragon Crescent Blade, Liu Yi flew to the edge of the black mist, but his weapon broke before it even touched the mist.

Liu Yi’s body was knocked back like a cannonball while the Green Dragon Crescent Blade was shattered into pieces.

Meanwhile, the long spears threw at the black mist were bounced back one by one, killing or wounding the soldiers.

Protected by the black armor, Liu Yi landed onto a rock on the bottom of the ocean and spat out a mouthful of blood. He immediately dug out the level 4 elixir pill that Hao Ren gave to him and managed to stay alive. He had no choice but to watch the cloud of strange black mist dash into the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

Their team consisting of hundreds of elite soldiers couldn’t even block it for half a second!

This cloud of black mist dashed into the East Ocean Dragon Palace directly, and the grand array formation did not affect it!

Wherever it went, the guarding generals and soldiers fell to the ground, either dead or severely wounded!

Sensing this strangeness, the elders flew up from the buildings one by one. Since their families all lived in the outer city of the dragon palace, they would be in danger if the grand array formation broke.

“You overestimate yourselves!”

A deep voice came from the cloud of black mist which suddenly split into dozens of black ball.

These black b.a.l.l.s dragged long tails and shot around the East Ocean Dragon Palace, and piercing any elders who tried to block them.

Zhao Guang and Zhao Hongyu ran from their palace. Seeing the danger, Elder Lu and Elder Sun dashed before them immediately.

When two black b.a.l.l.s shot at them, Elder Lu and Elder Sun unleashed all their strength but couldn’t stop the black essence from entering their bodies. Their bodies turned stiff while blackness began to spread from their hands to their feet.

Like heavenly lightning bolts, the devil essence could break everything comprised of the five elements. The elders of East Ocean cultivated water-elemental techniques, and it was impossible for them to block the devil essence with their power!

“Humph! Zhao Kuo isn’t here!”

Hovering above the East Ocean Dragon Palace in the cloud of black mist, Taiyi Cave Master said coldly.

Zhao Guang clenched his fists and felt fortunate. He didn’t know what this cloud of black devil essence was, but it seemed like the East Ocean Dragon Palace was in a disaster.

It was fortunate that Hao Ren had talked Zhao Kuo out of seclusion, and the latter had gone to a southern city for relaxation in the company of Elder Xingyue. Otherwise, Zhao Kuo would have come out and fight to the death.


The cloud of black mist suddenly withdrew the black b.a.l.l.s and flew toward the back mountain of the East Ocean Dragon Palace!


A thought suddenly dawned on Zhao Guang, and he shouted out.

The position of the East Ocean Dragon Palace hadn’t been chosen randomly. It was built to suppress an ancient ‘Eye of Devil Essence’.

The legendary G.o.dly item that the East Ocean Dragon Clan had was used to suppress this devil eye.

Due to the abundant nature essence released from this G.o.dly item, the strengths of the East Ocean cultivators had remained in the No. 1 Spot.

However, since the devil eye had been quiet and released no devil essence for thousands of years, East Ocean cultivators thought that it had been sealed completely. Later, when the Dragon Tribe had to guard against the human cultivators, the G.o.dly item had been loaned to the Dragon G.o.d Shrine.

This secret had been pa.s.sed down to the East Ocean Dragon Kings, and even Zhao Hongyu didn’t know about it!

Seeing the cloud of black devil essence flying toward the back mountain, Zhao Guang knew that something terrible would happen.

If the devil eye were opened, it would be a catastrophe for the entire world! The East Ocean Dragon Palace would be destroyed, and even East Ocean would become a black h.e.l.l!

Seeing that Zhao Kuo was not in the East Ocean Dragon Palace, and sensing no presence of that legendary G.o.dly item, Taiyi Cave Master knew that the G.o.dly item had indeed been loaned to the Dragon G.o.d Shrine.

Therefore, he lost interest in slaughtering the East Ocean cultivators and flew toward the back mountain of the dragon palace in a hurry.

He had everything in his control! Despite a small deviation in his plan due to Hao Ren, he would finally succeed!

He had secretly begun the plan hundreds of years ago, and everything that he had done was for today!

Once he became a true devil dragon, even the Heavenly Dao couldn’t handle him!

With immortals, there would be devils. With the Immortal World, there would be the Devil World… Once the balance in nature was broken, he would become the new ruler of the Devil World!


Taiyi Cave Master changed back into his black dragon form and shot out a beam of black essence toward the back mountain impatiently.

A big hole appeared in the back mountain.

The ocean waves surged up while East Ocean City shook violently. For the mortals living in East Ocean City, it was an earthquake!

Zhao Guang hurried toward the back mountain, and Elder Lu and Elder Sun who had taken elixir pills followed him to the back mountain with several purple-robed elders who weren’t severely injured.

These elders didn’t know about the devil eye, but they did know that it was the burial ground for all the previous dragon kings and elders! It was a forbidden place!

“No one is allowed in the forbidden place of East Ocean!”

An old but magnificent voice came from the back mountain.

In a dark grey robe, hunchbacked Premier Xia glared at the surging devil essence in the high sky and spread out his arms.

Zhao Guang and others were a bit surprised when they saw Premier Xia.

As an official who served under Zhao Haoran and one of the most senior people in the East Ocean Dragon Palace, Premier Xia was responsible for the internal affair of the dragon palace and guarding the dragon cemetery.

No one had expected that Premier Xia would run to here and guard the dragon cemetery of East Ocean at this dangerous time.

“Hahaha… Old b*stard, get out of here!”

Taiyi Cave Master laughed arrogantly. Then, he changed back to his human form rushed toward the back mountain while striking toward Premier Xia.

“Premier Xia!” Zhao Guang cried out immediately.

It was a catastrophe for the dragon palace, and no one could dodge it. As an old loyal official, Premia Xia’s guarding of the cemetery entrance was very touching, but Zhao Guang didn’t want to see him die here.

“Old Dragon King! I’m coming!” Premier Xia lifted his hands, and his hunched back suddenly burst open.

Ding! A soft golden sword shot out from his back.

Premier Xia reached out and grabbed the soft sword, and his previous fatigued look suddenly disappeared. Although the skin on his face was still wrinkled, his eyes were sharp with intense light!

Heavenly Dragon Realm!

Zhao Guang and the elders froze in astonishment.

Premier Xia who managed all the operations in the dragon palace had concealed the strength of the Heavenly Dragon Realm!

The soft golden sword was the Vital Yang Sword that was lost from the dragon palace for hundreds of years! This great treasure of the East Ocean Dragon Palace had been hidden in Premier Xia’s back!

“Heavenly Dragon! There is a Heavenly Dragon cultivator in the East Ocean Dragon Palace?!” Taiyi Cave Master sounded surprised as well.

Two long spears suddenly appeared in his hands. Condensed from devil essence, these two long spears had been merged into his body.

“It’s a pity that you appeared so late! My devil body has become stable!” Taiyi Cave Master released two waves of thick black light while two black dragon wings reached out and swept toward Premia Xia with surges of black mist.

Premier Xia swung the Vital Yang Sword in a seemingly random way and drew 18 distinct sword energies, and the suppression coming off each sword energies was powerful enough to force the purple-robed elders who were standing some distance from them to retreat three steps.

The sword spirit was so sharp!

Crack… Taiyi Cave Master’s black figure was shattered into several pieces.

However, the thick black essence instantly gathered and re-formed the black figure.

Hua… Premier Xia unleashed the full strength of the Heavenly Dragon Realm and froze everyone, including Zhao Guang.

“How can it be…” Taiyi Cave Master’s shadowy devil body couldn’t move as well.

Turning his wrist, Premier Xia moved quickly and formed 18 phantoms. With speed too fast for Zhao Guang to see, he slashed out 18 times, and more than 300 interlacing sword energies dashed toward the condensed black figure!

Hiss… In the last strike, Premier Xia combined himself with the sword and went through the middle of the shadowy black figure!


The golden Vital Yang Sword broke into two pieces.

The shadowy black figure scattered slowly, and Premier Xia’s body rushed forward and rolled to Zhao Guang’s feet.

“Hahaha… Master, you didn’t realize that I’m still a fragment of your soul, right? It was me who immobilized you!” Xu Ke’s weak voice came from the shadowy figure.

The shadowy figure which had almost scattered suddenly condensed into a black ball, and this ball moved to the distance about 10,000 meters away instantly.

With heavy eyelids, Premier Xia watched the black ball flee helplessly. He had wanted to die together with his rival, but he still hadn’t been able to destroy the devil soul. He didn’t antic.i.p.ate that the devil dragon had a split soul.

Looking up at Zhao Guang, Premier Xia’s face began to dim. “Dragon King… take care of… Princess Zi…”


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