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Chapter 52

Miss Rosa and the Hero’s Legend.

When we were guided to the rooms where we would be staying, Lance and the others had already been waiting there for us. Apparently the Captain was the only one to get an audience. When Lance’s gaze landed on me and Christophe, “You got us worried…!” he hugged us like a mother who found her two lost children, surprising us. I get the feeling that I also understand now why Maribelle favors him as an older brother. Somehow I want to call him mothe… cough, I want to call him older brother.

“That’s why I told you, Lance, this dude can bend an iron cage with her bare hands you know? As if she could get caught in danger in anyway.”

Apparently Stefanos likes to pick fights with me. If Lance is an older brother in the imaginary family, then Stefanos would be the younger brother who strayed from the path in his youth and became a delinquent. Actually, Lady Minette reacted sensitively to what he said just now.

“…Stefan, grab your sword and come outside. You appear to have thoroughly angered the President of the Cute Girls Apreciation Society, who is me.”1

“Wh-, what’s the matter with you, I just spoke the truth, right?! I mean, does that Society even exist!?”

“Even if it’s the truth there are things that you can say and things that you should not.”

That’s right, that’s right! …eh, uhm? Does that mean that she knows that I can bend an iron cage with my bare hands? I’m getting mixed feelings.

“You can bend an iron cage with your bare hands!? That’s amazing!”

Christophe, don’t get so excited please. It’s embarra.s.sing. Who would like to see a girl who twists an iron cage with her bare hands? More than that I would like to see you become a Unicorn. Because sadly, no matter how I look at you, you’re a human boy. Eh, I changed the subject? I’m just curious about that, just curious.


All of a sudden my name was called, and when I faced in that direction, the Captain was right by my side. Is he angry at me for getting lost, I wonder.

“…I thought that I was innocent, but perhaps I’m at fault after all?”

“You are.”

Uh-oh, he said that with a grin. What should I do. He won’t start talking about putting a collar on me, will he.

“…But, since this time we were at fault too, then it couldn’t be helped, probably.”

Oh, I’m innocent! However, as ever, this level of proximity is impressive.2 Saus was in my arms, letting out soft breathing sounds as if he fell asleep. Because I’m hugging Saus, I can’t move too much or he’ll wake up. What’s with such a peaceful scene.

Although I’ve to grow accustomed to excessive physical contact, I can’t get used to the whacking of my heart every time I’m touched.

“Aren’t you, a little too close?”

“It’s for charging.”

—Yes, I know. It was my doing.

Since I made some efforts to stop Whitey, I’m in a state that can be called “hungry.” That’s why I’m borrowing magical power like this. Moreover, it seems that if we stick together real close, the flow of magical power goes faster. Perhaps the reason that he can tell when I’m in this “hungry” state is

because he’s my contractor? I was more than just a little embara.s.sed, but I accepted it because I couldn’t deal with this hunger anymore.

Receiving his magical power always gives me a strange feeling. It’s a source of magical power that I have yet to taste. It reminds me a little of Timo’s. …Oh, maybe I can become a sommelier for magical power? That’s kinda cool. Only, I would have to eat some body part to appraise it.

“Let’s decide the room a.s.signments! I’ll take the one to the far right!” (Stefanos)

Their siblings’ quarrel apparently stopped at some point. However, are you a middle school student on a school trip?! …Hm? What am I saying all of a sudden. Perhaps this is also caused by the memories I lost.

There are three rooms in all. The place where we are now is the room in the middle, and since there are two single beds, it is a double room.

“Well then I’ll stay with Miss Vito…”

“Minette, sorry, but Vito’ll stay with me.”

No wait a moment. ‘At this point, due to our biology it’s normalthat Lady Minette and I who are both women should stay in the same room!’ I exclaimed in surprise but when I stared up at that nearby face, my eyes made contact with a confused stare.

“You don’t want to stay with me?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s–“

No matter how much it’s said that Lady Minette likes girls, because of the current of events dictated by our biology, both of us girls should stay together in one room.

“I have no choice but to draw back if Captain Lutoria says so. It can’t be helped. Stefan, why not sleep together like the old days?”

Eh. You’ll draw back so easily?!

“Geh, for real?” (Stefanos)

“What’s with that face. It’ll just be talking with your beloved older sister atop of a single bed, won’t you?”

“That’s why I keep telling you to quit saying weird stuff! Besides, there are two beds!”

“The topic will be pretty girls, mainly about Miss Maribelle who might become your elder-sister-in-law.”

“How many times have I told you to settle for men?!?! Do you know that I’ve been scolded by father and mother because of your inclination!? Put yourself in my place for a bit!”


“Don’t laugh like it’s another person’s probleem!!”

Due to this and that, Lance ended sharing a room with Christophe, and me with the Captain. Rau and Whitey inevitably ended in the same room as me. Supreme healing. Surely it will be a sleepless night today.

All things considered, I was delighted that the Captain was not that angry, but it’s a complicated feeling. Does that mean, I’m not that important to him even if I disappear, am I. But well, that’s the logical conclusion. Besides it was something sudden, and I had thought that they chose to look for us after talking with Mister Maurice because it would be more efficient that way. But when I voiced that out loud, Lance stealthily told me this afterwards: ‘In fact we had to persuade the Captain to go to the castle because he was desperately intending to look everywhere for you.’

Yup… It’s not like that makes me feel happy or anything.

While were in the room relaxedly talking about what we’d do from now, suddenly there was a reserved knock on the door, and Miss Rosa came in in a hesitant manner.

“G-, good day… Excuse me for intruding!”

I was wondering what in the world she had come here for as I straightened my posture, however her eyes were swimming here and there olympically.3 Perhaps she was uncomfortable or nervous, but her gaze really came and went back and forth.

Even so, she really is a beautiful person. Just the flowery air about here as she stands there leaves me entranced. If I were a man I’d fall for her right away. Somehow her bashful smile is absolutely cute… I guess the gender I was born with was a mistake after all.

“I have something to talk to Miss Vito, about Lizelotte… This child, this rabbit was yours, I coincidentally found it in the garden and took it in my care, but… I will return it to you.”

She looks a bit lonely. She might have thought about keeping him as a pet. And since I just appeared there as someone who knew Saus, she surely thought that I was his owner.

“…Rabbits are cute, aren’t they?” (Vito)


“Yes! They are…!”


We could establish a rabbit lovers club here.

But, I forgot we should be thinking about Saus’ future.

[Wh-, what happened? Vito]

While I was lost in my own head Saus stared up at me from within my arms. Since he just woke up it seems he doesn’t understand the current situation yet.

“You have to choose.”

[Choose? What about?]

“Will you stay with Miss Rosa, or will you continue to move with Whitey and Rau?”

The red eyes buried in his tawny fur blink.

[I~, don’t really know]

So you don’t know? I’ll forgive you because you’re cute.

It seems that the matter about Saus will be put on hold for a while. Moreover he himself doesn’t know what he wants to do. In the first place it was probably awful of me to decide to leave in a journey and causing him to have to leave… I’m sorry, this time I will properly listen to Saus’ will.

When telling Miss Rosa that we don’t know yet about Saus, she answered ‘Is that so…’ in a shy manner. As expected, it was cute.

As I was wondering if her only reason to come here was because of Lizelotte, Miss Rosa turned towards the Captain next. Perhaps this is the main subject?

“Uh-, uhm… …Sir Lutoria… If you do not mind, …together”

While she looked hesitant to say it for a bit, but made up her mind, and she fixed her gaze straight ahead, towards the Captain who was making a wondering face.

“Together, with me… uhm… that… pla–“


Pla? What? Pla? Platinum?[^4] No, something is wrong.

“Pla-, Would you like to go to the play…!?”


“Y-, yes…! A famous theatrical company is now at the port! Their program is ‘The Hero’s Legend’!”

Her slightly teary eyes were begging, ‘Please come’, while her lips trembled lightly. As she tightly joined both of her hands at her chest, surely no man would be able to refuse when being stared up like that. After thinking for a while, the Captain shifted his eyes towards me and tilted his head.

— No, don’t throw it at me.

In this situation, you should go! If a man refuses an invitation from such a beautiful girl it will hurt his reputation! —Is what Isomehow managed to convey to him using gestures, and so the Captain answered, “…All right,” as I expected. At that moment, Miss Rosa made a smile like a large blooming flower.

“Th-, thank you very much…!!”

Wow, so dazzling.

— Oh, my beloved princess. I ought to return to my original world.

— Why! Although I love you so much…!

—…There is a person waiting for me! As long as there is someone who needs my help, I have to go!

— Ah, please wait!!

— Please don’t stop me! Princess!

Is it only me who is about to burst out laughing at the name of the Dragon that appears over and over?

…And, why I am here as well? Like this, I’m definitely being a third wheel. Hey, is this okay?

We were watching the play at the special seats that Mr. Maurice had prepared. It was my first time seeing entertainment in this world, but it was surprisingly interesting. The contents of the legend were like a borderline royal road story that ought to be really popular.4 The stage set is also professional, and the actors are also doing a fine performance. It’s like you could be sucked into that unique world because of its overwhelming atmosphere.

Miss Rosa, moved to tears, was holding a lacey handkerchief to the corners of her eyes. She’s pretty sensitive, isn’t she. Sheprobably empathizes with her because she’s a too.

— He’s… gone… even when, I’m carrying that person’s child, within me… Enough, I will prove that I can raise this child!

Music flowed, and the story approached the end. The curtain descended when the princess decided to raise the child alone. And when the curtains were lifted again, the scenery is that of a few years later. The princess, whose presence had changed drastically and was now more mature, was playing with a child.

— Mother! There are lots of flowers!

— Hey, don’t run like that, you will fall down.

— It’ll be fine! …Ah!

Sure enough, the child fell, but a man came up from right ahead and helped the child up. The child thanked him with a smile, and the man gently brushed his face before walking up to the princess.

— Well, sorry for the…! …Hm?

The princess was surprised at the sight of the man.

––I’m back.

Because he was the Hero.

HAPPII ENDO. A happy ending.

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Translator’s Lair~☆

Thanks to Elephant No. 5 for their help with the translation of the Cute Girls Apreciation Society xD and to Mana with one of Minette’s sentences! and to Subipon in the nihongo to eigo server for their help with TWO of Vito’s lines, which were highly advanced kung-fu for me Dx

Cute Girls Apreciation Society: literally, ‘Wanting to Love Lovely Girls Alliance’ but yeah… nope. so CGAS it is. xD 可愛らしい女の子を愛でたい同盟
this level of proximity is impressive – Wild Guess!! が、相変わらず密着度が半端ない。 
swimming here and there olympically: in jp, they say a person’s eyes are swimming when they are moving them left and right in nervousness. Here, the sentence said ‘her eyes were swimming perfectly.’ i added the ‘here and there’ and changed perfectly to olympically, in hopes that the sentence flows better? 
royal road: this has appeared before – a ‘royal road’ is the easiest path to achieve one’s goal. in short, this story sounds like it was filled with cheats and things that’d only work for a MC xD


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