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Dragon Maken War is a web novel made by Kim Jae-Han.
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Chapter 167 – The Wise Dragon (4)

“Of course, this doesn’t mean he made everything in this world by himself.  He was the founder of magic and the Dragon Arts, but many new possibilities were pioneered when these disciplines were spread across the world.   This holds true when one considers the emergence of the necromancers, the birth of the Undead, and the Dragon weapons.”

“The Dragon weapons aren’t the work of Atein?  That is very unexpected….”

“When I heard it from Atein, I was a bit surprised too.  However, it seems a female Dragon Demon, who was Atein’s distant descendant, created the Dragon weapon.  According to Atein….   If we are to go by human history, it was during the era of the Five Star kingdom.”


For a brief moment, a silence descended amongst them.

Kairen was struck dumb as he asked the question.

“The Five Star kingdom….  Isn’t that over 3,000 years ago?”

It was an era where paper and ink didn’t exist.  The record of the kingdom was carved in hieroglyphics on a clay tablet…..  It was so long ago that historians argued with each other as to what it was like to live in that era.

Albatan spoke.

“It was way before I was hatched from my egg.”

“Excuse me, but how old are you…..”

“I’m not sure.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been alive for over a thousand years.”

It was a.s.sumed that Dragons had a lifespan of several thousand years.  They were so long-lived that they outlasted nations, yet they rarely stayed in contact with humans and other creatures.  This was why it was hard to determine a Dragon’s age even if there was a record of their existence.

Albatan couldn’t remember his life before he gained his wisdom.  This was why he didn’t know his own age.

“Anyways, I’m in my early youth compared to Atein.”


“Early youth…….”

Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared at Albatan.  Albatan let out a sly laughter as he continued speaking. 

“Anyways, Atein’s activities paved the way for other 1st generation Dragon Demons to come into existence.”

The process had only been a conjecture even for Atein.

When he conducted activities all over the world, the Demon race naturally paid attention to him.    Atein tracked down the information regarding the cause and effect of his own existence.  He was finally able to find out about his origin.

“Opportunities were hard to come by, but when they arose, the Demon race tried to recreate what happened in the past.”

First generation Dragon Demons appeared from various locations around the world, and their bloodline was propagated.

“As time pa.s.sed, humans flourished.”

Civilizations advanced, and a societal system that was benefit to the many was established.  The number of humans continued to grow.  The Dragon Demons and Dragon Majins continued to grow in number, but the speed couldn’t be compared to the humans.

“However, 1st generation Dragon Demons rarely came into existence.  …mmm.  I can see by your expression that you are curious as to why I went into this long story.”

“Frankly, you are right.  I am enjoying the true history lesson, but…..”

Why did he need to know about all of this?

Azell wasn’t a seeker of truths.  Laura and Kairen were magicians, so their eyes were twinkling.  However, Azell just wanted the Dragon to get to the point.

“Anyways, I needed to tell you this story to get to what I want to tell you.  In conclusion, the speed at which the 1st generation Dragon Demons are forming is increasing in speed.”

“Mmm? What do you mean by that?”

“Azell, two new 1st generation Dragon Demons were born after you visited this place.  Moreover, two 1st generation Dragon Demons came for a visit to my lands.  One of them died in a territorial dispute with a Dragon.”

“You are saying at least four 1st generation Dragon Demons were born in the past 220 years.  Moreover, you are predicting more to be born in the future.”

“That’s right.”

“What does it signify?”

“It means the instances where our reality overlapping with h.e.l.l is increasing in frequency.”


Azell furrowed her brows. Albatan spoke as if it was a very serious problem, but it didn’t tug at Azell’s heart.

Albatan spoke.

“You reacted as I had expected.  This is why I said this problem is beyond the bounds of human civilization.  It seems the magicians of your party already understand what I’m getting at.”

At his words, Azell turned around to look at Laura and Yuren.  Both of them had serious expressions on their faces.

Azell queried them.

“What’s wrong?”

“Azell, if what the elder said is true…..”

Yuren’s face crumpled as he spoke.

“…the cause is unknown, but it seems the ‘h.e.l.l’ where the Demons lives is encroaching into our reality?”

“I guess that is the reason why more Dragon Demons are being born.  So what’s wrong with that?”

“It is a huge problem.  If our current reality is invaded by h.e.l.l, our world might come to an end.”

“No, what I want to say is…..”

Azell furrowed his brows.

“Is this something we should be worried about right now?”


“From a macro view, I understand this problem is something all of humanity should know about, and we have to research it.  However, this is the same as asking someone that is full about what they are going to do, while there are people starving out there.  That is why it doesn’t really tug at my interests.”

“You are right, but….”

Yuren was hard-press to find words.  Azell was absolutely correct.   The truth revealed by Albatan portended a danger that would bring the end to this world someday in the future.  However, it had nothing to do with their fight against the Dragon Demon king worshippers.

Azell let out a sigh. 

“I don’t know why you revealed the truth about this future event and the Demon race to me.  If you delivered such information with the intent of asking me to stop the destruction of the world….  I’m only good at cutting down enemies that are in front of me.  You shouldn’t tell me such news in secret.  You should tell the whole world, so they could come up with a solution.”

“At the very least, you acknowledge that it is a problem that has to be solved.”

Azell answered Albatan’s observation. 

“Of course.  However, it isn’t something that I can solve on demand.  If someone with the knowledge of this problem works on solving it and asks for my help, I will lend a hand.  However, I can only do this after I end the fight that is right in front of me.”

“Maybe, this person arranged you to hear this truth with the intent of getting your help.”

“This person wanted me to become cognizant of this problem, and when I eventually came here asking for your help, he told you to not to turn me away?  Is that what you are implying?”


“This person arranged such an overly complex plan to deliver such a story to me…..  I want to give him a piece of my mind for using such an inefficient method.  Anyways, I’ve received the information he wanted me to know.  I’ll think about helping him when he asks me for help in person.”

“Maybe, he is already close to you.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It is what it is.”


Azell glared at Albatan when the Dragon spoke his words in a meaningful manner. 

Albatan let out a sly laughter.

In the end, Azell let out a sigh.

“Do you have any other story I have to hear?”

“I do.”

“What is iit?”

“Carlos taught me a technique, and as an exchange, he asked me for a boon.”

“It seems the part I’ve been waiting for is finally here.  What is it?”

“It is the Dragon Soul.”

At his words, Azell’s eyes widened.

Albatan spoke.

“Carlos’ gift to you is the transfer of the technique that was developed in this land..”


The party descended the mountain as they left behind Yuren and Laura with Albatan.

When they entered the town, they saw Saibein teaching the children.  After a while, Saibein excused himself from the children, and he approached the party.

“Did the conversation go well?”

“It was all right.  What are you doing?”

“I’m teaching the children about magic.”

“There probably are a a lot of magicians here that can do this task instead of you.”

“That is true.  However, everyone left their children with me.  They wanted me to teach them the basics of magic.  I never expected myself to have apt.i.tude for teaching, and it is an enjoyable experience in some ways.”

Saibein smiled.  Azell spoke.

“I see.  However….”

“Why don’t we walk for a bit?”

“Mmm. Let’s do that.”

Azell nodded his head as exchanged significant looks with Kairen and Leticia. 

He had a lot he wanted to talk about with Saibein.  He didn’t want to know the reasons behind Saibein’s departure from the Plain of Darkness.  He didn’t want answers to such questions…..   He just wanted to have a conversation with Saibein.

‘I never expected a day would arrive where I would feel glad to talk to the Simpleton Prince….’

From Azell’s perspective, Saibein had been a hateful enemy.  He left the Plain of Darkness, but he had stolen the knowledge that was important to humanity prior to leaving the place.  He had a hand in spreading the calamity called the Great Darkness…  Moreover, he was partially responsible for the slaughter that occurred within the county of Karzark.

When he thought about Saibein’s transgressions, it wouldn’t be enough to rip him from limb to limb.  However, the nostalgia and happiness at meeting someone from his era overshadowed his hostile feelings.  This fact baffled him.

Saibein asked him a question.

“Do you mind if I ask what you talked about with Albatan-nim?”

“The world may come to an end in the distant future, so he wanted me to find a solution.  However, I’m busy dealing with what is in front of my eyes, so I asked him to find someone that is capable of looking at the long term view.”

“You must have shared an interesting conversation with him.”

“Also, I’m going to learn the Dragon Soul before I leave.”

“Dragon Soul?”

Saibein asked in surprise.

“Were you accepted as a resident of the forest?”


“So why would he teach you the Dragon Soul?”

“I was told that it is a technique that isn’t allowed to be leaked outside of the forest.”

Albatan had given Azell a brief description about the Dragon Soul.

The Dragon Soul was born about 100 years ago.  A resident of the forest had come up with it.  Several thousand years had pa.s.sed since the birth of the Dragon weapons, and a new way to use the Dragon Demon magic was discovered.

The Dragon Soul could be learned only by those possessing powerful Dragon Demon magic.  It was same prerequisite as the Dragon weapons.  Moreover, a Dragon Soul and a Dragon weapon could not coexist.  This was why it was impossible for those possessing Dragon weapons to cultivate the Dragon Soul.

‘The fact that the duke and Leticia doesn’t have a Dragon weapon became good fortune for them.’

Azell had received his original Dragon weapons from the Keepers of Prophecy, and he had planned on giving one to Kairen and Leticia.  However, he had acquired the technique called the Dragon Soul, so he didn’t have to needlessly decrease his battle capabilities.

“Of course, he put a condition on it.  I can pa.s.s it to a limited number of people.”

Initially, Albatan put a condition that Azell wouldn’t spread the technique beyond his party members.

However, Azell tried to negotiate with the Dragon.

Laura and he already possessed Dragon weapons.  Moreover, Yuren was weak in terms of Dragon Demon magic.  The only ones that could learn the Dragon Soul in his party was Kairen and Leticia.

He didn’t know what Carlos had given up to receive this boon, but there was no way it was worth two people being able to learn the Dragon Soul.  He wanted to increase the number of people he could teach the Dragon Soul to.

The negotiation was successful.  After Azell left the forest, he received the right to teach the Dragon Soul to a maximum of five people.

“I wonder what was exchanged.  It must have been worth it if Albatan-nim agreed to such a preposterous demand.”

Dragon Demon king worshippers weakened the power of humans by erasing important knowledge.  However, they couldn’t carry out such activities within the Albatan forest.  This was why the forgotten knowledge regarding the Dragon Slayer’s ritual, Dragon weapons and other techniques remained intact here.

However, Albatan had forbidden such knowledge from being leaked outside.  The residents of the forest needed power to stop the humans from encroaching into the Albatan forest.  This was why it was decreed that the Dragon Soul, which was developed in the forest, would never be spread beyond forest.  

Azell spoke.

“That’s right.  He wanted me to learn the Dragon Soul from the creator of the Dragon Soul technique.  Could you guide me to her?”

“Creator of the Dragon Soul?”

Saibein’s expression turned peculiar.


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