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Although they had the t.i.tle of the 24th Regiment, they had never seen their ally cavalrymen in battle before.

Not only that, but it was also common for this expensive, dignified, and commanding cavalry to protect the left and right flanks before charging into the battlefield at the end like it was an everyday occurrence. At this time, the infantry would already be a.s.saulted by the enemies, so they had no idea when the cavalry would charge in.

Besides, for the cavalry to charge into the battlefield with that terrifying formation and momentum, the infantry and soldiers would be afraid of encountering the cavalry regiments itself.

So it was a rare opportunity for those soldiers to watch the cavalry charge in without having their own lives under risk as well. Of course, the infantry would also come to the training grounds to watch this rare scene of the heavy cavalry training.

“Wow, looking at it now, I think I understand why those cavalrymen act so arrogantly.”
“Those that try to stop that charge would probably taste death.”

Watching the cavalry charging training, they were able to understand why the cavalry was called the, ‘Flower of the Battlefield.’ It was because the charge of the cavalry was magnificent and powerful.

“But what kind of wind is blowing for them to be so active as of late? Is something going to happen?”

If there was any doubt, it would be the reason as to why the heavy cavalry, which had not trained like they are training for a while, would suddenly go about like that.


Although there was a plethora of spectators, the cavalrymen did not pay attention to them at all. No, to be precise, they could not afford to pay attention to them.

“Vanguard, turn!”

The training was so intense and deadly that even a veteran would break their neck bones and limbs if they were to be slightly lax.

‘d.a.m.n. It shouldn’t be like this.’

Was what all of the cavalrymen were thinking as they regretted. The training, which had initially commenced to train the newcomers, soon caused the cavalrymen to be fl.u.s.tered by how quickly the new recruits were scarily trailing behind them, which was now becoming gradually harder for them to endure as well. If there was anyone that told them to stop, they would take it immediately, but the prideful cavalrymen openly laughed and cried out, ‘Let’s charge!’ causing the new recruits to helplessly nod their heads.

And so the situation had become like this. What was even more frightening was that the intensity of the training was becoming fiercer. In order not to be overtaken by the new recruits, the vanguard accelerated, and the rear charged with all their might to avoid falling behind.

And in the center of the recruits was Sunhyuk.

‘Nasty b.a.s.t.a.r.d.’

Although the cavalrymen couldn’t see his face due to the helmet, they knew better than anyone that this d.a.m.n recruit was probably crying out, ‘More! Even stronger!’ while laughing.

“Maintain formation and lower your trotting pace!”

With Sergeant Clarke’s order, the cavalrymen breathed out a sigh of relief. There was foam coming out of their mouths, both their feet and hands were trembling as they were completely exhausted.

“Stop. Dismount and organize your equipment. Take care of your horses first.”

Even if he didn’t order them, the cavalrymen were already dismounting and checking the conditions of their horses already. Amongst the horses and cavalrymen, an absent-minded heavy cavalryman stood.

Noticing him, Clarke’s expression darkened as he frowned.

It was the appearance of a recruit that did not know how to properly take care of the condition of his horse after dismounting. However, he seemed to be the only recruit that appeared to still have enough energy to trod further.

That was exactly the point why Clarke was in contemplation. At first, this training commenced in order to crush the pride of that recruit, before proceeding into fixing his charging stance. But, in an instant, it was as if they became the ones hanging onto his ankle for dear life.

He felt like he was going crazy.

It was themselves that rode on horses since the days they had first learnt to walk. Although they lacked the qualities to be a Knight, it was them, more than anyone else, that persevered through sheer effort to become who they were. But it was now them that were being overtaken by someone that couldn’t even ride a horse properly not long ago.

If one did not feel deprivation from this, then it would be strange. However, Clarke shook away those clingy emotions aside.

If they were crazed with horses, then that Stranger was addicted to training. It was hard to ignore the pa.s.sion and concentration shown by that Stranger, despite the short experience he has had.

Knowing that, the other cavalrymen couldn’t frown upon this, as they unequipped their helmets and spit out sentences with panting breaths.

“What the h.e.l.l is that guy?”

Clarke was troubled. Although he was the Sergeant of the Third Squad, the Sergeants of the First and Second Squads were Apprentice Knights that had minimal experience. Their role wasn’t to lead the cavalrymen, but intercept enemy Knights that targeted Frederik. To be honest, it was no different from Clarke leading the cavalry company. If they were to continue training like this, that deprivation would become hatred, and even swallow some of them up. He had to find a way, not for the Stranger, but for their own sakes.

As such, after the training ended, Clarke called over Sunhyuk separately.

“Is there a problem?”

Clarke finally made up his mind after seeing his expression. This indicated he was already willing to do his personal training as always.

“Train your utmost for tomorrow’s training.”


Sunhyuk stared back at him as if he didn’t understand what he had just spoken.

“Don’t hide, but reveal all of your strength.”

Belatedly realizing the meaning, his face hardened, but it was full of confidence.

“Do you really want me to?”

Flabbergasted, Clarke chuckled in the end from his question.

“Do you really want me to?”
The recruit stared at him and asked once more.

“Oho, it’s nice to be outside in a long while!”

The other cavalrymen were excitedly sparring against one another with Hansen’s exclamation.

“Hey, Sergeant. How did you convince the Lieutenant Colonel?”
” ‘Do you necessarily need a reason for soldiers to train.’ I just said that. since the men are fired up right now, if he didn’t let them loose, they might cause an accident.”

It was a feasible excuse for the aggressive, prideful and strong cavalry.

“Take it seriously. We didn’t come out to play. We came today to train properly.”
“But after training, we can still visit the nearby villages, right? Since we have to return by tomorrow anyway.”
“That depends on how you guys do. If you act lazily, we’re going to immediately return to camp, so take a note of that.”

At that point, the cavalrymen pounded their chests as they cried in elation.

It was only Sunhyuk that wasn’t able to immerse himself into the pleasant, blissful atmosphere. It was due to the words that Clarke had spoken still circulating in his mind.

‘What you’re worrying about, I wouldn’t know since I’m not a Stranger. However, this I do know. I know how dumbfoundedly people like you die in the battlefield while trying to be cunning.’

Clarke’s words were rather closer to slander.

‘And how far you’re thinking of your future, or how much you covet the seat of the Lieutenant Colonel, I don’t care. What’s important to us is fighting, winning, and surviving.’

However, to say it was slander, the tone was too serene and quiet.

‘So don’t roll your head. If you need anything, ask. If you want to hide your ability, it is not difficult. My squad and I will keep it a secret from the Lieutenant Colonel.’

In fact, he wasn’t necessarily trying to hide his strength. It was because he was worried about the royalty taking interest in him, so he was trying to avoid a heavy debt. As such, he was trying to adequately hide his power, but it seemed it wasn’t to that man’s liking.

The Sergeant of the cavalrymen basically gave him a choice, saying he could not ride with them unless he revealed what he hid.

“All, prepare for charging. The formation will be wedged.”

Arriving at the proper location for the Riders to charge, Clarke gave the order. The cavalrymen swiftly grabbed their s.h.i.+elds and spears. But it was different from usual.

“The Spearhead is Sunhyuk.”

Clarke had a.s.signed the Spearhead to Sunhyuk.

“Are you kidding me?”
“How can a new recruit be the Spearhead?!”

Seeing the cavalrymen shouting in astonishment caused Sunhyuk to sigh.

He had asked Sunhyuk to stir things up, but it seemed that it was all planned from the start. Well, being the Spearhead meant that he didn’t need to be mindful of any other cavalrymen and focus wholly on exercising his full ability.

Nodding his head, he rode his horse to the front of the ranks.

“You, are you crazy? Who do you think you are to lead at the front?!”
“Fall back! How dare a newblood b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you crawl out over here!”

The guys that he had treated as comrades recently were swearing furiously, as they grabbed his shoulder aggressively. However, he ignored them as he rode in front of the ranks.

“The Spearhead is Sunhyuk. Hansen, Jonathan and I will be besides him.. The rest of you will normally back us up.”
“Sergeant! Don’t you know that if the Spearhead is clumsy, it could cause all of us to crash into each other. Even if it’s just training, we could die!”
“There is no reversal. Any further comment related to this will be considered as disobedience.”

With that last sentence and warning, the cavalrymen shut up. However, the rage and dissatisfaction remained. Sunhyuk could feel the anger of the cavalry gathering behind him.

‘Ugh, this is quite uncomfortable.’

He made a wry smile watching the resentment that was more threatening despite not being enemies. It wasn’t like he didn’t understand their anger though.

The Spearhead of the cavalry ranks was a.s.signed to the most brave and superior Rider, and no cavalrymen would yield that seat to a new recruit.

‘At this rate, I will be left in an inconvenient position. And even if I were to be recognized as a comrade, it wouldn’t be ideal since I’m a foreigner. So, it’ll be best to pressure them with my ability so much so, that they can’t even retort back.’

Recalling what Clarke had said, his shoulders grew heavy.

“What a great burden.”

For one to rush ahead with the combative spirits of the cavalry following behind him was truly burdensome. Even though it wasn’t a real battle, he could feel their will of wanting to trample past him.

However, ignoring all of this, he began to raise the speed of his horse. He heard the dozens of horses clinging behind him, and as he looked back, he caught a glimpse of it. It was a totally different scene in contrast to riding from the rear of the ranks, and he couldn’t help but chuckle as the wind crashed against him.


Sunhyuk lowered his posture and kicked the horse. Stella roughly breathed out, as she rushed ahead, causing the landscape to blur.

If the Spearhead was such a great position, then he would not give it up.

The hesitation that remained with him till the end completely disappeared. He then began to wholly concentrate on the oncoming winds cras.h.i.+ng against him.

“Then, as you wish.”

All of the oncoming winds instantly swirled on the tip of his spear, and the power of the wind attribute clung to the end of his spear.

“I’ll go on a rampage.”

When Stella’s speed had reached its peak, Sunhyuk whispered quietly.

“Wind Piercing.”

A bright light flared from the end of the spear, as the wind became one with it. Then, that splendid and imposing aura swallowed him and Stella.

As such, he had become one grandiose spear.

It was the first time that this monumental charging power was displayed to others in that moment.

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Calvis: Wow, MC finally revealed his power! And I thought MC was going to call Stella ‘Snow White’. I wonder what changed his mind LOL.

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