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Chapter 1031 Wind G.o.d Orb

The moment the faint white flame containing sacred and boundless aura appeared, many Law Domain experts watching the battle couldn’t stop their hearts from trembling.

It was clear that old demon Long Gu’s move was unexpected.

It was real Saint fire! A power that even Law Domain experts feared.

Sect master Xuan Kun, grand elder Mu Ni and the others also noticed the sudden change, and immediately anger rose in them. This wasn’t directed at old demon Long Gu, but the hand that supported him.

Only real Saint experts could refine Saint fire and seal it within a lantern.

There were only a handful of Saint experts in Hunyuan Heaven, and it was obvious who was secretly supporting old demon Long Gu and the others. It was no doubt supreme sovereign Wan Zu!

Although he hadn’t acted himself, he had exhausted all his powers to deal with the Tianyuan Region.

However, although they were well-aware of the source, there was nothing that sect master Xuan Kun and the others could do. Facing a Saint expert’s plot, all they could do was pa.s.sively endure with all their strength. It would be ridiculous to reason with the opponents.

If it weren’t for the complicated situation in Hunyuan Heaven and the fact that the Wanzu Region hadn’t truly dominated Hunyuan Heaven, supreme sovereign Wan Zu would have already personally taken action to wipe out the Tianyuan Region with one hand. How could the Wanzu Region have wasted so much effort to support the Tri-Mountain Alliance, the Crimson Cloud Sword Sect and the others to send disciples to fight the Tianyuan Region?

“I hope Chi Jing can withstand this attack.”

Sect master Xuan Kun and the others were busy dealing with the opponent’s Law Domain experts and were unable to free themselves and help Chi Jing.

This was a rare opportunity for them, and it would be a shame if they failed to inflict severe injuries to old demon Long Gu.

“The person behind you is really shameless.” Chi Jing’s icy voice sounded from the azure wind in the black Law Domain. She remained fearless even facing a supreme sovereign.

“If you win, you are the king; if you lose, you are nothing. If you want to blame someone, blame supreme sovereign Cang Yuan for disappearing for too long and leaving the Tianyuan Region without a backer!” Old demon Long Gu said with a sinister smile.

Xiong! Xiong!

The faint white flame pus.h.i.+ng out from the billowing black flames had already whizzed across the void, and when it touched the azure divine wind, it instantly turned the wind into nothing as though vaporizing it.

That power surpa.s.sed the Law Domain’s—it was vast and powerful.

The Wind G.o.d shadow hovered in the azure wind, and in its eyes, Chi Jing’s figure was clearly visible. She watched the Saint fire destroy all obstacles in its way and was silent for a good while. Then she suddenly taunted, “Old demon Long Gu, you really think you have the qualification to show off here with someone’s else’s Saint fire?”

“Nonsense!” Old demon Long Gu’s face darkened. The next moment, the billowing black flames roared even quicker, blotted out the sky, and gushed towards the Wind G.o.d’s shadow with terrifying momentum. If the shadow was destroyed, Chi Jing’s Law Domain invasion would end in failure.

The corners of the huge Wind G.o.d shadow’s lips seemed to curve in a contemptuous smile. The next moment, it folded its hand together.

The azure divine wind raging around its body calmed and subsided into soft wind, whirling around the void.

The Wind G.o.d shadow lifted its head, and a small azure light speck slowly floated in front of it and fired out.

All noises inside the Law Domain seemed to freeze the moment the light speck appeared.

The azure divine wind flowing around the Wind G.o.d’s body produced whining noises as though it was submitting itself.

In the depths of the Law Domain, old demon Long Gu was in a state of anxiety. He couldn’t penetrate the azure light with his strength, but given his perception ability as a Law Domain expert, he felt an intense uneasiness.

“What is that?!”

The Wind G.o.d shadow lifted its hand, and the speck of azure light landed on its fingertips. It then flicked its fingers.


The azure divine wind escalated to hurricane force, and the light speck tore through the air. At that moment, the azure light gradually dissipated, and many gazes finally penetrated it.

Within the azure light was an azure orb the size of an eye.

The orb was round and s.h.i.+ny, and a mysterious energy flowed around it. Moreover, there seemed to be an incomparably strange azure wind world within the azure orb.

“What’s that?!”

Many Law Domain experts froze when they saw the azure orb, feeling the mysterious power it contained.

“Is it a Law Domain treasure?!”

Only they could see that the azure orb was a Law Domain treasure. Could it be that Chi Jing has already refined a Law Domain treasure? ! Doesn’t this mean her Law Domain has reached the third and highest level of the Law Domain stage?!

She hid her strength too well!

“What? Impossible!” Old Demon Long Gu’s face paled, and he even screamed out loud.

There were only a handful of people in Hunyuan Heaven who could refine a Law Domain treasure. When did Chi Jing reach that level?!


Chi Jing paid no attention to his astonishment. Her icy voice rang out as the azure orb streaked across the sky. “Old demon Long Gu, you can be the first sacrificial offering for my azure divine orb!”


The azure orb shot into the air. Azure wind rapidly gathered behind it and gradually formed a tremendous azure wind shuttle. Where it pa.s.sed, cracks silently spread across the black Law Domain.

Invincible and unbreakable.

The wind shuttle collided head-on with the Saint fire.

There wasn’t a loud boom during the collision but a horrifying corrosion of Genesis Qi. The two terrifying forces corroded each other thousands of times in that short period of time.

Even the other Law Domains showed faint signs of cracking.

Many Law Domain experts stared intently at the collision. Chi Jing was no longer afraid of the Saint fire after the birth of the Law Domain treasure. After all, that Saint fire wasn’t controlled by a true Saint expert.


The frantic corrosion between the two lasted for a dozen breaths, and at a certain moment, a faint sound rang out.

A crack was spreading out above the Saint flame, shocking the Law Domain experts. It rapidly split and multiplied, and in the end, the flame broke apart and turned into nothingness.

The Saint fire was destroyed!

In the depths of the Law Domain, old demon Long Gu’s eyes went wide.

As the Saint fire shattered, the wind shuttle formed from the Wind G.o.d Orb continued to sweep forth and wipe out the black flames.


Within seconds, the wind shuttle ripped through the black flames and penetrated the ten-winged demon dragon’s tremendous body.


An anguished roar resounded throughout the void. The ten-winged demon dragon shattered into countless specks of black light.


The Law Domain Spirit’s collapse caused a jet of blood to spurt from old demon Long Gu’s mouth. He was both incomparably shocked and infuriated. In addition to anger, there was a hint of fear because he could feel the Wind G.o.d Orb’s piercing sharpness. It could truly penetrate all objects!

The Law Domain treasure was too powerful!

He knew that he had been utterly defeated, and without hesitation, he attempted to retreat.

But just when endless black mist surged around his body, the void shattered, and a speck of azure light sped towards him and directly penetrated the center of his brows.


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