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Chapter 1218 Nine Swords

A Genesis Qi foundation of 90 billion shook the world and made the entire domain quake slightly.

The world changed color with this quake.

Lu Tai’s expression gradually grew solemn. He was equally stunned by Zhou Yuan’s increase because although secret arts could raise one’s foundation for a short period, the increase was limited. Moreover, he had never heard of a secret art that could raise one’s foundation by almost 20 billion.

He knew he had underestimated Zhou Yuan, who had created several miracles in Guyuan Heaven.

“It seems I need to take back what I said earlier,” said Lu Tai indifferently.

But his expression grew increasingly fierce and sharp. “Zhou Yuan, you are indeed qualified to be my opponent. Then, I will defeat you first and then put out the Ancestral Dragon Lantern. I think it wouldn’t be too late!”

With one forward step, he immediately appeared above Zhou Yuan.

As he stretched out his fingers, his entire hand turned illusory-looking.

Mighty universe Genesis Qi madly converged in his palm until a black hole formed in his palm and completely swallowed the surging universe Genesis Qi.


As he thrust his palm down, the sky dimmed and all lights disappeared from the world. Only a G.o.d-like palm was seen slamming down.

The Genesis Qi circulating around Zhou Yuan’s body rioted like a storm. He stared intently at the palm aiming towards him and, with a flick of his sleeve, sent a black-and-white lightning roaring out. It transformed into an endless sea of black-and-white lightning to collide with the palm.

Yin Yang Lightning Rune!

Given Zhou Yuan’s present Genesis Qi foundation, a little Saint Genesis art would be several times more terrifying than the Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light he used when he was still at the Heavenly Sun stage!

It was no longer one or two divine lightning, but a sea of divine lightning!


The two clashed head-on. The world dimmed but terrifying shock waves continued to wreak havoc and shattered the s.p.a.ce around.

It was only after several seconds that the shock waves dissipated.

Zhou Yuan and Lu Tai both trembled and drew back half a step.

Lu Tai wrinkled his brows, finding it hard to believe that Zhou Yuan managed to withstand his offensive. Although Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation had soared to the 90 billion level, he was still weaker than him. Moreover, Genesis Qi raised by external means couldn’t be compared to Genesis Qi that had been cultivated for years.

But his attack achieved nothing, which meant Zhou Yuan’s overall strength was tyrannical.

Zhou Yuan didn’t lose control of his soaring Genesis Qi and instead had precise control over them.

It was indeed rare to see a person like him.

“It’s a pity that I’m not in perfect condition. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even have a chance to jump around.” Lu Tai shook his head and his eyes blazed with determination. “Time is pressing, so let’s decide the winner with one move!”

He was very prideful, being ranked third on the Nascent Source List and well-known throughout Hunyuan Heaven. Therefore, he believed he could suppress a junior, who had just reached the Nascent Source stage!

Lu Tai drew a deep breath and suddenly changed hand seal.

In the end, as he folded his hands together, as if he was embracing the sun and moon.

The world fell into complete darkness at this moment.

Only Lu Tai’s palms radiated rays of light.

Indescribably terrifying waves of energy gathered and compressed in between Lu Tai’s palms.

After a while, Lu Tai’s face blanched, but a light seal was born in between his palms. The light seal was around the size of a human head and inside it were countless mountains and rivers. It was as though it contained a world!

Moreover, there seemed to be the power of a world within the seal.

Lu Tai s.h.i.+fted his gaze over to Zhou Yuan and said indifferently, “This is the Desolate Mountain-river Seal, a great Saint Genesis art. I will retreat if you can block it.”

With a flick of his finger, the light seal fluttered out. It looked slow but seemed capable of shuttling through time and s.p.a.ce. It directly landed on Zhou Yuan.

It sealed off all s.p.a.ce as it descended, blocking all escape routes.

Even s.p.a.ce produced sorrowful wails as the little light seal descended, as if unable to bear its terrifying power.

“Great Saint Genesis art…”

Zhou Yuan quivered with awe and apprehension. Saint Genesis arts were cla.s.sified into different grades. A great Saint Genesis art was stronger than all ordinary Saint Genesis art and ranked above great Saint Genesis arts was supreme Saint Genesis art, which could move even Law Domain experts.

Among all the Genesis arts that Zhou Yuan had learned, only the Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light was considered a Saint Genesis art.

However, Zhou Yuan didn’t know exactly what grade it was. Moreover, there was no record of it in the Cangxuan Sect. After all, only very few people had cultivated the art in thousands of years.


Zhou Yuan exhaled deeply. Then, his eyes grew sharp and a resounding sword roar echoed throughout the world.

Rays of rainbow sword light slowly rose from the top of Zhou Yuan’s head.


Five rays of rainbow sword light hovered quietly in the air like rainbow-colored gla.s.s, exuding terrifying sharpness.

Zhou Yuan previously could only summon four rays of sword light, but he could summon one more after his Genesis Qi skyrocketed.

“Your sword lights are powerful, but five aren’t enough!”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Is it not enough?


Silvery light flashed across his eyes and silver runes crawled out from his skin.


Another resounding sword cry rang out followed by more rainbow sword lights slowly rising, shocking Lu Tai.

It was another four rays of rainbow sword lights!

Together with the previous five, there was a total of nine!

Sword qi flooded the world and even s.p.a.ce slowly began to disintegrate to powder.

“Nine Sky Severing Sword Lights…” Zhou Yuan gazed at the nine Sky Severing Sword Light above his head. If the Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd was cultivated to its peak, there would be seven rays of sword light, but he had summoned nine!

Of course, the latter four sword lights were summoned using Silver Shadow’s power.

Zhou Yuan felt that the rainbow Sky Severing Gourd formed from the fusion of the seven Cangxuan arts should have its own mystery and its ability to give birth to seven rays of Sky Severing Sword Light might not be its true secret. But its other true power would only be unlocked when he could summon seven rays of sword light himself.

The nine rays that Zhou Yuan brought out couldn’t be counted because four of the nine were birthed from Silver Shadow’s power. The two had different origins and wouldn’t fall into the same Sky Severing gourd, as a result wouldn’t trigger a change.

But even so, the might that the nine sword lights brought from appearing simultaneously was still astonis.h.i.+ng.

It was as though the sky and ground were about to split apart.

Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze. The mystery of the Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd would be known when he could summon seven Sky Severing Sword Lights by himself. But for now, he must get rid of the powerful enemy before him first.

He raised his head, staring at the mountain-river seal descending from the sky.

Then, he flicked his fingers.


Nine rays of sword lights shot out and streaked across the sky, dragging their dazzling tails, like nine meteors. They directly collided with the light seal.

The collision attracted many gazes.

Even the four Saints in a battle cast their gaze over.

Unexpectedly, the collision between two Nascent Source experts became an extremely important round.


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