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Chapter 1467 One Sword, One Shuttle

In the mist-shrouded sky, Yan Xu looked smilingly at the chessboard, where five dots of light were dimming and fading.

Those five chess pieces represented sect master Qing Yang and the others.

“The Law Domain experts in Cangxuan Heaven are so brave.” Yan Xu sighed, looking at Zhou Yuan. Then, he smiled, “But it’s no use.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze was similarly fixed on the five dimming chess pieces. Although his face was expressionless, the constantly crumbling surrounding s.p.a.ce clearly showed the fluctuation of emotions in his heart.

Of course, he felt the vitality and Genesis Qi of sect master Qing Yang and the others dissipating.

Sect master Qing Yang had a very deep impression on Zhou Yuan because he was patriarch Cang Xuan’s eldest disciple. He had a very modest personality, and although he was much dimmer compared to patriarch Cang Xuan’s dazzling brilliance, n.o.body could deny his achievements. When patriarch Cang Xuan suddenly disappeared and Cangxuan Heaven was faced with internal and external troubles, sect master Qing Yang was entrusted to become the new head of the Cangxuan Sect.

Although the Cangxuan Sect no longer dominated Cangxuan Heaven after losing patriarch Cangxuan, sect master Qing Yang managed to stabilize the situation after much effort, and he made the Cangxuan Sect remain among the top sects and factions in Cangxuan Heaven.

In the years that Zhou Yuan was in the Cangxuan Sect, sect master Qing Yang gave him the impression that he was modest, gentle and had no exposed edge.

Back when the grudges between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang hadn’t been resolved, the Sacred Race had pressured the Cangxuan Sect to hand over Zhou Yuan, but sect master Qing Yang, who was always kind and gentle, refused. After that, the entire younger generation of the Cangxuan Sect left the mountains to protect Zhou Yuan, and that obviously was due to sect master Qing Yang’s persuasion.

Furthermore, when Zhou Yuan returned to Cangxuan Heaven, sect master Qing Yang hugely supported him. Additionally, he understood that Zhou Yuan had the ident.i.ty of heaven master and didn’t force Zhou Yuan to take good care of the Cangxuan Sect just because of his previous connection with the sect.

This was why Zhou Yuan had huge respect for sect master Qing Yang.

But sect master Qing Yang died before his eyes.

Although Zhou Yuan had witnessed many deaths in the past months and he was prepared to see some familiar people losing their lives in the war, he still couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable emotions when the scene happened before him.

However, the war was still going on and he couldn’t show any of those emotions. He had no choice but to suppress them forcibly.

Zhou Yuan raised his head, staring expressionless at Yan Xu’s smiling face. His calm voice without a ripple of emotion rang out, “I will make you buried with them.”

Yan Xu burst into laughter. “It seems heaven master Zhou Yuan still doesn’t know what the situation is.

“My side now has the upper hand, and as your troops are brought down, my advantage would grow greater. In the end, no matter what means you have, I can easily destroy you.”

He pointed his finger at a certain place on the chessboard. “These people seem pretty close to you? They will die next. Heaven master Zhou Yuan should sit back and enjoy this good show.”

As he pointed his finger to that place, a shadow emerged on the chessboard — it was the giant red python opening its abyss-like mouth. Its shadow shrouded the murderous faces of

Chu Qing, Li Chunjun, Zuoqiu Qingyu and others.

As the darkness shrouded them and a gust of foul wind breezed past, Chu Qing tilted his head and said to Li Qingchan, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others, “Why don’t you guys retreat first?”

“Where can we retreat to? Can we return to Cangxuan Heaven?” Zuoqiu Qingyu shook her head, a rare ice-cold look on her pretty little face.

“Sect master and the others have led by example and taught us how to deal with a Saint. I also want to see how many rounds of combustion of Law Domains a new saint can withstand?” Li Qingchan said indifferently.

The others’ eyes were ice-cold and their faces bore looks of determination.

Li Chunjun said faintly, “I won’t stop you from fighting with your life, but can you give me an opportunity to try the power of a Saint first?

“I want to sharpen my sword using a Saint.”

His voice was filled with strong desire and fighting spirit.

“Blind man, I understand when someone fights over meat and wine, but you even fight over death.” Luluo sobbed, wiping the tears from her cheeks.

A rare smile emerged on Li Chunjun’s wooden face. He stretched out his hand and rubbed Luluo’s head. Then, clasping his sword, he strode past the group of people.

“Share that opportunity with me.”

But Chu Qing’s voice also rang out as he stepped forward and stood shoulder to shoulder with Li Chunjun. They peered at the endless darkness containing Saint power gush over.

Li Chunjun didn’t refuse. “If we fail, you and I will have to die first.”

Chu Qing scratched his smooth head and grinned. “I was thinking how angry the old man would be if he saw me dying so soon.”

While the two were talking, the endless darkness containing Saint power had descended.

At that moment, Chu Qing and Li Chunjun, who were at the forefront, felt the entire world had frozen, and a terrifying pressure made them unable to open up their Law Domains.

The strong aura of death a.s.saulted their faces, and it was only then when they realized how close they were to death.

However, that aura of death didn’t bring out a trace of fear. Instead, boundless fighting spirit erupted from them.

The rusty mottled sword in Li Chunjun’s hand quivered violently and sword cries boomed out in waves. Then, the rust on his sword body swiftly fell off, revealing a sharpness that made people shudder with fear.

Chu Qing’s hair didn’t grow back like thorns but grew increasingly brighter like stars in the darkness and released dazzling light.

He bent his fingers and a short shuttle was held between his fingertips. The shuttle looked ordinary but Chu Qing knew his lifetime of strength had been poured into that shuttle.

Vast mighty Saint power came roaring out from the darkness like a natural disaster.

Li Chunjun and Chu Qing simultaneously stepped forward and exploded their Law Domains without any hesitation.

Their strength reached an unprecedented peak.

Their bodies started to split open and their bones cracked due to their physical bodies unable to bear such berserk power. But they didn’t care. Instead, they felt a delightful unrestrained feeling in their hearts, which they had never felt before.

Facing the darkness, Li Chunjun took another step forward. Majestic rays of sword light burst forth from the sword in his hand. As he raised his hand, the sword, engulfed in boundless blinding sword light, pierced through the darkness.

“I have a sword that can destroy the moon and stars.”

Sword light that was so sharp that it could tear through the starry sky suddenly shot out.

Chu Qing’s eyes widened. He felt his momentum wasn’t as great as Li Chunjun because he hadn’t prepared a catchphrase.

After pondering for a moment, he roared like a clap of thunder, “I have a shuttle that can explode your head!”

As his roar died away, the short shuttle in his hand shot through the air and endless azure light spread out from the shuttle, melting away the darkness as it pa.s.sed.

That Sword.

That Shuttle.

The power they contained was so strong that it surpa.s.sed the Law Domain stage’s limit. But as the sword and shuttle sped away, Chu Qing and Li Chunjun could distinctly feel their vitality entering its final countdown.

However, there still wasn’t a hint of fear on their faces. Instead, a relieved smile lit up their faces.

This was because having heard the Way in the morning, one could die content at sunset.

The darkness was suddenly torn apart and painful snake hisses could be heard.

Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Qingchan and the others watched in astonishment. Then, they saw Chu Qing and Li Chunjun slowly collapsing from the sky.


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