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Read Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 199 Lost Country Blessing

Dragon Prince Yuan is a web novel completed by Tian Can Tu Dou, Heavenly Silkworm Potato, 天蚕土豆.
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On the white jade plaza, Zhou Yuan calmly gazed at the spot where Wu Huang’s Spirit had disappeared as his body slowly descended.

Wu Huang’s escape was a little out of his expectations. Fortunately, two thirds of the sacred dragon blessing in Wu Huang’s body had been forcibly wrestled away by the Dragon’s Resentment Poison and him.

Losing the majority of the sacred dragon blessing would undoubtedly be a huge blow to Wu Huang, leaving many negative repercussions.

Years ago when king Wu extracted the sacred dragon blessing in his body, it had been split into three. Great Wu’s python and sparrow were each bestowed one portion, while the final one was turned into the country blessing of the Great Wu Empire.

At this current point in time, Zhou Yuan had only managed to take back a small portion.

Zhou Yuan raised his hand and looked at the blood-red lump of Qi on his palm that gave off a heavy aura of resentment. The Dragon’s Resentment Poison.

After absorbing two thirds of Wu Huang’s sacred dragon blessing, it seemed to have grown even more intense, while its form was gradually turning from the initial lump of blood-colored mist to a faint mini blood dragon silhouette.

“The Dragon’s Resentment Poison has grown stronger.” Zhou Yuan could sense that it had become even more tyrannical, making him somewhat worried. The poison may be a deadly weapon at times, but at others, it was only a source of fear.

After all, it had tortured and tormented Zhou Yuan to no end during the past dozen or so years.

“You and I share the same body. That sacred dragon blessing cannot be enjoyed by you alone.”

The moment his voice fell, the Omni Python Qi in his Qi Dwelling began to circulate. A faint hiss was heard as the dark gold Genesis Qi took on the shape of a python. It opened its mouth, emitting a peculiar suction force.

As suction force reached out, the Dragon’s Resentment Poison on his palm began to shudder, releasing a low dragon’s roar.

Wisp after wisp of sacred dragon blessing left the Dragon’s Resentment Poison and surfed into the Omni Python Qi.


The Dragon’s Resentment Poison roared, as if trying to resist.

However, its resistance barely had any effect. Zhou Yuan could not possibly sit by and watch as it devoured the sacred dragon blessing and strengthened itself, turning into a huge problem in the future.

Moreover, the sacred dragon blessing was clearly extremely beneficial to his Omni Python Qi.

Sliver after sliver of scared dragon blessing was continuously absorbed by the Omni Python Qi. Zhou Yuan detected a change in the Omni Python Qi, its dark gold l.u.s.ter turning a little brighter…

In addition, its grade was also steadily rising.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes glimmered. As expected, the sacred dragon blessing was akin to a huge booster for the Omni Python Qi. According to his estimates, at this rate, the Omni Python Qi would definitely rise from grade 5 to 6!

Although it was only an upgrade of a single grade, Zhou Yuan clearly understood just how big of a difference it would make.

Grade 6 Genesis Qi. Even the great empires of the Cangmang Continent did not possess such a thing.

“It’s a pity that Wu Huang was still able to take away some of it, or the Omni Python Qi may have been able to evolve, becoming the grade 7 World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi!”

Zhou Yuan felt some regret. The sacred dragon blessing he obtained today could at most raise his Omni Python Qi by a single grade, and was not enough for it to evolve to the grade 7 level.

However, he was not someone who would be overly fixated on the sacred dragon blessing. In fact, it was already out of his expectations to take back a portion of the sacred dragon blessing today. As for Wu Huang, it would not be so easy for him to recover from such a serious blow.

“Sacred dragon blessing…”

Zhou Yuan’s five fingers slowly clenched into a fist. He took in a deep breath as his gaze turned ice-cold.

“I will sooner or later take all of it back!” He calmed his surging emotions, allowing the Omni Python Qi to continue absorbing the sacred dragon blessing from the Dragon’s Resentment Poison, before he raised his head and looked towards the depths of the white jade plaza.

The mists there suddenly dissipated, revealing a little stone path.

Zhou Yuan fell into thought for a brief moment, before lifting his leg, walking towards the little stone path.

He wanted to see exactly what kind of blessing he could obtain after all the painstaking effort it had taken to come all the way here.

The Great Wu Empire.

In a great hall where numerous officials discussed matters of the state.

A figure in dragon robes was seated on the king’s seat. A powerful aura of dignity spread from his body, giving rise to respect in anyone who felt it.

Genesis Qi faintly converged above his head, seemingly forming a cloud for which Genesis Qi light s.h.i.+nes down.

He was a middle-aged man with a stern and dignified face. Those eyes however were somewhat sunken, making him appear extremely cold.

This individual was the king of the Great Wu Empire, king Wu!

At this current moment, his eyes were slightly closed as he listened to the reports of his ministers.

All of a sudden, kind Wu’s eyes opened and looked outside the great hall. The roar of a dragon suddenly sounded in the sky above the royal palace as the Genesis Qi in the area began to descend into chaos.

The land shook as disorder began was.h.i.+ng over the royal palace.

King Wu’s expression immediately turned rather grim and stormy. Light surfaced in his eyes as he looked towards the sky outside the palace which was originally occupied by the presences of a dragon and phoenix.

These two presences swirled around the royal palace, and represented the country blessing of the Great Wu Empire.

At this current moment, the phoenix QI was still present, but the dragon QI was rapidly dimming at an alarming speed.

“Some dragon Qi has been lost?!”

King Wu abruptly stood up, his expression changing drastically as he said in disbelief, “Something has happened to Huang’er?!”

“The Genesis Qi of the land s.h.i.+fting towards the east!”

“The east… that’s towards the Great Zhou Empire!”

The expression in king Wu’s eyes turned extremely terrifying. “Well done Great Zhou Empire, looks like you can’t even die in peace!.”

Although he did know exactly what had happened, the country blessing they lost had clearly moved towards the Great Zhou Empire, causing the Genesis Qi of the land to s.h.i.+ft towards the east.

He suddenly looked towards his officials and sternly commanded, “Quick, immediately send men to the Saint Remains Domain and find the crown prince. They must ensure his safety!”

The Great Zhou Empire.

In the royal palace, Zhou Qing was accompanying Qin Yu for a stroll in the flower park. His footsteps suddenly paused, somewhat bewildered as he lifted his head in uncertainty.

Genesis Qi surged in his eyes, and he immediately saw a peculiar presence appear out of nowhere with a sudden surge of Qi. The presence flew about for a moment before making itself comfortable, taking on the shape of a dragon.

At this moment, the Genesis Qi in the entire Great Zhou Empire seemed to become a little more lively and robust.

Zhou Qing was stunned and involuntarily cried out, “This, this is a country blessing?!”

Back in its golden age, the Great Zhou Empire naturally possessed a country blessing. It was only later on after the Wu clan’s rebellion, when the Great Zhou Empire had weakened that its country blessing dissipated substantially, the tiny bit left bitterly persevering.

Who could have imagined that it would appear again today?!

Zhou Qing blankly stared at this scene. Moments later, his eyes reddened as he said in a trembling voice, “It’s Yuan’er!”

“Yuan’er must have taken back the sacred dragon blessing!”

“Yuan’er was headed for the Saint Remains Domain. He must have encountered Wu Huang and taken back a portion of the sacred dragon blessing from him!”

Zhou Qing was quickly able to make some conjectures. Still a little in disbelief, he grabbed Qin Yu’s hand and excitedly said, “Yuan’er must have defeated Wu Huang!”

“It that true?!”

Qin Yu also found this unbelievable, but was so overjoyed that tears began gathering in her eyes. She had been worrying about Zhou Yuan ever since he had left. After all, only the elite geniuses journeyed to the Saint Remains Domain, and Zhou Yuan was undoubtedly lacking somewhat compared to them.

However, she had just heard that he had defeated Wu Huang…

Zhou Qing forcefully nodded his head. “Or else the country guardian dragon Qi would not possibly appear in the Great Zhou Empire!”

He could not help but laugh heartily, those usually tiger like eyes now flooding with uncontrollable tears.

“Excellent! Excellent! Let’s see who still dares to say our Yuan’er is the crippled dragon of the Zhou clan!”

For the past few years, he had been under tremendous pressure from king Wu and the Great Wu Empire. He had painstakingly tried to hold the Great Zhou Empire together, but each day was filled with darkness, not the slightest ray of hope to be seen.

In addition, Zhou Qing’s failure to protect Zhou Yuan and allow such a calamity to befall him at his birth was something Zhou Qing deeply reproached himself for.

All till now…

He raised his head and looked towards the direction of the Great Wu Empire, as if seeing king Wu’s enraged appearance.

“King Wu… you believed that taking my son’s sacred dragon blessing would plummet him into an endless abyss…”

“You believed that you had already won, right?”

“However, it seems…”

“That you still haven’t won completely!”

“And my Great Zhou has not lost completely either!”

An old, ancient hall sat on a certain mountain peak, mists swirling around it.

In a pavilion within, a young lady in purple opened her long and narrow eyes. Her beautiful face was peculiarly bewitching, the potential to charm anyone already visible even at such a young age.

Especially her presence, n.o.ble and mysterious like a phoenix.

This was clearly the Great Wu Empire’s Wu Yao.

She had just moments ago faintly felt that something had happened.

The young lady indifferently muttered to herself, “Wu Huang… I told you that you will sooner or later lose due to your pride and arrogance.”

She was Wu Huang’s twin, and had also obtained a portion of the sacred dragon blessing which naturally allowed her to sense the changes in it.

Evidently, Wu Huang had lost.

Moreover, he had last to the so-called crippled dragon from the Great Zhou Empire.

However, Wu Yao did not really feel anything towards Wu Huang’s loss and the subsequent seizure of the sacred dragon blessing.

Because she was a cold and aloof person.

In addition, she could detect the abnormal love Wu Huang had towards her, something that she was not fond of at all.

“Zhou Yuan…”

She softly said his name. Soon after, a bewitching smile rose from the corners of her red lips as she softly said, “It seems that you truly are that sacred dragon. Even after falling into a dark abyss, you still managed to crawl back out…”

Her gaze lifted slightly, as if piercing through s.p.a.ce to see a certain figure in Cangxuan Heaven.

“I know that you want to take back all of the sacred dragon blessing, right? What a coincidence. The truth is that I too plan on enjoying the blessing alone…”

Wu Yao’s slender fingers gently lifted the fine black hair that hung over her cheek, her dignified looking eyes slowly closing as a faint voice seemed to sound.

“Zhou Yuan, keep on growing even stronger… because the day we eventually meet will be the day I devour you…”

“You should take care. After all, I am not an idiot like Wu Huang…”


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