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Read Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 295 Reaction of the Two Factions

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The three factions took turns to use the Dao Seeker Hall.

Hence, every disciple under Lu Feng discovered the changes on the Alpha-Origin wall when they arrived for the morning lessons on the next day. Everyone in the hall, including even elder Lu Song, were dazed for quite some time.

6743 breaths…”

Elder Lu Song sighed in amazement as he shook his head. The disciple called Zhou Yuan really knew how to stir things up. To think that he would stir up such a sensation on his first day of training.

On the first sash purple seat below, Lu Yan’s haughty and pretty face was covered in astonishment as she gazed at the Alpha-Origin wall, unable to stop herself from remarking, “This guy does have some ability.”

A disciple chuckled from the side and said, “I’ve heard that Zhou Yuan has volunteered to be one of the three partic.i.p.ants in the upcoming cave match.”

Lu Yan was taken aback by this information. Soon after, her red lips curled downwards as she disdainfully said, “I was just beginning to feel that he was not too bad, how did he suddenly become so rash and ignorant?”

Zhou Yuan’s record of over 6000 breaths was indeed quite a scare, but what did it mean?

It would at most mean that Zhou Yuan’s cultivation progress in the Alpha-Origin stage would be somewhat faster than normal. However, it should be known that there were plenty of treasures that could speed up one’s cultivation progress. Others may not be able to match him in this aspect, but they could make up for it through other means.

As such, the ability to bring back more Alpha-Origin Qi only showed that Zhou Yuan was not the average disciple, but it did not give him qualifications to do as he pleased.

From what Lu Yan could see, Zhou Yuan’s actions were rather foolish.

No matter how much Alpha-Origin Qi you can bring back, you’re still only a second layer Alpha-Origin for now. In comparison, who do you think will be partic.i.p.ating in the cave match? The most outstanding gold sash disciples of the two factions of course.

These were elites even amongst the fifth layer Alpha-Origin stage.

Even if Zhou Yuan defeated the fourth layer Alpha-Origin Lu Feng in the peak selection ceremony, even the latter would not have courage to interfere in such fights for the time being.

All of these were the reasons why Lu Yan felt Zhou Yuan’s actions were truly foolish and reckless.

“Agreed.” The disciple nodded in agreement, before he said, “I’ve also heard that numerous senior disciples under elder Shen are quite unhappy about this affair, especially Cao s.h.i.+ because he’s the one that Zhou Yuan intends to replace.”

“Cao s.h.i.+ huh. I’ve heard that he’s quite good.” Remarked Lu Yan.

“Due to Zhou Yuan’s insistence, he ended up fixing a match with Cao s.h.i.+. They will fight in four days, and the winner will represent elder Shen’s faction during the cave match.”

“I’m of the opinion that there was some dispute with regards to who would ultimately possess the purple Genesis cave dwelling. Even if elder Shen has high hopes of Zhou Yuan, it still drew many objections from the other disciples. As such, Zhou Yuan has no choice but to accept this duel, because according to the rules, only those that have partic.i.p.ated will have the right to be allocated the reward.”

Lu Yan said, “Elder Shen’s side already does not have a good chance of victory. With Zhou Yuan as extra baggage, how can they possibly aim for the purple Genesis cave dwelling?”

The disciple chuckled and replied, “Perhaps they’re hoping for a fluke. There’s after all still two other partic.i.p.ants. If they manage to win, it would be an overall victory even if Zhou Yuan loses.”

Lu Yan’s brows furrowed as she said, “If that is the case, he’s really too shameless…”

She shook her head, the amazement from earlier due to Zhou Yuan’s record of over 6000 breaths completely fading away…

“Looks like pus.h.i.+ng Zhou Yuan to elder Shen is actually a good thing. If not, we’ll be the ones others will be talking about…”

“Never mind, they are the ones who will end up being humiliated. Let them do as they please.”

With these words, she gladly patted her full bosom as it swayed slightly.

On the third day.

It was now Lu Hong’s turn for morning lessons in the Dao Seeker Hall.

Lu Hong merely cast a single glance at the Alpha-Origin wall before withdrawing his gaze, his face as impa.s.sive as before. The other disciples also secretly sneaked glances, but did not break out into discussion, evidently already aware of this information.

Below Lu Hong, the young man called Yuan Hong was seated on the purple sash first seat. He had a towering figure that made others feel a faint pressure as if they were facing a mountain.

Lu Hong’s gaze swept downwards as he indifferently said, “Wei Youxuan, Feng Yu, Chen Ying.”

Upon hearing Lu Hong speak, three young men on the three closest gold mats respectfully responded,


Lu Hong said, “The three of you shall partic.i.p.ate in the upcoming cave match, are all of you confident?”

At the gold sash disciple first seat, Wei Youxuan, who wore black clothes, chuckled softly and answered, “Teacher Lu need not worry, the gold sash disciples of elder Shen’s faction are nothing to be feared.”

He paused for a moment, before continuing, “As for Zhou Yuan, I’ve heard that he will be contesting Cao s.h.i.+ for the place of the final partic.i.p.ant. We are not familiar with this person.”

“He’s merely a little clown, and there’s no need to pay any attention to him. Since Shen Taiyuan’s group wants to humiliate themselves, we’ll give them as much humiliation as they want.” Said Lu Hong.

Wei Youxuan nodded.

After this matter was settled, Lu Hong turned his gaze towards Yuan Hong, his expression softening slightly as she said, “Yuan Hong, the compet.i.tion for the chief disciple position will be held at the end of the year. You must not fail.”

Yuan Hong opened his eyes, a sharp light surging within them as if they contained sword light. He gave a faint nod as he said, “Don’t worry teacher Lu, the other two factions only have Zhou Tai and Lu Yan. Although they are strong, they are still not my match. The position of chief disciple will definitely end up in my hands.”

His tone was calm, but it contained an unquestionable confidence.

Lu Hong let out a satisfied chuckled. “That’s good. When you become the chief disciple, you will be qualified to learn the Omega Saint Spirit art, and may even gain the qualifications to vie for one of the ten great Chosens spots in the future.”

At the mention of the ten great Chosens, the light in Yuan Hong’s finally brightened for a moment, as if a fire was burning within them. From what he could see, the position of chief disciple was his to take whenever he chose to, and he did not face much compet.i.tion. The other two factions were just too useless, and the disciples there too ordinary.

The only ones who just barely made the mark were Lu Yan and Zhou Tai, but neither posed much of a threat towards him.

The reason why he had been willing to follow Lu Hong to Saint Genesis Peak was because he would gain the right to practice one of the seven arts, the Omega Saint Spirit art, once he became the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak.

He had only been able to rank third amongst the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. Without mentioning the first ranked Kong Sheng, even the second ranked had an edge over him, and had been able to suppress him from start to end.

Even if Kong Sheng stepped down from his position as one of the ten great Chosens in the future, that ranked second guy would definitely replace the former. But most importantly, peak master Ling Jun greatly valued the latter.

Hence, even if Yuan Hong stayed behind in Sword Cometh Peak, he would never have a chance to practice its ultimate technique.

Yuan Hong’s eyes lowered slightly, unable to accept this outcome.

“When I become the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak in the future, master the Omega Saint Spirit art and join the ranks of the ten great Chosens, peak master Ling Jun and the rest if you will understand that I, Yuan Hong, am not weaker than anyone else!”

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