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Drazon is a Webnovel completed by MrE.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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The battle continued as Jake went into stealth mode again. He wasn’t too sure how Drazon was able to sense him last time, but Jake was convinced that it was just by luck that Drazon was able to catch him off guard. So this time, Jake was quiet when he approached Drazon and made sure not to make any sounds.

Jake still couldn’t help but think that Drazon could see him as Drazon was staring right in his direction wherever Jake went. Jake got out of his stealth mode. Jake was confused as he asked Drazon, “can you truly see where I am even when in stealth mode?”

Drazon didn’t say anything as he didn’t want to give away his secrets. Still, Jake could tell that he knew where he was whenever he was in stealth mode, so he decided to save his energy and just come up with a new plan of attack. But before Jake could do that, Drazon started charging towards Jake. Even though Drazon was a little bit slower now with the injury, he was still quite a danger to Jake, so Jake threw some icicles towards Drazon.

Drazon was alerted and melted the icicles using his fire attacks. Jake was now troubled as he was struggling to get in his strikes. Just when Drazon was about to unleash h.e.l.l on Jake, Jake threw up his arms and shouted, “I give up,” causing an uproar to the other clan members. Still, King Johnny from the penguin clan understood why Jake gave up.

Jake had played all of his cards and didn’t have any moves left to make, instead of getting injured, he chose to give up right then and there to save himself the energy and time. Jake thanked Drazon for the match before walking off the stage.

The Ice Kings thanked Drazon for partic.i.p.ating in the tournament and helping the champions humble themselves as they were beginning to get a little The champs thought that n.o.body could defeat them, so Drazon helped the kings bring them back to their senses. Now they’ll be able to train even harder and get stronger after everything is over with.

The tournament was a success. The Ice Kings then announced that the trip would be taking place tomorrow.  King Sus said, “y’all will be venturing into an unknown world, so you guys should get prepared.” 100 top Penguins, Polar Bears, and Seals would be venturing into the unknown, and Drazon was also going as a bonus. 

Princess Shiva once again served Drazon a sweet cold drink after Drazen had returned to his seat. Drazon thanked Princess Shiva for her hospitality before getting up to go back to his room. Princess Shiva chased Drazon down. She asked, “do you want to celebrate with us?” Drazon declined right away, replying, “it’s not my place to celebrate with royalty.”

Drazon was still an outsider, and he wouldn’t fit right with them. Princess Shiva was sad because Drazon declined. She said, “fine, then I won’t go.” Drazon frowned while the polar bear King Sus glared at Drazon for making his daughter sad, causing Drazon to accept the invitation and said, ” okay, I will see you there tonight.” The princess joyfully thanked Drazon and ran away, blushing.


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