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Haruka’s gaze darted towards the woman who was fast asleep beside him and blinked. It wasn’t the woman whom he slept with last night; he immediately saw bright blue hair. Then again, the women he sees all know that he dislikes spending the night with them and to leave quickly.

His gaze softened seeing the girl was clutching tightly at his hand. Moron, you’re the one who disappeared to be with Ichinose Oujiro. Despite the girls vague rambling on the phone, Haruka wasn’t stupid. He could tell who she was speaking about. How stupid.

He got irritated, went to a bar, picked someone at random and brought them back. But in the end, he wasn’t satisfied. His gaze landed on the girl; he knows they have a deal. But isn’t kissing fine? He thought about it for a moment and bends down to kiss her.


Haruka pulled back, but the girl opened her eyes just as he was doing so. Her whole face turned red, “Um…”

“I just kissed you; that’s all.”

Hearing her sigh in relief, he exhaled deeply. Don’t be that relieved about it, stupid.

“When did you get back?” Haruka asked/

At that comment, Lila tilted her head in confusion.

“What, don’t remember?”

“…. I was talking with senpai, discussing the song.. and then I…?” Lila said puzzled.

Haruka immediately noticed that something was off with the girl’s words, and pulled her into his arms, “Well forget it, you’re here now.” with me, he wanted to add. But refrained from doing so. Don’t overwhelm her.

She seemed to relax in his arms and nodded.

“Haruka…Good morning.”

“Good morning.”


Light Academy Library. 11:30 am

Still, he can’t shake this uneasy feeling; there’s something wrong here. That’s not normal, blanking out the way she did. His gaze flickered towards the girl, who was trying to reach out for a book on one of the upper shelves. He walked over and bent down, lightly kissing her. But that light kiss slowly turned to a more pa.s.sionate one.

He pulled away sensing her discomfort. “Sorry.”

“O-okay.” she stammered.

‘There’s nothing more revolting than being touched by someone you don’t like.’ is what Yumeko said to him after his comment during her audition round.

d.a.m.n, that girl is annoying. He felt Lila’s arms wrap around him from the back, and paused, before he replied, “I’m not angry.”

“I know. But still…”

“It’s fine; I was worked up because you left without saying a word. But it’s nothing new already.” Haruka commented. That’s right; he should be used to this by now.

For the next few minutes, there was silence, and he thought about his words. Should he not have mentioned that?

“Haruka,” Lila said suddenly.

Haruka replied half heartily, “…Yeah?” He was still in deep thought.

“It’s not…that I don’t like you.”

Haruka stared at her speechless, huh? Wait. What?

“The thing is, Kiryu said to me last year. That I probably fell for you.”

That guy is annoying; it’s like she’s only saying that because he told her. “It’s fine.”

“N–no, don’t misunderstand. I told him that I felt strange around you and he concluded it for me. Haruka, I love Kiryu. And right now, even if I were to accept your advances. I’d feel nothing but guilt.”

“So you want me to wait?” Haruka summed up.

“If possible, I want to…get to know you a little better.” Lila murmured.

“Is this another round of asking me questions?” Haruka asked.

Lila shook her head, and he sighed knowingly. “Alright, I get it. But remember, this isn’t easy at all for me.” He’s never had to make this many adjustment simply for one girl. But then again, he would never have even considered making adjustments before. So something has changed.

“Can I still kiss you?” Haruka asked.

Lila hides behind her book then, and he chuckled. Does she think that camouflage would work on him? How naive. Haruka pushed her against the bookshelf, cupped her cheeks with his hands and murmured her name softly.


Light Academy – Main Building Corridor second floor-

“So, why do you have that expression again?!” Mikami asked as he strummed some chords on the guitar, clearly amused at the blonde hair girls actions.

“I was thinking; I’m closer to Ari-chan now. But …”

“Senpai still hogs her twenty-four seven, so you can’t take her anywhere?” Mikami finished the girl’s sentence.

Yumeko nodded, “There are so many great places in town that she will like.”

“Then, wouldn’t it be better if senpai brought her there?”

Yumeko immediately frowned at his words, “Those two aren’t dating. Don’t you think their present relations.h.i.+p is wrong?”

Mikami paused; he wasn’t expecting such a severe response from the girl. Then again, she must have thought this one through.

“It’s nice that you’re so innocent Yumeko-chan. But, in the real world. People don’t have to have feelings for each other to touch each other.”

Yumeko pouted, “I know that much!”


“But like even so. I could tell that Ari-chan likes him.” Yumeko sighed as she said this.

Mikami put the guitar down and asked. “You know as of late I’ve heard that a lot from you. What makes you think so?” He is curious, where did she get this idea from? At first, he dismissed it as another of her random theories, but not anymore.

“Eh? Because she told me, right after the inicidence with the senior pouring water on her. ” Yumeko explained the situation.

At that comment, Mikami’s eyes widened.

“She said this?”

“I wouldn’t lie..”

Oh dear, it’s for real. Does Lilchan not realize that she’s already in love with him? This is bad. If she keeps this up, then senpai will get impatient again, and nothing will change. He has a promise, a promise to keep with Kasumi. However, all these two needed is a final push to get together. He would be stupid to continue standing idly by and not do anything.


Library. (Main Building)

As he expected, he didn’t receive a warm greeting. “What? Can’t you see we’re busy.” Haruka snapped. But his anger vanished when Lilchan covered her face with her hands.

“You know, you really should start hiding in other places…” Lilchans actions amused senpai. Mikami hated to interrupt but, this talk is important.

“Lilchan, the training camp called and they need you for a photoshoot with Yumeko and the others. Why don’t you go now?”

“O-okay!” Lila stammered.

She turned to senpai and paused before leaning over and placing a kiss on his cheeks.

“Don’t go..” A faint voice unlike his senpai but Mikami watched Lilas reaction.

The girl’s face reddened. “Haruka.”

“Stay.” It was a single word, but Mikami could sense the deep feelings behind them.

Mikami watched as Lila managed a nod. “Um,” she turned to him, “I’ll go after your done talking…”

“I’ll take you,” Haruka said.


….Date already, date.

Mikami waited until the girl was on the other side of the library, “Ask her out.”

“What?” Haruka said, clearly surprised.

“You heard me.”

“…I wondered what this was all about. You’re asking me about that?”

“I’m serious,” Mikami said. Especially after hearing what Yumeko said. If senpai asks her out, he doubts the girl will be able to refuse. There’s a limit to how much you can deny after all.

Haruka exhaled deeply, “Truthfully; I was going to. But..”


“The incidence with Austin Kiryu happened. I know Lila isn’t the type to end a relations.h.i.+p, with a person who is in a coma.”


“And…she’s coming back soon,” Haruka said.

Mikami slumped to the ground hearing that, “Are you kidding? This timing isn’t good.”

“That’s why I was wondering what I ought to do. Ask Lila out and risk angering that woman?”

Mikami sighed, “Senpai, I don’t even understand why you’re involved with her.”

What’s with this unlucky timing? Could things get any worse?

“I also, want you to check on something. Lilas condition.”

“Do you think it’s worse now?” Mikami asked.

Haruka nodded, “I’m 100% sure. That something must have happened when she blacked out and ended up in my place.”

Mikami paused, “She ended up in your place?”

“Yeah.” Haruka trailed off, “Wait, you didn’t notice?”

“Me and Ichinose also blacked out, but we n.o.body moved us,” Mikami said. Haruka frowned when he heard Mikami’s explanation.

“That sounds like..”

“Previously, when Lilchan went to see Austin Kiryu. Something similar happened. But the one who sent them there was Austin Asuka, at least… that’s what we were told..”

“Could you ask?”

Mikami nodded, “I will.” Besides, it would be a good chance to ask on Kiryu-san’s condition.


Drean Star Training Camp, a few hours later.

Mikami warned him so he ought to be more attentive. It’s clear as day that somebody is after her. Somebody who isn’t part of their organization. He supposed it’s natural. Haruka didn’t tell this to Mikami but, the reason the boss even took up this crazy plan was that he believed the Teras.h.i.+ma family’s power is weakening. Indeed, for a while, it seemed that way. If it weren’t for the Austin Family supporting them all these years, the Teras.h.i.+ma family would be no more already. After all, the stunt Teras.h.i.+ma Sumire pulled was anything but simple.

He wanted nothing more than to investigate himself personally. But recalling that Lila had to be at the training camp, Haruka drove her there and remained to watch her lesson. He was watching her peacefully for a while when he found her looking over at him.

Haruka walked over, “What’s wrong? Are you struggling..” he paused, “You can do the poses right?”

Lila nodded, “I can, but I wanted you to help me.”


Why is she so cute? Haruka hugged her lightly, and Lila laughed softly, “Um..people?”

“I’m helping you with your poses,” Haruka explained and using it as an excuse to touch her.

But she doesn’t need his help. He knows that better than anyone, still since she got into that outfit. He’s been wanting to pounce on her.

“I see,” Lila said with a bright smile.

His gaze softened, however, seeing how cheerful she looked. Well, maybe something like this isn’t bad once in a while.


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