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Teras.h.i.+ma Family Vacation Home. Following morning.

A large sound woke Kiryu up. He groggily gets up and made his way over to open the door. Once he opened it, Haruka greets him with a rather annoyed look on his face.

“Explain it,” Haruka said irritated.

How impatient. The moment he woke up, he wanted to check on Lilas condition. But the large sound disrupted his thoughts.

Regardless of the guy’s irritation. Kiryu however, calmly replied, “You seem to be in a bad mood. Care for a drink?”

Haruka frowned, “That go lucky att.i.tude of yours has always annoyed me.”

“I can imagine.”

“d.a.m.n, what does she see in you?”

“I don’t get it either.” Kiryu admitted, “Instead of standing around, why don’t you come inside?”

Haruka reluctantly nodded and walked inside. For the next few minutes, however, Karas.h.i.+ma doesn’t sit down; and seemed to observe the surroundings.

“You really aren’t seeing anyone?”

Kiryu laughed, “Is that why you were looking around? I’ll tell you this, even with the mess with Rosalia last year. Lila remained with me.”

“d.a.m.n,” Haruka muttered.

“I’m sure the same goes for you, fooling around still..”

“We’re not in a relations.h.i.+p. So whether I see other people..”

Kiryu frowned, “You’re really not dating?”

“Yeah,” Haruka said.


Haruka sighed, “Why are you being so persistent?”

Why he asks. Whenever Lila spoke about Karas.h.i.+ma, Kiryu noticed that there is something different now, in contrast to back then. But if Karas.h.i.+ma can’t see that, he will not give any hints. Also, he recalled the exchange he had with Lila before the fight. Does he really want to discard that warmth?

The warmth of the girl he loves.

Haruka is silent for awhile before he spoke up, “And so? Won’t you tell me?”

“There’s not much to say. You already know how bad her health is right?”

Haruka nodded, “That’s because she’s born as the child of the Queen of darkness.”

“That’s right. What I will tell you next, however, may be too much. But listen carefully if you want to stay by her side.”

Haruka listened to his explanation patiently for hours. Kiryu who had kept an eye out on his expression noted several changes. He really cares about Lila, but despite the changes, Haruka still listened and did not act on his emotions.

“So, there’s no solution?”

“For now. At most we can keep our powers in at bay, being locked away for a certain time.”


Underground Chamber

“Rosalichan?” Lila murmured weakly.

“Ah, ah, look at you. You look like a mess..”

Lila didn’t know why, but she sensed danger from the girl. When Rosalia walked over, she reached over and grabbed her neck. The girl’s nails pierced her skin, “Ouch…”

It hurts, what is she doing?

“Did you know Lilchan? Kiryu-kun really likes that a.s.sistant of his.” Rosalia mocked.

“Their friends.”

Rosalia laughed, “Friends who live together?”

At that comment, her eyes widened, alarmed. Live together? She recalled the sight from the first meeting. Selia clinging to Kiryu.

“Oh poor thing, you really knew nothing…”

“I’ll believe in Kiryu.” Lila said confidently. She shouldn’t doubt him.

Rosalia’s grip tightened, “I’ve always hated that about you. Believe? What is there to believe in? Kiryu-kun isn’t yours. He never was, to begin with. Kiryu-kun since a long time ago got tired with your actions. Don’t you notice how tired he is when he’s with you? He’s always getting hurt because of you too. Do you know what people are saying about him because he keeps defending you? Loads of people have said it. That Fujisaki Selia is better for him. Did you know, during the elite gatherings… Kiryu-Kun’s been taking her along and only dancing with her?”

But if he does front of so many elites… They will think… Lila froze, she felt whatever color remain on her face drained away. They will think Kiryu is interested in her. Taking her along everywhere is dismissed as having a guard, but only dancing with her proves Selia is special to him. Special, is that why he didn’t notice before?

“Ahahahaaahayahaha.” Rosalia laughed.

“Why.. are you telling me this?.”

“Because I want you to surrender your reins on Kiryu-kun.”

“Shouldn’t you be upset too?” Lila asked.

“Upset? Why would I? If Kiryu-kun gets together with that girl. It would be easier for me to steal him.”

Lila’s eyes widened in alarm, understanding what she meant. “Rosalichan, you can’t do anything…” You can’t do anything to Kiryu, she wanted to add. But it became increasingly difficult for her to speak.

“Shut up.” Rosalia threw her across the room. Her body felt numb as she is slammed against the cold wall. “Kiryu-kun will soon be mine and he will join my side.” Despite her blurred vision, she could still see it. Rosalia’s transformation. So, Rosalichan really was the enemy. Maria was only a scapegoat. “When that happens, you can say goodbye to your happy life,” Rosalia added with an evil smile.


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