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Dream Star is a Webnovel completed by XOMatsumaeohana.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Three hours later

The talk with Kannsenpai lasted long. Then she looked for him for around 2-3 hours before brother found her. Then, a debate in the rain? What were they doing, she wasn’t sure? But right now Lila wanted to focus on the present moment.

Haruka brought her to his place. The way he entered his apartment, was slightly rough and slouchy. Since he still kissed her pa.s.sionately. She didn’t realize how late it has gotten. It’s already late she should head back already. However, tonight she doesn’t want to leave Haruka. Haruka locked the door behind him barely and dropped his keys on the ground. He doesn’t bother picking them up as he plants kisses on her neck and behind her ear.

Lila felt her body’s becoming hot with this action alone. The heavy scent of his cologne. His warm body, his cold fingertips. His intense gaze, his sweet and low voice. His voice calling her name. “Lila… ”


It took all his will not to take her when they were outside, let alone bring her upstairs. But he managed after kissing for a few minutes.

Haruka paused, “I don’t want to hurt you…”

Lila shyly extended her arms out and pulled him closer, “It’s okay Haruka.”

Is it fine? Is it fine? For him to touch her?

“Haruka, um, I don’t want to be the only one…”

Oh, right? He got carried away. He removed his s.h.i.+rt when she sat up, “I—I’ll take it off…” she said shyly.

Haruka nodded. The whole time his gaze never left hers, this situation was amazed him. To think she said such words to a person like himself. Seeing her face turned several shades of red, he grabbed hold of her hand and kissed it.


“This feels like a dream.” Haruka murmured. He can’t believe this is happening.

“Haruka, your awake…” Lila stammered.

He is, huh?

So stupid, he’s acting like a middle school kid. But Lila is the only one who can do this to him, only her.

He paused again; he doesn’t want to hurt her. How does he do this?

Lila softly chuckled.

“Sorry, I’m just thinking of ways to..” Haruka trailed off. How does he tell her, he’s thinking of ways to touch her without hurting her? d.a.m.n, it’s not like she’s virgin or anything and yet.

“Um, should I do something?” Lila asked.

Something, huh? How does he do this without hurting her? As he felt the girl’s hand on his chest, he brings his lips to her ear. “If I hurt you, tell me okay?”

“O-okay Haruka, I’ll tell you.”

His head is still fuzzy from the events that happened earlier. But his gaze fell on the girl below him who was blus.h.i.+ng. He wants to do this properly. This time around, he won’t hurt her…Only a few minutes had gone by with him teasing her, when he noticed, “Lila…Should I stop?” Haruka asked.

Honestly, he doesn’t want to. But Lila’s breathing became uneven, and the girl looked as though she would pa.s.s out any minute. Lila shook her head, “I want to.. feel Haruka more.” she shyly said.

Haruka paused, really looked at her. Does this girl understand what she said to him?

“Wow…” he heard Lila murmur.

“Why are you looking? You’ve already seen it before…” This isn’t the first time he’s touched it before.

Lila shyly murmurs, “It’s different now…”

Well, that’s true. But still, this is a bit hard to get used too. Haruka still can’t believe he’s doing this now. “Instead of just looking, touch.”


Haruka noticed her odd reaction and asked hesitantly, “… Don’t tell me; you’ve never done this before?” It cannot be possible.

But Lila nodded, “Yes.”

Yes? Is Austin Kiryu crazy, he didn’t tell Lila to touch him? So what have they been doing this whole time? It feels like he’s. .h.i.t the jackpot, he pulled the girl into his arms, “I want you to touch me, Lila.”

“What…what do I have to do?” Lila asked.

He chuckled, “It’s not difficult.”

Lila shyly nodded, “I follow your lead?”



A few minutes later.

G.o.d. Is this actually happening? His mind is still in a daze from being out in the rain. He’s having a difficult time processing current events.

After he came in her mouth, he pulled the girl away lightly, and her cheeks were utterly stained red, “More?”

“C-could I take a break?” she asked.

Haruka nodded. A break for her means he can resume what he was doing before. He felt the girl’s arms wrapped around him, as he positioned her below him once again._______________________________________________


This is so different from before.

She felt connected, connected with Haruka.

“Why are you crying?”

Crying? Lila looked at the mirror and spotted tears. Ah.

“Lila, should I stop?”

Lila shook her head, “That’s not it, I’m just so happy..” Realizing what she said, Lila covered her face with her hands. But Haruka quickly removed them.

“You’re so red Lila.” Haruka murmured.

Thump. Thump.

“So precious. I see, huh? This is what it means to hold someone with affection.”

“H-Haru–” Her words are lost when she saw his gentle gaze.

He smiled softly and gently placed a kiss on her forehead, “I’ll treat you especially, Lila.”


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