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Dream Star is a web novel completed by XOMatsumaeohana.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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A few years ago”What’s this?”

“My ribbon.”

Well, he knows that. Lila always wears it. But why is she giving it to him?

“U—um if you.. if you still like me in 4 years then, then I’ll think about it.”

He stared at her with wide eyes. Is this girl serious? What’s this about four years. Is she crazy? Haruka gently kissed the ribbon, “Then, all right. I’ll agree to that.”


July 9th, 2035. 7:00 am

When Haruka woke up and spotted the spot beside him empty, he panicked and ruffled his hair. He sighed deeply. His memory was fuzzy, but he understood what he did last night. Did she really tell him those words? But she didn’t leave did she? He could still spot the girl’s suitcase and her phone on the bedside table. Seeing the ribbon, he picked it up and wrapped it around his wrist again. There’s no need for this anymore but he’s gotten used to using it.

…..Haruka found her cooking in the kitchen, he watched her for a while before he walked over.

Haruka hugged her from behind, “Morning….” he murmured against the nape of her neck.

“Ah, good morning Haruka.” Lila greeted.

He observed her reaction; she seems normal. Was he imagining what happened last night? Nope, that would be too good for a dream. “Stop that for a while…”


Lila seemed puzzled but nodded, she switched the stove off and Haruka carried her to the couch. “Haruka?”

“Are we dating?” Haruka questioned.

The girl’s cheeks reddened several shades of red.

“Oh.. um I thought I made it clear, um, you don’t think…”

“I see…”

So their dating? She’s dating him? Someone like him?_____________________________________________


Noticing that his shoes missing, Lila immediately panicked. Did he leave? She looked at the date on the calendar on her phone. This is bad, what if something happened? Lila quickly puts on her shoes and coat. ….

Unlike the last time where she wandered around aimlessly, Lila had an idea on where he could have gone. She found him; it was the same street where that accident happened.

Haruka stepped out of the road, seeing the cars. Her eyes widened, and she rushed over.


“… Lila..”

Haruka snapped out of it and realized that the two of them were in the middle of the road. He quickly left a card with an angry-looking traffic cop and pulled the girl aside. He finds a small alleyway and stopped, only for the girl to hold him tightly.

“Haruka, why did you leave? I regret nothing, I want to be with you…”

She was trembling as she said this. But this time round, it wasn’t because of fear.

“You really want to be with me?” he murmured.


“Me, not Austin Kiryu?”

Lila nodded.

“Your feelings for him..”

“I’ll be honest, they arent gone. But, right now. The person I want to stand by the most is you. The one I want to hold hands with is you. Haruka…”

Seeing the tears in the girl’s eyes, he cupped her cheeks. Before he brushed his fingers against her eyes, wiping the girl’s tears away. “Don’t cry, Lila…”


.”Ah, you rushed of all a sudden so you didn’t eat.. I’ll…”

“Let’s take a bath…” Haruka suggested.

Lila turned red but slowly nodded.

The whole time they were in the bathroom. The girl went through great lengths to dodge his advances. Perhaps it was because of his confused and dazed state, but he found himself not getting angry at her. Instead, he watched her the whole time. Once they were out however, he grabbed hold of the girl’s waist and pulled her towards him.

“We’re dating…” he repeated.

“Y—yes..”she stammered.

She really chose him? He still doesn’t understand. Why would somebody chose him? “Haruka, um, could you let go for a second?”

“Huh? Oh.”

He pulled back and watched as the girl reached out for a pocket. Seeing the familiar makeup kit he paused.

“You don’t need that…”


“I like the way you look normally…” Haruka told her. It was a first for him, saying words like this. Using the words, ‘I like.’ and yet he found that the words naturally left his lips.Lila shyly nodded and leaned over to kiss his lips, “I have to get ready for work. I already cancelled for you and told them you’re not well. Ah, they said it’s fine to leave it up to them.”

Work… She will leave? Haruka grabbed hold of the girl’s hand.


Just a single word but the girl understood.

“Okay, um, do you want to….”

“I don’t mind. But, I wore you out yesterday. Shall we relax?” Haruka suggested.

Lila nodded, “Okay.”


Light Academy Dorm, Lobby, 8:00 PM,

The day is ending quickly, and nothing happened? Really? Yumeko was expecting it to turn out like all the other years. Haruka going into a frenzy and hurting people, or Haruka attempting to end his life. But as she pa.s.sed the day, none of that happened. Her thoughts broke off when blonde hair sat down on the couch. At first, he said nothing, and she continued to watch the raindrops fall from the window.

“I received word earlier from the traffic cops. Apparently, Haruka almost got into an accident.”


“But, some girl snapped him out of his trance.”


Mikado nodded.

That must be why she didn’t notice.

“That guy, this time around. I hope he will be happy. Coming from me this is strange. Since I am meant to intervene with them. At the start, I did intend to mess with them. But I’ll leave them be now. I’ll let that guy experience happiness since he hasn’t in a long time..”

“Mikado-senpai..!” Yumeko exclaimed as she turned around, but the blonde was already walking away.

Mikado paused, “The same goes for you. Yumeko. Find your own happiness. Don’t live in the shadows of the past anymore.”

With those words said, she watched as he walked away, leaving her with more questions than answers. Ari-chan stopped him, so they must be together now. That’s good, right? Mikado made it sound like the two of them are dating. If it’s like that, she should be relieved. Like he said, out of all of them. Haruka is the one who deserves happiness.

But why? Why is it so painful?_______________________________________________Haruka’s apartment.

Haruka kept his face buried in her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, it’s so warm. So comfortable, he feels content being with her, “Will you, come with me sometime? To his grave.”

Lila paused for a moment before she nodded.

“Yes. I want to meet him too, Haruka’s important friend…”

“Ari, never leave me…”

“I’ll always be by your side,” Lila said softly.

It’s impossible, even he knows that much. But just for now, let him bask in this girls warmth.


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