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Chapter 446: 446

Thank you very much, Lilchan . There are still many things she wishes to chat about with you . But for now, Sumire places a light kiss on the top of her daughter’s forehead and makes her way back down the hall . When she the door open to her music room, Sumire blinks .

“Yuhi? ” Must be . Not even Kyo-chan or Huan goes into that room without asking her . It’s not like she has anything to hide . But, indeed, she doesn’t want people just entering . That room is where she composes and writes all her lyrics . It’s filled with all her thoughts, brainstorming . It’s pretty embarra.s.sing if people see the draft versions before she finished them .

Sumire entered the room to see black hair standing by the white grand piano . The contrast of the white of the piano and the weather outside made the scene seem so mysterious . What a beautiful posture, she wants to draw or at least capture this scene through some sort of lens .

“These, are they about me?” he didn’t even lookup .

Red appears in her cheeks, so much for a surprise . Yuhi ended up catching her out after all, “Well, at this stage, who else would they be for?”

“I do wonder . Ryuuji, perhaps?”

Geh, he found out that she’s been meeting with Ryuuji-kun recently? Even though she’s pretty sure she’s been rather subtle about it . Perhaps her skills have gotten rusty after all . Sumire thoughts break off when he’s standing in front of her, his deep brown eyes staring her up and down, “If, your lonely when I’m not here . You only have to say so . “

Sumire blinked at her husband’s words .

“Well, indeed, I went along with you when you said you couldn’t go very far due to your powers, and I did my own research . So I know you were telling the truth . But that doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself completely . “

Oh, so that’s what he thinks . He suspects nothing .

“By the way . . what’s with the strange amount of MC’s you have towards the end? “

Her already red cheeks turn even redder .

“Not that it’s too abnormal . . . Sumire? “

” I– I want you to join me on stage, for the last three,” Sumire muttered . She mentally cursed in her head for stammering, what is she doing acting like a teenage girl in love for?

“Huh, me?” Yuhi seemed surprised .

Sumire nodded .

“Alright . But only for the last two,” Yuhi agreed .

“Eh?” she doesn’t have time to ask since he pulled her onto the couch and rested his head on her shoulder . “Wah Yuhi? “

“Let me rest . “

Oh, he looks tired . Asuka did say that he’s been helping out a lot recently . This is awkward like she’s been telling Lilchan, they haven’t been intimate recently . She needs to stop acting so jittery and nervous around him . It can’t be helped that Yuhi wants to touch her more than before . But it’s not something she can take; it’s quite embarra.s.sing . Maybe because so many years have pa.s.sed, but she’s forgotten how to act whenever he gets like that .

‘His face looked so beautiful in the side, like a dream in the snow . If I accidentally touch it, it’ll break and disappear ‘ Even now, she probably still thinks the same, that if she touches him, he will disappear . The fact that they can be together now despite all that’s happened is amazing . There was something she didn’t tell Lilchan then; his songs moved her to tears, yes . But part of the reason why she had been crying was because she realized he was suffering too, he was suffering and carrying a heavy burden .

Sumire wanted to touch him, even if . . . he disappears . Back then, it was the same . The young ten year old her, who thought that even if he disappears after she touches him, she still wants to . Even if it’s just for a moment, she wants to feel his warmth against hers . Her thoughts break off when she finds Yuhi staring at her . Sumire looked away; she isn’t making it obvious, is she?

“This really is unbelievable; you’re so close to me . But I can’t touch you,” Yuhi said, frustrated .

Eh? Yuhi pulled away and walked over to the futon and turned away from her . Oh . . .

“I know I said I would jump on you a lot after you get better . But it’s difficult for me to do that . I’m afraid if I touch you, once again you’ll disappear before my eyes . Well, I don’t want you to blame yourself too much . Even before you left it was the same, since meeting you, I’ve always been afraid . Really, what am I doing?”

It’s the same as her, the same thought . Since she met him, she’s also been thinking that . That if she touches him, he will disappear, that he will break apart . That’s why Sumire always held back . Even then under the full moon, when he asked her . ‘ If you’re interested in singing, we can be together . A future, a pathway will open up . ‘

Sumire took a deep breath before she answered, “I won’t respond to what you just said . You probably don’t want me too . But, I know that the number of people who love you are as numerous as the snowflakes in the mountain . So, you’ll be loved wherever you go . “

That’s something Sumire has always believed in, no matter what . . . No matter what happens, he will be just fine, even if she’s no longer around; he won’t be alone . Sumire set up many meetings and encounters for her friends to find happiness . But she’s never had to do that with this person .

“Why don’t you try to use that to live an unforgettable life?”

Her heart speeds up when Yuhi turned around and grabbed hold of her shoulder and pulled her on to the mattress . “Are you also one of the snowflakes in the mountain? No, that’s not it . I want you . . to be the only one . My only snowflake,” he murmured .

Yuhi . . . Yuhi . . even now he sees only her . So many years wasted, they wasted so many years . In the year since she returned home, Sumire was often home so they could seldom speak like this .

Why did she leave? She really was being an idiot .

“I’m kidding, just joking . So don’t start crying . . . ” Yuhi pulled away and turned away from her .

Her hands and her heart are shaking uncontrollably . It’s still frightening; especially after being surrounded in darkness so long and yet why is her body moving on its own? Her hands reached out to grab the duvet from the other side, herself weighing against Yuhi’s back . It’s so painful Yuhi, even though she loves him so much, even though he was the only one for her .

“What are you doing? You really are heavy,” it was clear that from his tone that he was joking . Her gaze softened .

“Your nice and warm, your only use,” Sumire joked .

“Heh, well as long as I can please the Princes,” Yuhi trailed off, “Hey, could you sing me a song . Please? “

A song?

“In this situation, I want nothing more than to attack you and hold you in my arms . But I can’t and for some reason, you can’t either . That’s why please grant this wish of mine . I really love your singing, Sumire . “

. . . .

The last person, no, Sumire, shook her head . She should have known that the person who would reach here first would be Kiryu-kun . It’s not like she’s biased or anything . She just wants the best for her daughter, “Come right in, her fevers high now so I made her sleep . But she keeps tossing and turning,” Sumire explained .

It didn’t take them long before they reached her daughter’s room . Kiryu immediately entered and rushed over, “Lila?” he called out .

“Wahhhh! Kiryu, I’m in pain . “

“There, there . I’m here for you . “

Sumire quietly left the room . Now then, her gaze flickered towards the sky . Will you come too Karas.h.i.+mkun or are you as fickle as Ren?


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