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Dual Cultivation is a web novel completed by Crippledsword, MyLittleBrother.
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Once the b.l.o.o.d.y drizzling came to an end, Elder Wan fell to his knees, feeling as though he had been thrown into a completely new world where the logic far differed from the world he once knew.

“Guest from the Million Snakes Sect, you may return to your place and warn them that I won’t be as merciful as today if they wish for revenge.”

The voice resounded once again.

However, Elder Wan remained unmoving, seemingly unconscious.

After a moment of silence, he mumbled, “Just kill me now, because the Million Snakes Sect will not let this matter go so easily. Amongst the people you killed just now, one of them was the Sect Master’s cousin. Even if it will greatly affect the Million Snakes Sect, the Sect Master will surely try to avenge him.”

Silence returned after Elder Wan finished speaking.

Though, the voice returned a few moments later.

“So you are telling me to just go ahead and erase the Million Snakes Sect? Very well…”

Elder Wan’s eyes widened, and he quickly shouted, “W-Wait! Although I cannot guarantee any results, I will speak with the Sect Master and try to convince him, as I don’t believe that he is willing to endanger the entire Sect even if it’s for his cousin…”

In truth, Elder Wan didn’t actually want to return to the Million Snakes Sect, as he felt that he no longer has any face left to meet with the Sect Master — especially after today’s event that ended the life of thirty disciples and even the Sect Master’s cousin, hence why he rather die than return.

That being said, if the entire Million Snakes Sect is at risk if he does not warn the Sect Master, Elder Wan is left with no other option other than to swallow his shame and return to the Sect to experience the Sect Master’s wrath.

The voice coldly snorted, “You may scram.”

Once Elder Wan heard those words, he scrambled out of the Profound Blossom Sect in such a manner that he tripped over nothing for many times before actually leaving the place.

Afterward, Xiao Rong used her ridiculous speed and disappeared from the scene before Liu Lanzhi could even notice her.

“T-Thank you for protecting this unworthy place, Senior!”

Liu Lanzhi kowtowed to the sky, but alas, the voice did not return.

A few minutes later, a hundred or so figures could be seen approaching Liu Lanzhi at a quick speed.

“Sect Master! Are you okay?!”

When Elder Zhao noticed Liu Lanzhi curled up on the floor, his initial thoughts were that she was hurt.

However, upon closer inspection, Elder Zhao realized that Liu Lanzhi was only kowtowing to the empty air.

Although it seemed a bit odd, Elder Zhao decided to ignore it and ask about the situation instead, “Where’s the Million Snakes Sect?! And what was that incomprehensible aura that I felt just minutes ago?!”

Liu Lanzhi lifted her head and pointed at the puddle of blood that was only a few meters away and spoke, “That is what’s left of the Million Snakes Sect.”

“What did you just say?!?!”

Everybody there expressed great shock upon seeing the fresh blood on the ground.

What kind of cruelty happened here? There was not even a single limb in sight, and it looked like a crime scene after the dead bodies are moved away!

“I will explain everything later, but for now, we have to focus on calming down the disciples first,” said Liu Lanzhi, who is completely unaware of the fact that nearly all of her disciples had abandoned the place after learning that they were being attacked by the Million Snakes Sect.

“About that…”

Elder Zhao wasn’t exactly sure how to break the news to her without causing her too much sorrow — especially when they have just survived an attack from the Million Snakes Sect.

Liu Lanzhi frowned after seeing Elder Zhao’s hesitant look and silence, and an ominous feeling appeared in her heart.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Don’t tell me — did something happen to the disciples?!”

Liu Lanzhi raised her voice, sounding a little bit panicked.

Seeing how Elder Zhao was unable to break the unfortunate news to her, Elder Sun stepped forward and said, “Although nothing happened to the disciples, I have some unfortunate news…”

Elder Sun proceeded to explain to Liu Lanzhi that the majority of the disciples have decided to leave the Profound Blossom Sect because of the situation, which filled Liu Lanzhi’s heart with indescribable pain.

After all, every disciple was almost like a family member to Liu Lanzhi, and to see all of them abandon the place because they feared the Million Snakes Sect, she didn’t know whether to laugh at her incompetence as the Sect Master or cry out of sorrow.

That being said, Liu Lanzhi did not blame the disciples for wanting to leave, as she understood their feelings of wanting to survive — especially when they were faced with a fate that was seemingly unavoidable besides to leave.

Meanwhile, when Xiao Bai, who had been hiding in a corner after escaping Elder Wan’s restraint, saw Fang Zhelan amongst the group, she immediately ran at her while crying with joy.

“Xiao Bai!”

Fang Zhelan quickly noticed Xiao Bai running at her and went to hug her, and the sad expression that has been stuck on her face disappeared with ease.

“That’s the Guardian Spirit?”

Elder Sun and the others looked at the Xiao Bai with mixed emotions in their eyes, as she is the reason that they are even in this situation now.

A few moments later, after Liu Lanzhi calmed down a bit, she looked at the remaining disciples and asked, “Is this all of the disciples left?”


Elder Zhao nodded.

Liu Lanzhi stared at the remaining disciples with an emotion gaze that was filled with grat.i.tude.

“Thank you for remaining loyal to the Profound Blossom Sect despite the Million Snakes Sect’s threat and my incompetence as the Sect Master for allowing any of this to happen…”

Liu Lanzhi then lowered her head to them, something none of the disciples there could image witnessing in their life.

After the disciples humbly accepted her apology, Liu Lanzhi suddenly realized that Su Yang was not amongst the disciples, and she sighed inwardly.

“So he also decided to leave, huh.”

Although she did not want to admit it, Su Yang’s departure has caused more pain in her heart than all of the other disciples combined.

“Anyway, let’s talk in a more suitable place,” she said to them after tossing any thoughts of Su Yang to the back of her mind and wiping the tears in her eyes.


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