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After Su Yang left the Mission Hall, he went back home to clean off the sweat he received during his cultivation with Lan Liqing and changed out the robes he received from the Medicine Hall.

Afterward, he went to the White Pearl Treasury to prepare himself for the trip to the Thunder Valley, which was at a few hundred miles away from the Profound Blossom Sect.

“It’s you again?” The old man there was surprised to see Su Yang appear there. He thought that Su Yang would have consumed the Pure Yang Flower by now, yet he seems perfectly fine — no, he looked a bit different, as though there was something profound about him.

“What happened to the Pure Yang Flower? Did you change your mind at the last minute? I don’t accept returns here in the White Pearl Treasury, you know?” said the old man just in case Su Yang wanted to ask for a refund.

“I am here for a sword and some gold,” said Su Yang calmly, purposefully ignoring the old man’s questions.

“Sword and gold? Why do you need something like that?”

“I accepted a mission that requires me to hunt some beasts. The travel will be long, and I need at least a weapon to defend myself when the time comes.”

Su Yang’s plan had the old man confused. Why would he obtain a Pure Yang Flower and then go out hunting a few days later? Nothing made sense in the old man’s head.

“What are you hunting?” The old man inquired with a casual expression.

“Senior, with all due respect, I am in a hurry. I don’t recall the White Pearl Treasury ever being this caring about a mere Outer Court disciple such as myself.” Su Yang said, his voice still as nonchalant as ever.

“You–!” The old man was obviously angry at Su Yang’s rude remarks, but he didn’t say anything and only frowned.

After a moment, he said in a reserved tone: “You are right… I have been unreasonable. There is no need for me to involve myself with your business. What kind of sword do you want? Normal ones will cost around 5 Premium Points. What about gold? It will be 10 Premium Points for one gold.”

“Just a normal steel sword will do. As for gold… I want 10 gold.”

Su Yang handed him what little Premium Points he had remaining after buying the Pure Yang Flower, and he is now broke again.

“I will be right back,” said the old man after he confirmed that it was the right amount.

A few moments later, the old man returned with a sword in a black leather scabbard and a small brown bag.

Su Yang accepted the items and left soon afterward.

After Su Yang disappeared for a few minutes, the old man called for a replacement and disappeared to the Mission Hall.

“Elder Zhao!”

When the elders in the Mission Hall noticed the old man’s presence, they all stood and bowed with respect.

“Did an Outer Court disciple named Su Yang come here today for a mission?” Elder Zhao asked then with a serious expression.

“Su Yang? He accepted a hunting mission for the Thunder Valley just a few minutes ago,” said the one who recorded Su Yang into the logbooks.

“Hunting at the Thunder Valley? The place where Lightning Cats have been running rampage lately? Why would someone at the 3rd level of Elementary Spirit Realm accept that kind of impossible mission?” Elder Zhao pondered.

“Let me see that logbook.” He said to the elder in charge.

“Here you go, Elder Zhao.”

“Hmm… let me see — 1st level Profound Spirit Realm?!?!” Elder Zhao couldn’t help but exclaim loudly after seeing the logbook, sounding as though he just saw a ghost, his loud voice startling everybody inside the Mission Hall.

“Is something there wrong with the logbook, Elder Zhao?” asked the elder with a worried face.

However, Elder Zhao only continued to stare at the logbook as though he was in a daze. “How could he possibly be at the 1st Profound Spirit Realm when he was just at the 3rd level Elementary Spirit Realm two weeks ago?!?!”

Elder Zhao suddenly realized why he sensed a weird feeling coming from Su Yang when he saw him. Although it was barely recognizable, it was a profound aura only someone at the Profound Spirit Realm could emit, something that didn’t exist in him before he had gotten the Pure Yang Flower!

“That brat actually managed to successfully consume the Pure Yang Flower, something even I wouldn’t dare try! His cultivation base even soared because of it!”

When Elder Zhao found out the truth, he was shocked to the core. How could a mere Outer Court disciple at the Elementary Spirit Realm consume a Pure Yang Flower when even he, an Earth Spirit Realm expert, would have difficulties consuming it?

“I have been played! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Su Yang is such a crafty little brat! Who was it that said he was an incompetent fool?! That guy’s a monster! I have to report this to the sect masters as soon as possible!”

Elder Zhao stared at the elder in the charge of the logbook and said: “Unless I tell you, do not show the logbook to anyone else! This is a direct order!”

“Yes, Elder Zhao!”

After that, Elder Zhao left the Mission Hall in a hurry, leaving everybody there puzzled.

“To get the great Elder Zhao so riled up… Just who is this Su Yang?” The sect elders there silently wondered to themselves.

“I wonder if that old man managed to figure it out by now?” Su Yang wondered to himself as he approached the front gate that will lead him to the outside world.

When he was in the White Pearl Treasury, he was aware that Elder Zhao had been probing him the entire time, almost as though he was investigating him.

“It’s just a Pure Yang Flower, yet they are treating it as though it is some kind of divine medicine… Aiya… what a pain in the a.s.s…” Su Yang sighed to himself.

“Halt! Where do you think you are going, Outer Court disciple?”

The guards standing by the entrance gate stopped Su Yang when they noticed him approaching.

“I have business at the Thunder Valley.” Su Yang showed them the mission he received from the Mission Hall.

The guards examined the stamp on the mission paper and confirmed the authenticity of the stamp.

“Very well. Be safe out there.”

They opened the gate, and Su Yang casually walked out, soon disappearing from the sights of the guards.


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